Rage takes 21-22GB of disc space when installed on the Xbox 360

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John Carmack had a lot to say at this year’s QuakeCon. He almost talked for 90 mins without taking a break, but we know he can do that. However, he also revealed a lot of important information about Rage, and some things that flew past our head. Rage will take approximately 20GB + when installed on the Xbox 360. So, if you’re planning to get the game for the Xbox 360, better check your HDD space.

This is not the first time when an Xbox 360 game had such a ridiculous space requirement for installation. A few games come to mind, namely Final Fantasy XIII, Lost Odyssey, etc.

Carmack also revealed that the Blu Ray has worse latency than the DVD, at least on the PS3.  He said, “It’ll be nice when we don’t have that physical element we don’t have to be working around or scheduling around.”

It’s no secret that id is giving priority to the console versions and Carmack mentioned that they are treating the PC as a “muscular” console. He was also amazed at how far PC tech has come.

“I spend a lot of time smiling and being amazed at how much power we have in modern PC’s.”

You can check out Carmack’s Keynote below, and oh, keep a bottle of water with you, since it will take a while.

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  • http://Website Zephol

    I think if you install it or if it is a game too big and has too many textures.
    So I have to install it so to avoid the pop-in

  • http://Website noah

    What about the 5GB model? So you can’t play Halo online now you possibly can’t play Rage. That is more fragmentation than I’ve seen on a console before.

    • Kartik Mudgal

      Only the co-op mode was affected in Reach, I think here it’s not mandatory anyway.

    • http://Website John Smith

      Thats what happens with u have an xbox for a console!

  • http://Website IRON MAN

    Notice how he can’t resist saying anything remotely “bad” about the Xbox 360, without throwing in something negative about the PS3.

    Also, suddenly all the Xbros are okay with installing games.
    But whatever, they are all going to be busy playing Kinect games, am I right? B/c Kinect is the “best thing to ever happen to the gaming industry” and destroys any games the PS3/Wii has.

    Besides the Kinect “games”, I bet they love their good o’l circle jerking moments with their fellow Xbros.

    • Kartik Mudgal

      Uh uh.

    • http://Website Tony

      Wow. Issues.

    • http://Website Internet-savvy

      Obvious Console-fag is obvious.

  • http://Website gagdet

    carmack=teen shitcock

    • http://Website Aaron

      Um… he’s 40 years old… How old are you?

    • http://Website wallgomez

      Old enough to not have a car as a display picture.

  • http://Website jcgeny

    PC as a “muscular” console ….
    that is the worst thing i ll read today , of course mobile PCs are 50 % of sales .
    i am not sure they are all used for playing , by the way that also shows games are not the leading thing of the pc world .
    that should come from M$ directX and its way off by not making an XP release of latest directX ….
    by the way , id software should try to create a game os for its coming games . may be a bartpe or a linux live on a ssd 128 Go , that will make full use of pcs ….
    mine is having 4 gpu amd 5850 and one nvidia 570 , then 2 xeon 4 cores with hyperTreadings and 12 Go of ram .
    i wonder if RAGE will use all that watercooled ThingY at full LOAD . i think i dream that will happen ;’]

  • http://Website C4rnos

    Haha, good thing i have invested in a large hard drive for my computer-
    i have, however heard that you can put a larger hard drive into PS3’s and Xbox’s, but you guys might be interested in that…

    • http://Website John Smith

      No issue for PS3 man, our HD’s are plenty big! And also the 20+ GB install is ONLY on the xbox fool – Ps3 has something called a Blu Ray disc!

      Silly goose

    • http://Website Bob Stevens

      “Your” HD’s have to be plenty big, because so many games make you download half a gig of patches, and then MANDATORY install 4 more gigs, so you wait half an hour to play your game you silly goose!!

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  • http://Website John Doe

    Hahaha, way to go taking everything out of context here.
    THE INSTALLATION IS OPTIONAL AND PER DVD (2 for the campaign and one for the multiplayer).
    Depending on whether it uses the new format or not it takes an optional 6,8 – 7,8 GB of install space if you chose to on the Xbox 360. If you install all 3 DVD images at once it could take that chunk out of your hard drive.

    Yeah PS3 sucks balls in developer land. Everyone knows that, especially John Carmack. It will be the inferior version again, as with almost all multiplatform titles, because it’s just a PoS machine to develop for.

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  • http://Website mikey

    I have both console. But it Look like I’m getting the ps3 version of rage. I would get the pc version. But I don’t have a gaming pc.

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