Silent Hill S Playable Teaser Walkthrough Showcases The True Power of Fox Engine On PS4

Check out the entire walkthrough of Silent Hill S Playable Teaser.

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Earlier today it was revealed that Kojima Productions are working on the next entry in the long running Silent Hill franchise dubbed as Silent Hill S.  The game’s first trailer was revealed via a playable teaser that has no direct relation with the actual game in development.

But the demo served as an excellent platform for showcasing the visuals and the kind of atmosphere we can expect from the next Silent Hill game. One of the teaser demo highlights was the amazing lighting system. There is no doubt that this teaser was running on the Fox Engine, the same engine that powered Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and the upcoming Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Guillermo del Toro will also be involved in the game, although it is not known what his role in the game will be. This game is most likely going to be an 8th gen exclusive, however this is just an assumption on our part.

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  • Антон Иванов

    Wow didn’t Gamingbolt call Sony’s conference “underwhelming”?

    • Michael Norris

      Yet Sony’s conference was nothing but new games.

    • MrSec84 .

      Yep and Microsoft’s turned out to be a complete rehash of all of their previous announcements, with Rise of the Tomb Raider ending up being a timed exclusive, but also having no gameplay.

      I mean not only did Sony announce more new games, but they actually showed gameplay for them.

      That Wild destroys what’s been shown of even linear games on Xbox One and it’s an open world game.

      Xbox Fanboys really had their blinders on yesterday, real gamers accept facts and give credit where it’s due.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Thank you. The only new thing that micro$oft brought was that they bought up tomb raider.

      Sony on the other hand brought like 5 brand new IP’s and new gameplay for the other new games but we already new about. Can’t believe the audacity of some of these “journalist” makes me sick.

  • Mark

    Graphics are unbelievable, but c’mon where’s the action? Where’s my gun loadout? If this is like Res Evil then wow. But if it’s just a bunch of psychological thriller, running in paradoxes with no real time fighting, i wouldn’t even buy this. I realize that Silent Hill was a psych thriller, but it had gunplay and combat. I’m hoping the same for this. But running in circles for in excess of 10 min. and no fighting? Nah

    • Michael Norris

      It is a demo teaser,which is the first time we got to see a major AAA game the same day as the conference.

    • Mark

      Yes, based off of the GAMEPLAY, which was about 15 min or so, it put me to sleep. Did u see any fighting there? That was 15 min of gameplay, in which the user hasn’t fought anything. That’s a valid reason for me to be concerned no? A demo showcases…..gameplay, what u will be doing in game. A valid concern based on actual gameplay.

      Now this game may have combat in it, which I hope so. But it may not, according to this style of horror. Like Myst or something where u don’t fight, just point n click. Valid…..concern.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Mark how old are you?

    • Mark

      Get to tha point.

    • XDrone (is the new name)-lol

      Just proved my point. You probably are about 15-17 years old tops. And you try to tall like you know about games in the past. But your clear lack of knowledge shows other wise.

    • Mark

      Was there combat in Silent Hill, or not?

    • Titan

      I can see you’re one of “those people”. No matter how many times we tell you what it is, your brain can’t wrap around the idea of this game having no relation to the actual game itself. The GAMEPLAY you see is completely NON-RELATED to Silent Hills the real title. Now use that second brain cell to process what I just told you and maybe, MAYBE we can get that light bulb in your empty skull to start working again. It’s like releasing P.T. and then the actual game reveal is a new Gran Turismo game. Would you be concerned that there were no race cars and race tracks in the game? I wonder what goes on in the brains of people like you…It’s like wondering what a mouse thinks throughout the day, it’s a real mystery.

    • Mark

      Ur kidding right? Lol. C’mon man it’s been 2 weeks since I admitted I was confused. Take it easy mayne.

    • dancmou

      Gun loadout? You need to go back and play the early Silent HIll games. You seem to have missed the point of them.

    • Mark

      Right, right. Ur on point, I never played Silent Hill. Funny man, yall r so funny. How bout responding to my comment?

    • dancmou

      “I never played Silent Hill”

      Hey, you said it, not me. Makes sense though.

    • CMack .

      Dictionaries define “demo” as “a version of something such as computer software produced to demonstrate its capabilities”. They also define “teaser” as “a short introductory advertisement for a product, especially one that does not mention the name of the thing being advertised.” If the makers of this Playable Teaser had used too many of the visual cues and elements that characterize the previous Silent Hill games then they would have given away the secret too quickly. The point of this demo was to re-introduce you to the atmosphere of deep psychological horror that is a signature of the series which was lost or polluted over time and to demonstrate how the newly introduced generation of hardware and software products demonstrates those capabilities. It was not meant to showcase guns and loadouts. It was meant to be scary and mess with your head. You are right that there was some combat in Silent Hill but that’s not the point of the teaser. They (I believe) have already confirmed that the actual game will be 3rd person and will have combat as part of it’s mechanics but to expect to have a full fledged experience on a TEASER you can demo for FREE and which they didn’t need to give you is already expecting too much.

    • Tygg

      I guess you failed to read the article “The game’s first trailer was revealed via a playable teaser that has no direct relation with the actual game in development.”

    • Mark

      I read that but was confusing it with something. Ur right. And that’s a good thing. I can’t imagine what Silent Hill S will play like with these visuals.

    • Titan

      It’s a tech demo and a marketing ploy to reveal the actual title and the people behind it, not a round of COD. This had nothing to do with the actual game itself. I can tell all you want is to shoot things. Don’t bother playing.

  • maverick

    i love it. but this is closed spaces. lets see how it would look in a bigger space? it’s a completely different story

  • GreenBoxxx

    First game that uses internal Ps4 short range wifi transmitter to locate and stream mobile messages to your smartphone while playing. Scared the crap out of me :))


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