Sony and GeoHot settlement documents leaked

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The entire settlement documents detailing the court order between Sony and George “GeoHot” Hotz has made its way into the web.

PS Jailbreaking forums, PSX-Scene has got hold of the entire lot and you can download it from over there. It’s at the bottom of the post, titled 127-Stipulation.pdf.

The documents details all terms and conditions which George will have to abide by aswell as the restrictions, being imposed upon him. There’s nearly 8 pages of content and it’s worth a read for anyone, wanting to get a better idea about this whole thing.

Do let us know about your thoughts below.

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  • should have given us some highlights… i come here because i dont want to read the whole thing, not so i can find the whole thing

  • Hmm.. Well, good step for GeoHotz/George. Hooray! Now Sony, it is time for you to do your part too. I really think they SHOULD offer him SOMETHING as a job. Why? He’s a smart, arrogant guy, but see, he can humble himself. That is a GREAT stride, especially with all the weight that was and still IS on his shoulders from his peers and new peers and enemies.

    If this was the year 1988, what would the outcome have been and would ANY judge be smart enough to know exactly what he ‘did’ and what the Company S was prosecuting him for?

    Lock it down so that nothing get out, ‘foxes’ are everywhere. you can stop some of them, but some you can not. And those are the ones that cause problems for the all of us. All it takes is one. 🙁

    • If I were Sony, the only job I would offer him would be janitor at their most remote factory. Screw this little loser. If he wants a job there are hundreds of better ways to show what you’re capable of than being a cocky little dick.

  • Hey Debabrata,

    If you consider yourself to be a real journalist, how about doing a little bit of ‘journalism’ by summarizing the court documents? Much more helpful then just posting a link.

    “Gaming journalism” lol

    Yours forever,

  • MB

    Wrong. As far as I know the REAL details of the settlement have not been leaked and are definitely not included in your post. You never heard of an MoU, have you??? Misleading post is misleading.

  • The documents say he isn’t supposed to use any Sony technology? What if he is at a friends house and wants to watch TV and the friend has a Sony TV? How does that affect the order? Just curious. Now Sony can sue whomever leaked the documents instead of Hotz. It took what – 1 day?

    • Do you really think Geohot would be friends with anyone who owns Sony hardware? After all, he is boycotting Sony–without a choice, now it seems, which is ironic, considering he can no longer legally come in contact with another Sony device. It’s rather unlikely, at that point.
      Now, I find this a perfectly acceptable punishment. If you were to sell a stolen item to a pawn shop, knowing it was stolen–and then brag to all the world with your face that you sold a stolen item to a pawn shop–you should be banned from selling, well–anything! Why? You seek popularity, thrill, and recognition–3 things you never had in high school that have left apparently you irreparably damaged. Even if you didn’t steal it, you knew the item was stolen, so it’s illegal to sell it–and you had the audacity to tell everyone about it, and show your face!
      This just goes to show, if you want to break the law, do it Anonymously.

    • You think Geohotz has friends?

  • Uh, if you guys actually read that again, it doesn’t say anything about him not being able to use a Sony product. It says he cannot use a Sony product in an unauthorized way. Basically he just agreed to follow the law when it comes to using any Sony product. As far as I’m concerned that’s just a stupid slap on the wrist, but whatever. At the very least it proves that Sony isn’t just in this for the money, otherwise they would have sued him into the ground.

  • What a way to save face sony. You unfortunately just made a martyr of Geohotz. When one goes down, a hundred more will rise up.

  • SkyGamer, what are you talking about. This was Geo submitting, not Sony making a matyr of him. This was Geo’s admission of guilt, he knew he did not have a leg to stand on obviously didn’t get enough money from donations to continue to court case.

    Sony have been proven in the right, while Geo conceded that he was in the wrong, albeit in a way to try and save face. His little comment was probably prepared for him by the lawyers, he said he didn’t think he did anything wrong… well he knows better now.

    Sony will have come up trumps for this and all other companies will dancing because Sony just won them a precedent.

    Now onto the geek group from Europe, they are probably bricking it because it will not be as easy a ride with our jurisdiction!

    All hackers just got b*tch slapped, and it’s even better because they actually thought they were in the right. LOL! Delusional little script kiddies is all they are, annoyed that they have to spend their lollipop money on games.

    • @GroundGamer

      You are such a moron! If you ‘settle’ a case – NO PRECEDENT is set – A PRECEDENT is set by a JUDGE RULING…

      Why don’t you save some of your lolipop money and try and buy an education!

      As for this case – you’re still happy that Sony can remove functionality, retrospectively from a piece of hardware you purchased? If so – then you Sir are an even bigger Moron than I gave you credit for…

  • Cool


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