Some More Details About the Xbox 360 Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One

It seems to be the best form of BC on any console yet.

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91. Xbox 360 Kinect

Arguably one of the biggest announcements that came out of E3 this year – and this E3 was filled with big ones – was the news that the Xbox One would be gaining the ability to play Xbox 360 games natively. Of course, owing to the hardware architectural differences between the two systems, and the simple issue of licensing and legal rights, this is going to come with a lot of caveats, but it was still an amazing move that garnered Microsoft a lot of good publicity and PR.

GameReactor had the opportunity to go hands on with the feature for themselves (it is already available to Xbox Preview Program members), and tell us what it is like.

As of right now, the list of compatible games for the Xbox One is only 22- however, by the time the feature launches publicly this Fall, that number will be up to a hundred working games, Microsoft confirmed. Games will need authentication from your Gamertag to run, but apart from that, the entire process is smooth- the emulation in question here seems to be exemplary, as the games boot up within the Xbox One OS, rather than an Xbox 360 shell (which is the most popular form of backwards compatibility), with all Xbox One specific features, such as Twitch streaming and Snap, apparently still working (games even get a gorgeous splash screen like Xbox One games do while the game is loading).

Bottom line? This feature seems like it will be the real deal when it goes live. Hopefully Microsoft can get as many games on this service as possible.

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  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    Oddly Sony fans have decided they didn’t want native BC support now.
    And feel paying for a streaming service of older titles is now better value.


      Sony said they’re satisfied with their current business model “PlayStation Now” and the Sony-sheep defend them lol

  • Gamez Rule

    Not all titles will be supported ( Program Manager Emily Hanson stated this )

    Yet IF the hardware was NATIVE like MS said it was at E3 then 360 games would all work from day one console release ☺

    It’s done via emulation / software just like 360 was with XBOX games, and for some reason people can’t see that.

    Why do you think people are keeping their 360s instead of the Xbone? IF MS allowed ALL 360 games to be played on Xbone then yes that would have been awesome ( but that’s not the case ) and not all games that are played on Xbone play as good as the 360 versions anyway.

    Take Mass Effect ..♦”game runs upwards of 30 per cent slower on Xbox One with a deviation ranging between 5-10fps at any random point. What was already a sluggish experience on original hardware becomes nearly unplayable at points on Xbox One”♦ ( eurogamer = )

    Backwards Compat on Xbone is VERY limited and cannot play ALL 360 games. Not full BW-Compat. And the reason why backward compatibility was not on launch day was simply because it was a difficult task because of the different architecture between the two systems, which is far from native.

    Some people talked about PS-Now and streaming in general and then say stuff like..”We don’t care for a streaming service to pay for older games.” …. Well it’s funny that as Microsoft is also going to let people stream those older games to Windows 10 PCs. Taking a leaf out of Sonys book I see☺

    • Devon Day

      Pretty much this. People claim this won E3 for Microsoft. If it was hardware emulation, then that would have been a megaton announcement. Either way, still a good move by Microsoft.

    • Gamez Rule

      IF MS allowed full native 360 playback on their Xbone system then that would have been a console seller in it’s own right. People would have been able to trade in the 360s and get the Xbone without losing their 360 games collection.

      But it’s not the case. Shame.

    • doplerradar

      There will be hundreds of games that will be added over time and bugs and other problems will be squashed when the service comes out this fall. Chances are, the vast majority of the games people own will be included with the exception of Kinect titles and titles with license problems like Marvel vs Capcom. Overtime, it is likely that people could trade in their Xbox 360 without losing the majority of their titles.

    • Gamez Rule

      Yet the main problem is that the BW-Compat- is not a true native experience like MS made it out to be.

      Like when MS said about just placing the 360 disc in and play the game, it don’t work that way, you have to install the game via downloading it then keeping the disc in the system to play the game. / Xbone hardware is needed / Internet is needed / Downloading is needed / Installing is needed ( to play offline )? * Physical disc also needed in cases*

      PS Now allows games to be played without downloading or installing, on TVs ( limited hardware ) with no need for physical game discs or console hardware ( Internet needed at all times )

      So yes they are different options we know this, but some people believe that the Xbone has full BW-Compat- for ALL 360 games when we know 100% that’s not the case.

    • Kfal Balli

      Nope. Mass Effect was actually shown to run better. Less pop in and quicker loading times. Every game doesn’t have to be bc. If most of the good games are that’s good enough. Stop complaining it was great news for gamers.

    • Gamez Rule

      What do you mean “Nope.”

      Mass Effect gameplay using Xbone drops frames more than 360 ever did. Look at the video in the link above and then tell me it runs better than the 360 version LMAO! It does have faster loading times and less popins but the game framerates are worse than 360.

      The Xbone version is also darker taking away details, and has lens-flare missing too, as well as poor lighting. The truth is the Xbones BW-Compat- is not very good and doesn’t support native 360 playback.

    • Kfal Balli

      I already watched links earlier in the week. From what I see it ran better. And I’m pretty sure it’s still in beta seeing it’s only available if you’re in the preview program. So lets not get ahead of ourselves as it’s still a work in progress. And again it’s a good thing for gamers. Stop complaining.

    • Gamez Rule

      The link is new today. Wasn’t public until today so you must have seen different videos within the week

    • Kfal Balli

      I watched it yesterday. Maybe we seen two different videos

    • kee1haul

      I’ve seen videos that claim to show both. This could only improve as time goes along anyway. Pretty sure they will get it running better than original soon.

    • doplerradar

      PS Now streaming and streaming old games from Xbox One to Windows 10 is not the same thing though. Streaming old games to windows 10 has a lot more in common with PS Vita streaming from PS4 than PS Now. For PS, streaming is the only way to play old games on PS4, while on Xbox it is through emulation. The advantages of PS Now are that it is on more devices and you can play games all the way back to PS1. The disadvantages is that it is a rental system that can be expensive and requires constant internet connection which bad connection can hurt the experience. The advantage of Xbox One backwards compatibility is that your library will be available automatically to download and play from the Xbox 360. It doesn’t require constant internet connection and you keep the games forever. The disadvantage is that currently there are a few bugs to work out and the current library is limited and their will be no Kinect games. However, hundreds of games will be coming soon with over a hundred available when it launches.

  • Devon Day

    Lost Odessey and Blue Dragon please.

  • Mark

    As back compat rolls out later this year, I’m hoping SF4 AE gets voted in! Blops 2? Count me in. Was my fave COD last gen other than Blops 1. A dam good feature, I’ll take it.

    • Gamez Rule

      If MS is serious about the BW-Compat- then I hope they improve everything about it on Xbone.

      IF MS allowed FULL BW-Compat- with improvements within ALL games then there would be no need to 360 hardware and that would allow gamers to upgrade systems.

      If MS don’t do the above there is just no point for 360 gamers getting Xbone over PS4 due to most of the MS console exclusive games coming over to PC, like GoW UE, FL, ect

    • Mark

      Well I respect ur opinion on this whole thing, but I’m gettin a bit annoyed here. Imo, those who own an “Xbone” (as u call it), and would be X360 upgraders, will ultimately decide if the feature is worthwhile to use. Some will use it, some won’t. There’s a few last gen games I wanna try out on my X1, and if they run well by the time the public gets it later, it’ll be an awesome feature for me & my bro.

      But yeah, u and I had this discussion and it feels a bit redundant, cuz we both have opposite opinions, so cheers man. We can agree to disagree.

    • Gamez Rule

      “If MS is serious about the BW-Compat- then I hope they improve everything about it on Xbone” …You must agree?

      “IF MS allowed FULL BW-Compat- with improvements within ALL games then there would be no need for 360 hardware” …You must agree?

      “If MS don’t do the above there is just no point for 360 gamers getting Xbone over PS4 due to most of the MS console exclusive games coming over to PC” …Do you not agree then?

    • Mark

      Ok I’ll just say it again, this is redundant, and we keep running into the same brick wall. Please don’t reply to any of my comments on this topic if u see them. We can debate something different another time.

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