Silent Hills Playable Teaser Is Perhaps The Most Realistic Looking Game On PS4

Kojima’s aim to develop the most powerful engine in the world are indeed coming to fruition.

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Earlier this week Kojima revealed his next project, Silent Hills. The game is under development at Kojima productions, along with collaboration from Guillermo del Toro. The game will also feature Norman Reedus as the possible protagonist of the game.

The Playable Teaser which went live after the Sony conference at Gamescom was a showcase of the Fox Engine on the PlayStation 4. There is no doubt that the looks gorgeous and even Kojima himself has stated that the actual game will look even better since they purposely reduced the visual quality of the demo. To give you an indication of how good the game looks, take a look at the screenshot here [Beware, there are spoilers in that image so we click at your own discretion].

With a bit of editing from Reddit user Wulfegang, the game breaks the fine line between video games and real life. Fox Engine’s lighting is at full glory over here and with the project possibly being exclusive to new consoles and modern gaming PCs, we can’t wait to see how Silent Hills will look like.

Source: Reddit

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  • NathanDrake777

    … And Xbox One for that matter…..

  • Guest

    Yup, it’s just been confirmed to not being exclusive. PC will probably smoke the PoS4 as well.

    • Jason Mounce

      The game Silent Hills is not exclusive. P.T. is exclusive. L2R

    • Guest

      Yeah, have fun with your Playable Teaser (PT). Nobody cares poor wannabe gamer.

    • Jason Mounce

      Dear ‘Lionheart’, the scaredy little boy that couldn’t care.

      You say ‘Nobody cares’ – but you made a post and made such effort to include deleting it thereafter so it doesn’t include your uncreative username? You call me ‘Poor’ albeit, you can’t afford a measly PS4? Silly Peasant. You can’t even afford Life itself.

    • Guest

      Hahaha, my $3500 PC smokes your poor man’s brick. The peasant is YOU and your low IQ brain draging you down to the depths of h3ll where you belong.

    • Jason Mounce

      “My $3500 PC” – I rest my case.

      🙂 Wrekt

    • Mark


    • What?

      Insulting people’s IQ and typing “draging” in the same sentence. Oh the sweet irony.

    • Nathan Lawrence

      Why do people even have these silly fights? Just use whatever you want to and let others do the same.

    • Jason Mounce

      My theory is, the world revolves around ego-stroking. Society is constructed to provide people with connections and purpose and duty and desires to do something to give them a sense of identity/purpose/demand. Physically, mentally, emotionally. Etc.

      “I saved a dog from a shelter I bet it was abused.” – Probably saved the dog to make themselves feel heroic. Ego/Hero Complex/Causa sui/Immortality projection.

  • PcRules

    Even if Silent Hills would be an PS4 exclusive, I would get a ps4 just for this game damnit LOL!

    The Silent Hill games are absolute must for me, way way better then any Uncharted or whetever!

    • Guest

      Hahaha, it’ll come to PC as well, so don’t worry. That version will smoke the PoS4 version.


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