SCE Executive Vice President: Technically Enhanced PS4 SKU And Ultra HD Blu-ray Support Possible

Ambitious considerations.

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If you think that Microsoft is the only one updating and optimizing their console than you are wrong. SCE Executive Vice President Masayasu Ito revealed a couple of interesting things on the strategies that Sony may have for the PS4 with regards to SKUs and improving performance.

In an interview with Japanese publication 4Gamer, Masayasu revealed that they are considering several ideas for the PS4 such as releasing a high performance PS4. This possibly indicates a new SKU with updated hardware specifications like memory, GPU and CPU. In my opinion this will most likely not happen as it makes more sense for Sony to launch the PS5 in the next 5 years or so. He further stated that PS4’s performance boost is under consideration but that may not happen anytime soon given the x86 architecture. I am not sure what he means here since X86 is pretty much the standard architecture…at least it’s better than the complicated CELL architecture Sony used in the PS3.

The PS4 doesn’t support Ultra HD Blu-ray and this may change in the future as Masayasu revealed that support is under consideration. I think these are highly ambitious ideas from Sony that may never come to fruition. I may be wrong though. Only time will tell whether these considerations will result into a new trend in the games industry: Enhanced Console SKUs.

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  • oo Yungstar oo

    “a new SKU with updated hardware specifications like memory, GPU and CPU” not really gonna happen.

    • DarthDiggler


      I bet this is being considered around the offices at Sony because of the news that Nintendo NX is going to actually have good hardware. Sony and MS would be foolish not to at least have some plans to update their consoles given the competition may get stiffer in their space.

      NX maybe better than PS4 and Xbox One, I would be shocked, Nintendo’s strategy has been cheap hardware with gimmicky control schemes and they positioned their IPs to sell the hardware.

    • Mark

      Well actually only the Wii series had awful hardware specs.

    • DarthDiggler


      Well that was because Nintendo didn’t release their consoles when the competition did. Most of the time Nintendo has been behind their competitors in hardware prowess. Sure SNES was more powerful than NES but came out after Genesis. Sega released Saturn and Sony the PS1 before Nintendo got the N64 out. Sega released the DreamCast and Sony the PS2 before the GameCube.

      Granted in recent years Nintendo has taken a different approach and the Wii series of Consoles have been very weak in terms of hardware.

      My point is since PS4 and XB1 are both x86, Sony and MS can move with quite a bit more agility to respond to a possible Nintendo NX threat. Not like they going to sink 3+ years into R&D for a processor.

    • James Fitzgerald

      The only “update”, which has already been confirmed, is a shrink from 28mn chips to 20nm chips or a slim Ps4 and xbone to lower production cost. The NX isnt confirmed or annouced and I doubt the NX will have industry leading anything. I hope the NX does have awesome specs and blows everyone out of the water it would be nice to have Nintendo back in the tech fight again.

    • red2k

      If Sony is greedy surely is going to happen.

  • it’ll piss off peeps who already own a ps4; its the reason why ANY gaming company doesn’t like to release updated SKUs. 😉

    • DarthDiggler


      There have been plenty of mid-life updates to Consoles. Sega Genesis had quite a few add-ons. Nintendo had some memory for the N64 if I remember correctly.

      Sure those add-ons split the audience but that wouldn’t necessarily have to be the case with PS4 because of the Custom PC Architecture they have adopted.

      They could have a PS4 and a PS4 Enhanced on the same store shelves and just have software that supports enhancements. The original PS4 players could play the same games just with a few bells and whistles turned off.

    • Christian Dixon

      All the additions Sega made to the Genesis were add-ons. They never changed the core hardware.

    • Mark


    • DarthDiggler


      Did you even read what I said before you responded? I don’t think so. Let me quote myself since you didn’t bother to read…

      Sure those add-ons split the audience but that wouldn’t necessarily have to be the case with PS4 because of the Custom PC Architecture they have adopted.

      Furthermore the Genesis CDROM and TurboGraphx CDROM did add quite a bit of functionality to both of their systems. Having a storage medium that holds over 100x more data is a change in the hardware. The Sega 32x contained 2 RISC processors within it and if it didn’t change the hardware why couldn’t they get developers to support the add-on?

      If Sony were to create a PS4 Enhanced SKU it wouldn’t have to change the Core Hardware. They could stick with the same family of APU and insure 100% backwards compatibility and add more memory. As long as it’s all x86 compatible developer support shouldn’t be an issue.

      Now at some point developers may ONLY make games for the Enhanced SKU likely when the console generation is coming to an end.

    • James Fitzgerald

      Also Sega did this so they wouldnt have to make a new system and to try and extend the life cycle of the mega drive. It failed and ultimately took down Sega.

    • DarthDiggler

      @James Fitzgerald :disqus

      No the Saturn is what did Sega in.

      You are completely missing my point though. With the custom PC hardware within the PS4/XB1 they could make additional skus without the worry of compatibility. Games could be made to run on both systems or games can be sold to run with standard PS4 and have patches available for PS4 Enhanced.

      The biggest issue with other “add-ons” historically was compatibility and not enough room on a cartridge to serve both audiences. That wouldn’t be the case now.

    • James Fitzgerald

      No the lack of support for the 32x and sega cd laid the ground work for the Saturn’s failure. People had already lost faith in sega by the time the Saturn was released. The biggest issue is not compatibility the biggest issue is and has always been adoption rate and dev support.

      The best thing Sony can do is forget this “Enhanced” version save whatever tech they are thinking about and go for a Ps5 in another 3 years. In 3 year 4k graphics card and ddr 4 will be much cheaper and the new gen of processors will be faster and more powerful. If they can get it into the 450-500$ range they will sell. 4k Tv’s are getting cheap everyday I saw one for 500$ last month. Thats the best strategy. Not some dumbass enhanced ps4.

    • Josué B. Hernández

      PSP had PSPmodels 2000 and 3000, which had higher CPU and GPU speed and some more RAM, improving new and old games… With AMD having 22nm and lower factoring they could improve those whithout worring to change hardware… better performance with lower energy consumption.

    • mortenslotthansen

      Sony would then have to pay developers to add these extra features – that’s not gonna happen. Only a few 1. party games would get enhanced features making it hard to sell this new console.

    • James Fitzgerald

      This guy gets it

    • mortenslotthansen

      Been around sinde the day of the Amiga – and that pretty much tells the same story. It was born with 512KB of main memory (yes that was a lot back then!!) and you could upgrade it to a total of 1MB (If we just consider the early expansions). The upgrade really offered a lot in terms of the size of game worlds and audio/visual enhancements.
      But since the developers needed to make the most out of it they of curse targeted everyone – so only a very few rich companies targeted the 1MB systems.

    • James Fitzgerald

      I ve been gaming as long as you have lol

    • moijk

      Have you heard about the Nintendo New 3ds?

    • GreenLantern

      I’d consider the new 3ds a failure. Most people did not upgrade. Its not worth upgrading to a slightly new handheld where only one game is exclusive to it.

    • Psionicinversion

      dumb people all over guess what is the only thing ths will change?? hardware HEVC or 4K streaming of films from sites like netflix etc…thats it!! have fun

    • suli559

      first of all youre an idiot because ps4 already supports 4K video playback, and i stream 4K videos on my console through youtube app, what this will bump is video game performance and increase in resolution. so think before you speak

    • Psionicinversion

      I highly doubt it if it did it would be first time in console history a console gets a performance boost mid cycle. Might do HEVC in software but not in hardware. in fact only the very latest AMD APU’s have hardware HEVC support

    • Tech junkie

      It needs hdmi 2.0 for actual 4k
      Currently it’s limited to 30 fps

    • Tech junkie

      Umm, ps3 and 360 had 3 very different versions and multiple changes in between.
      A hardware performance upgrade would be a first. I think it would sell.

      The steam consoles coming to market soon might have something to do with this. Actual 1080p and 4k consoles will be coming to market.
      10 times better than Sony and Microsoft’s sad hardware.

    • suli559

      it wouldnt piss me off, i work so i can spoil myself with such nice toys…. anyone that complains about this is either jobless or a kid with a monthly allowance.

    • James Fitzgerald

      All I read was, is “suli559 a brainless douche bag who just spends money.”

  • lulzprime

    Yes, make an article without actually explaining what Masayasu was actually saying. He was speaking hypothetically, because the question was IF a more powerful PS4 could be developed.

    • DarthDiggler


      Masayasu revealed that they are considering several ideas for the PS4

      You could replace the word considering here with theorizing if you prefer that nomenclature. The article didn’t go out of the way to point out it was a theory but certainly didn’t hide it.

  • Starman

    Terrible idea, would make the existing ps4’s redundant. Save it for the next playstation.

    • DarthDiggler


      I think there is much more merit to this than meets the eyes. Existing PS4s wouldn’t be redundant because they would be lower cost and could be positioned in the market place as a entry level system.

      Sony may be concerned with PS4 being upgraded to PS4 Enhanced which may cause used units to proliferate in the marketplace. Which may not be a bad thing if it expands the install base.

      I am not suggesting they have no risk if they went that route. I am just pointing out that in total the idea isn’t terrible.

    • Starman

      how did you get my name ?????

    • Starman

      I don’t think discus usernames have to be unique.

    • Mark

      I thought u were this Starman too! Lol

  • DarthDiggler

    Masayasu revealed that they are considering several ideas for the PS4 such as releasing a high performance PS4. This possibly indicates a new SKU with updated hardware specifications like memory, GPU and CPU. In my opinion this will most likely not happen as it makes more sense for Sony to launch the PS5 in
    the next 5 years or so.

    I wouldn’t count this out at all, the fact that MS has lost so much ground this generation I wouldn’t be surprised if they released an Xbox One unit that was “fixed”.

    The fact is mobile phone companies release new phones every 12-24 months and people upgrade on average every other year. Granted many phones are upgraded with carrier subsidies, but consoles target a price point that is HALF what most phones are.

    PS4 is now a PC architecture and they could make some moderate improvements without worrying about leaving some of the audience behind. You could have games that run on the original PS4 and the PS4 Enhanced things would just look better on the newer unit.

    I would support a PS4 High Performance Unit and I would hope they would consider putting the PS3 Cell Processor in there for full backwards compatibility. With the Cell and the AMD APU, the PS4 could run ANY game in the entire PlayStation library.

  • Christian Dixon

    I don’t think they will update the hardware past anything than what they usually do when they come out with a slim model. It divides the user base and makes it difficult for developers to focus on a single platform. But I would be very happy if they could upgrade the drive via firmware to read UHD Blu-Ray discs. I’m not interested in spending several hundred dollars on a stand-alone UHD Blu-Ray player.

    • Mark

      Exactly. Just imagine The Last of Us 2 running 1080p 30fps on PS4, and TLOU 2 running 1080p 60fps on PS4.2….just imagine how weird that’d be.

  • Starman

    every move sony makes ..every comment and article out of desperation … they’re sinking , they don’t have the money or resources to do anything significant …this is a joke …”save the playstation” lol

    • Belazur .

      —Xtards gonna Xtard—


    This was a waste of time! pure speculation! not even a solid rumor.

  • andy

    “If you think that Microsoft is the only one updating and optimizing their console than you are wrong.”

    If Gamingbone was the only gaming website I went to for my news, I’m pretty sure that is what I would believe. You run every single article imaginable when it comes to updated SDKs and Xbone (something that every single console has done since forever but with Xbone it is a massive thing you have to reassure people of since its botched reveal/specifications yet its something you would never admit it to).

    I’ve said it time and time again that Sony have been doing massive SDK updates for PS4 since its reveal, they just don’t need to scream it from the rooftops to their fans for, like a said above, reassurance. We already had some amazingly stunning looking exclusive AND full 1080p games since launch. Things can only get better/the same on PS4 with updated SDKs. On Xbone, maybe not so much. For example, what would an ACTUAL next gen Dead Rising 4 look like graphically/technically when the last one could barely achieve 720p 22fps on Xbone?

    • Terminator

      “Dead Rising 4 look like graphically/technically when the last one could barely achieve 720p 22fps on Xbone?”
      Call of Duty Ghost 720p at launch… next call of duty installment “1080p” 60fps with dynamic resolution. That should answer your question

  • Fear Monkey

    I see nothing wrong with a slightly increased sku. It wouldnt be too hard to release a sku that would play all games currently and have some increased performance for newer games, while still playing just fine on original models. I wouldnt be mad about it, but I come from the PC world, so upgrading is something im used to.

    Nintendo does this all the time with handhelds, it could be done on consoles.

    MS was considering the same idea at one time, not sure if SONY/MS would ever actually do this though.

    Think of it this way, what if the PS4 or PS5 became like what an iphone is, constant improvements that still play or handle old games, with constant OS updates and features added.

  • PachterStation

    Not sure if we’ll see smaller models of the Xbox One and PS4, but it terms of upraded consoles, it’ll be the same old upgrades such as power consumption etc. The likes of the Xbox Two and PS5 won’t be far off. And rumours of Nintendo’s NX being more powerful than the PS4, the console race isn’t over yet. But the way things are going for the Xbox One, it wouldn’t surprise me if Microsoft is first out with a new console. In all fairness to Nintendo, the NX could come from nowhere. The demise of the Wii U and slow Xbox One sales, it’s been a one horse race for Sony with the PS4. Bottom line, this gen won’t last long. The NX might be classed as next gen, but some would argue that it might be this gen (Nintendo playing catch up). Once the NX is out there (rumoured to launch next year), give it a few years for Microsoft and Sony to be battling it out again. If the NX does topple the PS4 (tech), it’ll blow this gen out of the water. Sony PanicStation 4 it may be.

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    We knew about this and are ready for unlocking stages in the Xbox if we want them.
    But we don’t want them yet.
    We could ask for
    -DX12 , +unlocking the virtual GPU, cloud CPU of load.F Move engine unlock.
    -Ray-tacking DSPprocessor that is layer hidden.
    But we won’t, Nintendo and Sony need to recover

  • Tech junkie

    I’d love to see this from all brands, this would allow for optimization on a console with actual power.
    I’d happily pay double the current pricing for better hardware.

  • GreenLantern

    Don’t expect Sony to increase hardware performance. If they did that they might is well make a new console. PS4 hardware is fine the way it is. What they can do is upgrade the software to make it better optimized. It hasn’t changed much since 2013.

  • love !

    i think CPU, GPU, Memory will remain the same as launch model…however new SKU’s can get Ultra HD Bluray support…like PS3 Slim got BRAVIA Sync feature back in 2009

    high performance ps4 will be PS5

  • RoseRageTurbos

    With the rumours flying around regarding the huge grunt of the Nintendo NX, it’s got MS and SONY very worried for a change

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