Ride 2 Dev: Early Games On PS4 NEO And Xbox One Scorpio Will Be Like ‘HD Ports’

“The very same game must be run on the standard consoles…’

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The Xbox One Scorpio and PS4 NEO represent something altogether new for the industry- as such, we don’t actually know how they will go down, how they will be accepted by developers, or if they will just be ignored. Will they be more like the Gameboy Color, which saw developer support migrate to it en masse, or more like the New 3DS, which has been relatively less supported by third parties?

Matteo Pezzotti, the Lead Designer of Ride 2 at Milestone, has some ideas about how it might all turn out, which he shared with us in an exclusive interview. “From one side, for what we can expect there will be plenty of more power to use, but on the other side, the very same game must run also on the standard consoles, so you can improve on some areas like resolution, or frame rate, but you can’t make something structurally different,” he said. “Think something like the HD ports  we’ve seen in the early next-gen times, to get an idea.”

He also noted that supporting the two systems would be something that Milestone would “evaluate”. The Xbox One Scorpio is due out next year- the PS4 Neo, meanwhile, will launch this year, presumably, after an unveil at the PlayStation Meeting next week.

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  • d0x360

    Milestone makes horrible games I don’t get why they still exist.

    It doesn’t matter how powerful a system is. Even their latest pc games look like ps2 games rendered at higher resolution…

    • MS

      And whats that got to do with what he said? Cuz he’s absolutely right? What’s the matter, he said something you didnt like?

    • Eddie Battikha

      It’s all Scaling like PC, PS4 Medium-High and PS4 NEO is Ultra, Ull notice Ultra on Sony First party games and High On 3rd party games.

    • crazy_black_man-

      He dumped on Scorpio.

    • Eric J

      Did you steal your ps4 or did someone sell it to u for Crack. Cause for the life of me I can’t understand. Blacks only have 2 jobs either your a thief or u sell crack

    • crazy_black_man-

      Disqus enforcement will be in touch with you. Good luck. Don’t bother replying, you’ve been blocked.

    • crazy_black_man-

      3) reported.

    • d0x360

      It has everything to do with it. Milestone is a horrible C class game developer. NOTHING they say has merit. Doesn’t matter if a console has 60tflops of power and the best CPU ever because they won’t use it and they will make a horrible game.

      You trust awful devs?

    • TPoppaPuff

      I trust common sense. Listen, no matter what These awful devs said, every game out on NEO and Scorpio, barring VR titles for Scorpio, have to run on base PS4 and Xbox One. The games still have to run on those platforms so there won’t be any fundamental changes to how the games play, remember NEO players must play with base PS4 players online, nor will there be any exclusive features as mandated by Sony. Whatever games come out for PS4 in the foreseeable future will still have to play on PS4 and still have to play on Xbox One and still have to play with each respective groups online. Not that Activision or EA or whomever was going to pay for two different versions of the game anyway when they can only get $60 out of the one title at most. That’s just common sense. Essentially, these more powerful consoles afford fewer framedrops, a slightly higher resolution, and some extra foliage on trees or a fancier looking belt on your character. Maybe even some better lighting. The game will still be the same game at its core.

    • d0x360

      Im not disagreeing with you and yes they will have to run across generation BUT because we are doing with pc architecture I won’t be like the transitions we are used to where the games on new hardware are super gimped. Plus eventually they will abandon support for ps4 ans xbox one when replacements for the neo and Scorpio hit at least as far as the rule that says it has to run on the oldest system but that’s like 5-6 years away so it would be longer than a normal cycle so people can’t really get mad. Also by the point neo and Scorpio will be “cheap”

      As for the games there are tones of things they can do on the new system while allowing it to run on old hardware. They can have enhanced AI and physics. They can pump up tesselation and parallax occlusion mapping which will make a massive difference in visuals. They can also triple texture resolution, have higher poly meshes on things, enhanced lighting and ambient occlusion, draw distance, LOD transition enhancement and more levels of mipmaps and lots of other things that would take hours to list.
      Suffice to say it won’t be difficult to make a game run cross platform while at the same time having the version running on higher end hardware to look like a practically different game visually.

      You can already do that on pc. A great example is crysis3. Running it at high res, 60fps with good AA and all effects on ultra produces a game that looks completely different than the game running on lower settings. It’s actually crazy how much it can scale. We are talking texture resolution on the low end that’s essentially 200×200 compared to 2kx2k, add in occlusion mapping and tesselation and it creates a world of difference.

      I just wanted to point out Milestone is a dev that does the absolute LEAST amount of work possible so there titles will no doubt have very little difference aside from higher res render resolution and frame rate.

    • TPoppaPuff

      The way I took his comments to mean is pretty much how CoD Ghosts and Madden turned out that first year; they were the same games as last gen, they just looked a little better at a higher resolution. He never meant that the Neo/Scorpio versions would be gimped and missing features, they will just be slightly prettier and have less hiccups than the base versions.

      Yes, they will abandon PS4/X1 compatibility. I would actually put it at 3-5 years from now. With that said, the games in the interim will still have to run on old hardware and while theoretically they could enhance AI and physics, in all likelihood they would not. AI and physics are expensive and super buggy. It’s incredibly hard to justify changing any AI systems for a small portion of your playerbase especially early on. Same for physics. And again, these are two of the biggest issues you have to test because they can cause all sorts of havoc so bug testing for both AIs and physics is essentially bugtesting for two separate games. And these teams will already be stretched thin now that they have to test for two versions where before they had to test for one. Now, something like more use of cloth physics or hair physics is certainly a possibility, but the upgrades would be in completely ancillary aspects of the game, not critical like enemy AI. It would have to be something like dead bodies maintaining ragdoll longer before disappearing or something like that.

      They could certainly improve visual elements and that’s where the biggest gains will be made. As you mention LOD improvements, AO, possibly even MSAA and the like can be added. Now, one issue that comes up with the NEO is that the system still only has 8GBs total memory and only the same available to devs. For a leap in textures and the like, they simply need more memory. Even with an extra 1/2GB that may be available, that’s not enough to really improve assets all that much. Now the Scorpio having 12GB total RAM, that would be enough to have a real bum in assets. There are visual features that they can utilize but as far as hard assets go, they will likely remain identical for most of what’s in the base PS4 version.

      Yes, the difference is night and day on Crysis 3 as those assets get auto-leveled down, and disables all sorts of graphical wizardry, but he’s right in that the it’s still the same game only marginally visually improved. And while Crysis 3 low to Ultra settings are a huge gap, that’s not representative of the gap between PS4 and Neo. A more appropriate comparison would be from high to ultra or medium to high.

      I have no prior experience with Milestone so I will not pass judgment on their titles or work. On the whole though, saying that Neo titles are going to be a bit prettier than the base versions is entirely reasonable IMHO.

    • d0x360

      Agreed but like I said that’s because those cross generation games were dealing with different hardware. Both ps3 and 360 used PPC CPU’s which made scalable engines… difficult.

      Now it’s all x86 pc based so it will be actually quite simple.

    • TPoppaPuff

      Yes, the scaling is quite simple but that does not mean the AI or physics will improve at all. Just look at PC games now; they always get prettier as they scale, but does any game have improved AI based on hardware spec? Do any have improved physics? At best, the scaling can lead to ancillary physics additions like Nvidia PhysX on clothing and flags, more characters ragdolling before disappearing, and TressFX. Nothing gameplay-changing is ever affected by hardware scaling.

    • d0x360

      Does it happen? Not often but they could easily increase the number of models on screen which need ai. Now just because it isn’t common doesn’t mean a single characters ai couldnt be enhanced its just less likely than visual or physics enhancements. Also remember ai isn’t just characters. Objects in the game world can run on ai as well.

      As for physics we do see that scale with hardware power all the time. Things like cloth physics, animation complexity, number of physics based objects on screen, certain lighting techniques use physics to enhance how the light scatters and reflects, tesselation can be enhanced with physics as seen in the new tomb raider. There are tons of things that can scale.
      If done correctly essentially every aspect of the game could be improved by the more powerful hardware. Whether it is or not is entirely up to the developer and their budget.

      Milestone is probably one of the worst companies to ask because they still use graphics straight out of the ps2 era on modern pc games. They either don’t have the skill or the budget to do any better.

      A better developer to ask this question would be id or arkane studios or even epic games themselves. They have an engine that can scale from a mobile platform to a high end pc so they would be perfect for some insight…. Milestone on the other hand makes garbage as cheaply and quickly as possible.

    • TPoppaPuff

      Sure, if all you meant was increasing the number of background characters in a scene as improving the ai, then yes, that is applicable, but still not improving the AI. That’s just repeating AI. Improving AI is a fundamental change to how the AI logic in a game works. It’s not that improving the logic can’t be done, it’s that it’s completely unwise to do so for any company that is trying to make money and release a game on time.

      Yes, graphical instances can be improved with far less worry, but fundamental changes like physics (and by physics I mean physics related to core physics, not the all-encompassing “physics” as in anything related to the game but have zero tangible value to the gameplay like cloth physics) are not going to happen.

    • d0x360

      How do you know they won’t make ai better as in smarter? The whole point of this new hardware is to offer superior games that can also be scaled down to older hardware. Ai can easily scale. The ai is Halo scales tremendously between difficulty levels. On legendary they act like humans they lead you into traps and use tactics you never see on lower levels. More powerful hardware could easily be used to up the intelligence of the ai. The dev is free to use the power however they want.

      Same goes with physics. One version of the game could have destructible environments where the destruction is a similar not a scripted animated event or simulated weather both of which could change gameplay. They are allowed to add whatever they want as long as the basic gameplay runs on the old hardware.

      Im not sure what’s giving you this idea that they have to limit themselves. The older hardware will have inferior versions of games but they will still have the games which is exactly how it is on pc right now.
      Also lastly having more of the same ai on screen at once can make a massive difference in how a game is played. It can also greatly enhance the realism. Plus with the additional computational power there would be far less repeats of character models so you won’t see 7 of the same person every few seconds.

    • TPoppaPuff

      Well, if it becomes a thing it will be historic because in the history of gaming it has never happened, not even in PC gaming which has had the possibility to improve AI since their inception.

  • legacy

    Good luck to whoever buys a game from these clowns

    • crazy_black_man-

      ….on Xbox One.

    • Eric J

      When did we allow coons on the Internet. You need strung up a tree like your fellow scum

    • crazy_black_man-

      2) Reported

  • Mr Xrat

    Oh dear. Looks like Xgimps are going to have to dig themselves a deeper hole of denial over waiting an extra year and paying $799 for HD ports.

    • kreator

      Day one!

    • Eric J

      I have your address xrat. Finally. Only 2 more days til I never ever have to read your poison. I’m gonna do your mom in too.

    • crazy_black_man-

      1) Reported. Dept of Homeland Security takes internet threats very seriously. As well as the Cyber Crimes division. You should be more careful son.

    • TheCellGames

      Lol. Looks like Mr.Monkeypoop strikes again. This guy is a god, I swear to baby Yoshida. He has secrets from microsoft no one knows, like the price of Scorpio. How genius!

  • TheCellGames

    So one dev says it, it’s a fact? I didn’t know EA, Ubisoft and the rest of the bunch would follow suit Look at Tomb Raider on 360 vs Xbox One, there’s graphical quality differences, better effects, etc. Either way, most HD remasters add graphical quality, texture quality, resolution, framerate. That’s what the point is, no exclusive games. Both MS and Sony said it save VR gimmick games. If you’re buying either of these you know that’s what you’re gonna get. The advantage MS has is It’s already got a version of their exclusives that are 4K, ultra graphics capable, odds are that experience will come to Scorpio too. I don’t mind one bit.

  • Evil_Annie_2015

    It would be interesting if gamingbolt decides to interview the BIG players in the gaming industry and not just the LITTLE guys. Todd Howard (Fallout 4) looked excited with the Scorpio Specs, EA’s Peter Moore, Rod Fergusson of Gears of War, etc… Let the big names take a stand on this…:)

  • Pops

    It’s was already clarified that they were going to be like 4k remasters that’s why there wasn’t going to be exclusive games.i don’t get whats the big deal.they are focusing on VR for these new consoles


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