Rocket League Dev: We Hope It Means A Lot To XB1 Owners, Explains Why It Took So Long For XB1 Version

Rocket League’s Jeremy Dunham also talks about the game’s achievements.

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Speaking with Larry Hryb in a recent podcast, Rocket League’s Jeremy Dunham spoke a bit about the Xbox One version of the game and how it’s shaping up. Dunham hopes that the game will mean a lot to the players (given how wildly popular it has become) and the team’s small size restricted them to launch the game on at one platform at a time.

“We hope it means a lot to the Xbox One owners. Since we have announced it a lot of people, specially from the Xbox One fan side, have really hounding us to bring it to the system. And we always wanted to,” he stated. “The only reason we couldn’t is because we are a small team. So we had to go with one platform at a time.”

He also spoke about the kind of achievements the game will have. When asked whether they will be similar to the other platforms, Dunham stated that they “they are similar. We have consolidated it. We have added some unique ones. I don’t want to give too much away but if you use a armadillo vehicle against each other, that is one way to get one. We have definitely tried to make them more streamlined.”

He also revealed that he is a big Xbox One player, has a 800 day streak of unlocking at least one achievement a day and owns the Elite controller.

“Our designer director decided to get one [Elite controller] and he just kept talking about how great it was. Saw it at E3 but as you know E3 is crazy [busy] to spend time with it. So I bought the only one they had at Best Buy.”

“I love my Xbox (One). I have a 800 plus day streak of getting at least one achievement. It’s a bit of an addiction and I won’t have it any other way.”

The game launches on April 17th on the Xbox One.

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  • sgt_hammertime

    Xbox the best one

  • Gene

    Incoming another glorious 900p experience.

    • Zach

      rocket league runs on super old hardware it doesnt take much for 1080p, go troll elsewhere maybe try finding a ps4 game to play if you can, not much choice though

    • Livio Concu

      Shut up idiot

    • avi

      best you can come up with?
      get out.

    • Another PS4 console exclusive lost, the anger flows.

    • Just like The Witness on the PS4!

    • Digi A

      hey how many great exclusives as has the ps4 gotten so far? oh that’s right… practically none. lol. we’re half way into the new gen and that damn system hasn’t released a single big exclusive game yet they’ll still talk about 900p titles that don’t even exist anymore.

      the fanboys

    • Truth™

      Like The Witness on PS4?

    • Gene

      Does it matter to you, fake pc gamer?

    • Truth™

      Why does the PS4 run The Witness at 900P?

  • RustySticks

    Just a quick correction, Rocket League comes out on February 17th, not April 17th.

    • Will

      really ? I thought it was this tuesday …… dang….my copy is already pre downloaded ready to go !

  • lagann

    I was pretty excited for this but i have a feeling its a bit too late…hopefully its not though. Looking forward to playing this.

  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimps spent months dumping on the game and all of a sudden they fawn over it. True scum.

  • Michael White

    RL is still the best game PS4 has to offer

    Can’t wait to play with my Xbox friends, such a fantastic game

    • One With Shadows

      Get a life.

    • Michael White

      I’m going to guess that my life is better than yours considering you have the time to insult strangers on the internet


    • One With Shadows

      To say rocket league is the best game on ps4 is an insult to over 30+ million people. Think about that, troll.

    • Michael White

      It’s just my opinion, you seem to be the type of person that can’t deal with people who think differently to you

      Won’t reply to you again, don’t have time for immature kids

    • One With Shadows

      No time for kids? Thought you just said you game on xbox?

    • Jimmy Jangle

      Just ignore him and Ocelot (masquerading as Mr Xrat), typical little cucks.

  • Starman

    No , no one likes being an after thought …. and all you dummies praised this garbage … this is why this gen of consoles sucks … you put games like this on a pedestal at the same time you all helped Sony to convince ppl INDIE GAMES are the future … we didn’t spend all this cash to hi-lite indies …..this game is stupid , I tried it , and if you say this is truly the “Multiplayer game of the year” then next gen I will go all out on a PC , (have a nice one now) but I’m talking true power …fk this generation of games and consoles..

    • sgt_hammertime

      Woah calm down bro. You can go PC if you want, everyone has choice. Personally I’m happy to see that indie devs are getting some recognition and money, it comes with hope that they expand and increase the quality of their games.

    • One With Shadows

      Bahahahaha. Starman seeing stars again. Hey, don’t lump the PS4 in with the joke of a console MS’ built. And just wait hear that Forza, Gears 4, and Scalebound are going to be on PC too. That means only a ‘Halo’ game and Sunset Overhype are your only exclusives. As I said a few seconds ago…bahahahaha!

  • One With Shadows

    “We hope this means a lot to Xbox owners”. Lolololol

  • Daniel



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