PSN Struggling With Unexpectedly Slow Download Speeds in EU

At this point, problems with PSN are not even news, just routine and expected.

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Though Sony has made incredible strides with the PlayStation Network in the decade since its initial inception, especially on the features front – not only is PSN on par with Xbox Live, when it comes to social or sharing features, for example, but it also has multiple features not available on Xbox Live at all, such as SharePlay – the overall stability and netcode of the network leaves a lot to be desired. PSN suffers from frequent outages, DDoS attacks, maintenance periods, and slower than necessary download speeds.

That continues with this piece of news- PlayStation users in Europe are experiencing slower than usual download speeds through PlayStation Network. This issue has been verified by a response from Sony through the support forum, where they confirmed that files over 3GB are seeing crippled download speeds.

Coming as this does right around the time of Batman: Arkham Knight’s release – a game with a hefty download size (nearly 40GB), as well as ridiculously big day one patch (nearly 3.5GB) – this probably is being highlighted more than it would be ordinarily, leading to more player frustration.

Sony, I have nothing to say to you, but a plea for you to just fix your damn network already.

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  • Starman

    Oh but wait ‘GB’, that’s not what you and all the other fanboys been saying for the last 2 years …gtfo .

  • Fweds

    Looks like it’s all going downhill for Sony when even gaming bolt admits their servers are terrible.

    • XbotMK1

      And Xbox Live suffers from even MORE outages and even slower download times. Where have you been the past year? Many multiplatform games have been having problems on Xbox Live but not on PSN.

      Yet I allways see you sucking off Microsoft and criticizing PSN.

  • Michael

    PlayStation Notwork…lol

    • XbotMK1

      Xbox Live/Dead…lol

    • Terminator

      lol brilliant cant say the same from what the PS Drone replied with

    • Kinect

      lol Well I can. Xbox Live just had a 6 hour long outage and it has slower download speeds than PSN but you keep sucking Microsoft’s genital. lol

    • Terminator

      Thats the best comment you could come up with in a month XbotMK1? Wow you must be running out of sh*t to say. lol Keep being Sony’s b*tch PS Drone.

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    Still be given nothing but praise though from the Sony fans.

  • XbotMK1

    PlayStation Network has not been having as many issues as Xbox Live. PSN is faster than Xbox Live and Microsoft has been stealling social features from PSN. The problem is that you journalists like to exaggerate and lie because you’re useless sacks of sh*t that like to create false narratives and false generalizations. Many of these problems that happen on PSN are caused by external factors that Sony has no control over, and the fact still remains that you’re lying and exaggerating the tiny amount of PSN outages.

    Xbox Live outages and even Steam outages go ignored and under reported.

  • Terminator

    No surprise at all and you know what else is not a surprise? XbotMK1 coming to the defense as always because he’s a little crying little b*tch who cant stand anything negative (especially when is a fact) about Sony/PS because you know he loves to s*ck them off.

    • Kinect

      Calm down Microsoft fanboy.

    • Terminator

      I’ll just redirect you to the comment I just made to one of your other worthless comments.

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