Sea of Thieves Will Be A Magical Experience, Says Xbox Head Phil Spencer

Pirates of the… seas?

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sea of thieves

Rare’s Sea of Thieves is currently probably the biggest upcoming Xbox One exclusive, so it makes sense that fans are excited about it. But it looks like Xbox head Phil Spencer is pretty pumped for it, too. In a brand new video for the game, he waxes eloquent to Studio Head Craig Duncan about Rare’s upcoming high seas multiplayer action adventure game, praising Rare for creating “such a magical experience for people to go out on the open seas and have a great time together.”

Plus, of course, there is some footage there, too. If you have been a long time fan of Xbox, Rare, or both, I think you will greatly appreciate this video.

Sea of Thieves looks great, of course. It is due out later this year for Windows 10 and Xbox One exclusively. Are you going to be picking it up? Let us know in the comments section below.

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  • Poseidon team

    After playing a bit of the closed alpha (I have access since 2 months) I think this could be great if you play with friends. Playing with randoms like I did was a meh experience. I’ll only get it if there is a single player campaign too, if is only multiplayer I fear this game will flop.

    • Mark

      It does look to be mp only to me, since they haven’t even mentioned sp yet, from what I can tell. It looks good, but thx for the info. It’s prolly a service based game isn’t it?!

    • Legionarius

      You can bet on it being a “service”. Guaranteed.

  • crazy_black_man-

    Sounds like a…

    verb: flop; 3rd person present: flops; past tense: flopped; past participle: flopped; gerund or present participle: flopping

    1. total failure.
    “the play had been a flop”
    synonyms: failure, disaster, debacle, catastrophe, loser, loss-maker; More
    informalwashout, also-ran, dog, lemon, nonstarter, clinker, turkey, busted flush
    “the play was a flop”
    antonyms: success

    • Fweds

      Wahhh ahhh Wahhh is it not coming out on your Laggy PS4 pro? Ahh never mind.

    • crazy_black_man-

      It looks like it’s not coming out on anything anytime soon.

  • Mr Xrat

    Wasn’t this supposed to be out already?

    “Please care about some MP game so we can try and get the Division audience”

    Phil, please.

    • Fweds

      No this wasn’t supposed to be out, I’m in the alpha and there is nothing any better this on any other console, but then that’s why you are posting here, simple jealousy that it’s not coming out for your underpowered PS4 pro.

      Why do they call the PS4 Pro a pro ?, It can’t do true 4k gaming, no free backward compatibility with ps3, no Ultra HD Blu-ray , so what’s pro about it ?seems to be just a bit rushed and pointless project that no one cares about.

    • Mr Xrat

      Yes it was. To refresh your memory because you’re obviously dumb as rocks, MS announce that this game would be out Q1 2017 close to Halo Wars 2. It’s the start of May now, and it’s still in alpha. Fantastic to see Rare is still a terrible studio.

      Why do the call the Xbone a games console? It has no games.

    • Fweds

      Which games have you bought recently ? None because you are on Xbox news items 24/7, I don’t like Niche Japanese budget titles or titles that don’t run properly unless you buy an unpopular PS Pro.
      (Sony should remove any reference to 4k from the underpowered Pro)

      You put up with no games for almost 3 years and thought indie games were great, the Xb One has many games, I’m currently playing Horizon 3 just the add that is just about to come out for it is better than any title on your console.

      You are simply jealous that Sea of Theives is not coming out on the Lamestation 4.

    • Learned Handgun

      I asked him a very similar question recently too. He refused to answer. I had hoped I could get him to see what an idiot he was but sadly it did not work. He’d rather talk badly about Xbox then actually play games or engage in conversation. He is the quintessential troll.

    • Mr Xrat

      Takes me mere minutes in my daily schedule to rinse scum like you. We get it, you don’t like games, that’s why you’re an Xgimp, eating s**t since day one like that worthless Burnout Paradise clone FH3. 🙂

      Blackwave looks and plays better than Sea of Turds and it’s an indie game. It’ll probably be finished faster too. MS’ incompetent studios, haha!

  • Ocelot forgot his meds

    This looks to have infinite replay value unlike Sony’s single player games. Can’t wait.

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