Ready at Dawn May Have Mistakenly Announced The First NX Game Ever

This is very exciting.

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Well, well, well. So this is highly interesting.

Earlier today, we reported that Ready at Dawn would no longer be making its games PlayStation exclusive, opting instead for the self publishing route, which would free it to put its games on other platforms too. And the studio did indeed confirm that it was looking forward to doing just that.

What was highly unexpected was the platforms that they specified. In an interview with, newly appointed CEO of Ready at Dawn Paul Sams said, “We are platform agnostic at this point – just like most gamers. Further, our technology now supports multiplatform development. Since the release of The Order, we have been very hard at work to advance our engine and technology to a place where we can deliver our games on PC, Xbox One, PS4 and one other unannounced platform that you will soon find out about.”

That ‘one other unannounced platform’ bit is highly interesting- we know that it cannot be a new PlayStation or Xbox, since those systems just released, and are doing very well for themselves so far. What could it be, then? We know Nintendo is working on a brand new system, codenamed ‘NX.’ It seems to be that this game might have been inadvertently announced for it at this point- which is very exciting.

Not just because it gives us our first look into Nintendo’s next generation, but also because of what it means and implies- consider that a technology intensive third party is apparently willing to jump on board with Nintendo, assuming this speculation is true. That would mean that not only is the NX a powerful enough system to go toe to toe with Xbox One and PS4 (which would come as a bit of a relief after a decade of lagging behind the competition in terms of power), but also that third parties are already beginning to consider Nintendo in their future publishing plans- again, a huge change for Nintendo, especially from the last few years.

Is all of this true? Who knows? It’s hard to tell at this point, but the future of console gaming just got very, very interesting.

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  • if this was true, then nintendo probably need to step up make the nx as powerful or a bit more over the ps4.

    • Mark

      Yeah man, I’m hoping for an announcement @ E3. Things would get so much more fun. I could imagine a next gen Zeld or Metroid!

    • yea, but you probably have to wait for e3 2016, when they do reveal it. a zelda or metrold game on the nx, who wouldn’t want one, it like a dream come true and i do want a zelda: ocarina of time hd remastered on the nx too.

    • wcb123

      Could be one of the reasons Zelda is delayed for a year. They may have decided to make a more powerful version for the nx and then scale it down for the wii u.

    • could be, twilight princess was kind of like that, just that it got filp horinzontal, but the graphic still look the same to me.


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