Report: Microsoft Banning GTA Online Exploiters

More GTA 5 issues!

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GTA Online’s launch has been incredibly troubled, to the extent that Rockstar is literally offering half a million in game dollars to every player who suffered through it. It was also, obviously, plagued by glitches and bugs, such as the infamous motorcycle bug that allowed players to literally earn billions of dollars in a single day, rendering the entire in game economy useless.

Well… not if Microsoft has anything to say about it. Although this comes from the GTA forums (so take it with a pinch of salt, as you should with all forum posts), apparently Microsoft has been banning any and all Xbox Live users who tried to exploit the glitch. Rockstar allegedly issued a formal statement (found in that same thread):

“We’re aware of the issue and until we can fix it, we’ll ban anyone with a history of abusing this design flaw. It will ruin others’ enjoyment by disbalancing the economy that’s vital to the Online experience. We’re in discussion with Microsoft, too, to escalate these bans from online privileges to user accounts as a statement against these antics. We don’t expect any outrage from the law-abiding playerbase who haven’t devalued others’ items and hard-work with an exploit – these the customers we are proud to help.”

Damn, they aren’t messing.

Do you think a ban is too harsh?

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  • yup

    this is not a pay to win game according to rockstar. that means if you spend enough real money to be a billionaire on dlc its just fine. but if the economy is not affected by purchased in game credit, how is it affected by glitch money? so it is a pay to win game.

    i have a monster rig anyway and i never pay EA to play their games…rockstar might be next

    • You never have to pay a dime to get all the good things in the game and you have to earn levels to unlock purchasing everything so its defiantly not pay-to-win.

    • Dinky Dork

      While you have a point, I have to say RockStar doesn’t give a sh!t about game balancing. They don’t want people to make money so that when they release the option to buy $1,000,000 (Game) for US$ 20, people will have to pay to buy the cars or buildings they want. RockStar doesn’t care about the game, they want to milk as much out of us as they can, and punish those who decided they already paided their $60. I’m not de-crediting what you said. Just adding to it.

    • John J. McCalister Jr.

      I bought a shark card right before they were disabled. I had a fully upgraded Z-Type, a fully upgraded Comet, a fully upgraded Vacca and I wanted an Adder and didnt want to wait for it so I used some of my leftover MSP that I had gotten for free anyway. I lost that character and everything that went with it. I sent R* and email and got a response that basically said “too bad, I guess you are screwed” I bought the collectors edition for $150 and put another $20 nto it so R* got $170 from me and basically told me to get f*cked when I had a problem so when I found out about the glitch, I used it to get back what was rightfully mine. I could have (and probably should have)taken a lot more but I didnt. Actually, I didnt even get back EVERYTHING that I had lost. I only took enough to get back my Adder and my apt. NO ONE can make me believe that I was in the wrong. R* did nothing to help me after I gave them more money than most. That $500,000 stimulus package is a joke. That is less than half of what I BOUGHT from them (not to mention the millions that I had also earned) and lost so my taking advantage of the glitch is totally justified. If R* wants to ban my account, fine, Im beta testing World of Tanks right now anyway. Microsoft banning my Xbox Live acount would be a stupid move on their part. PS4 is KILLING Xbox One in preorder sales and banning the accounts of people that have already paid for a Xbox One is not the best way sell their next gen console. If my Xbox Live account gets banned, even for one day, Im jumping ship and I know that I would not be alone

  • John J. McCalister Jr.

    After speaking with XBL support, I have learned that MS will NOT be banning peoples accounts for exploiting this glitch. MS only bans accounts of people who have hacked a system or game. An exploit is not severe enough to justify a ban from Xbox Live. So, there you have it


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