Skyrim Remaster May Feature All DLCs And Mod Support For PS4 And Xbox One

“My Xbox 360 copy was chugging along fine until it took an arrow to the red ring.”

Posted By | On 07th, Jun. 2016 Under News


Well-known industry insider Shinobi earlier mentioned that Bethesda will be outing a remaster for eighth-gen consoles. While he wasn’t clear on which Bethesda franchise will receive the remaster treatment, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim seems to be the most likely candidate. Now, further rumours indicate that the Skyrim remaster may be getting mod support on consoles, alongside visual enhancements and all released downloadable content.

Elder Scrolls games typically spend a lot of time in the oven–Morrowind launched seven years after Daggerfall, and Skyrim itself spent five years in development. While we will hit five years come November, an Elder Scrolls VI announcement at E3 is still unlikely  considering that both The Elder Scrolls Online and Fallout 4 are going strong.

The mod support experiment with Fallout 4 on console has turned out to be largely successful, giving console gamers a significant taste of the PC experience. Mods, and total conversions like Enderal: Shards of Order have kept Skyrim fresh on PC for half a decade, so a console remaster will almost certainly feature Fallout 4-esque mod functionality. In terms of visual enhancements, our expectations run the gamut from a clean, MSAA-backed 1080p vanilla experience (quite likely), to a ground-up visual overhaul that carries over updated engine features from Fallout 4 like a physically-based rendering pipeline (hopefully.)

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  • red2k

    Another remaster seriously? Everyone wants the new TES not a money grab.

    • Agent_Blade

      I’d love a remaster of Skyrim I sunk so many hours into the last one but my ps3 broke down on me and haven’t played it in years. I’d love to get some Skyrim on PS4!

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