PSP versus NGP/PSP2: Can You Spot the Difference?

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The PSP2/NGP was announced earlier today. We at GamingBolt were just playing with the design of the NGP and we found some differences as well as similarities with the PSP.
So we decided to do a screenshot comparison to check how these two handhelds stack up against each other. The shots are from rear, front and side.



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  • pp

    psp2 is a joke games look like ps1 graphics,im gonna stick to Nintendo 3ds lol.

  • pp

    My advice wait until psp2 is hacked and then buy a psp2 lol.

    • Sorry to compromise you but the graphics look extremely close to the PS3 which is the most graphically powerful console out to date! P.S the graphics on the PS1 are identical to that of the 3DS from what I have seen. This is a big deal, it’s like a PS3 in your pocket, with 2 cameras, sixaxis, instant messaging you know the works.

    • why not buy it and wait for it till its hack

  • lol.

  • The question is, can it run crysis

    • noxtics

      LOL crysis huh? well that would be something …but considering what’s coming this year I would be looking more along the lines of running the new Duke game X-D

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  • noxtics

    This handheld is going to be awesome hardware wise, I think this systems problem will be in the games. Are the devs going to take advantage of the new tech in this handheld in a form that’s innovative and not a big gimmick?

    I lost interest in the DS some time ago and the psp has been interesting for me since it launched and it’s had its share of great titles and also been laden with mediocrity as well.

    I love the new design and i think it would be an actual pleasure to play on the new form factor ..I love the new joysticks on there.

    The loss of xmb i think will go a long way too.

  • kold

    would love to play titles like uncharted,killzone,etc on the psp2…its worth 250$ imo
    the absence of a dual analog in the psp was a real bummer …but thank god they have added it now to the psp2

  • jbg0623

    yea…………all those denying the power of the NGP are in denial. Don’t be mad because you dropped a little too much money on crappy systems that are all based on gimmicks. Sony likes to appeal less to the “casual gamer” and more to the people who actually know how what quality is.

    • If by “quality” you mean “only higher graphics and consistently more difficult controls while trying to mimic the best-seller’s last-version’s-upgrades”, yeah, I guess you’re right.

  • Avi

    i think the 3ds is stiill better, NGP does not have 3D screen


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