Sony Doesn’t Know How Much Demand There Will Be For PlayStation VR

Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida discusses the newness of the product, and its repercussions.

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PlayStation VR

The general consensus has been that even though HTC Vive and Oculus Rift were both a bust at retail (and sales for both headsets appear to be tapering off even now), VR is the wave of the future- or one of the waves of the future, anyway. And the best chance VR has of breaking into the mainstream yet is considered to be PlayStation VR, Sony’s VR headset releasing next month.

The PlayStation VR has a lot going in its favor- it’s got the PlayStation branding, it’s got a lot of popular, appealing to the mass market games support, and it’s going to be the cheapest VR headset to own, with an entry price of just $400, and a necessity to be paired to a relatively cheap console over an expensive, high end PC.

However, the sheer newness of the device means that Sony are not quite sure how much demand there even will be for the PlayStation VR. PlayStation’s Shuhei Yoshida recently admitted to Bloomberg in an interview that the company was unsure of how the market would take to such a disruptive device.

“To be honest, we don’t know what demand will be,” Yoshida told Bloomberg. “In terms of disruption, this is the most since PS1 and perhaps even greater than that.”

For PlayStation products, the PSVR definitely is the most disruptive thing since the original PlayStation- it will be interesting to see how it all goes down. Early indications, at the very least, appear to be positive, however.

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  • crazy_black_man-

    Console is a whole different beast than PC. VR on a PS4 console will be a grand slam.

    “In terms of disruption, this is the most since PS1 and perhaps even greater than that.”

    “We don’t know if, after this thing releases, if we should dare to actually attend the Xbox One’s funeral, or if we should just send a thoughtful card with a lovely floral arrangement. It has a been a real tough 3 years for them, and we don’t want to appear to be insensitive”

    • Seth Rogaine

      I would def not go that far. VR is still an unknown beast for consumer acceptance. I mean, people have been trying VR with their phones and Google Cardboard (and various plastic phone-holder headsets), but that is not a serious application of VR, its just playing around. What was heralded to be THE “blow the doors off VR” products – the Rift and Vive completely screwed the consumer acceptance metric when they introduced something at a super premium price (Palmer once said he would like to see the Rift given away for free!), and requiring a PC which had a large performance requirement.

      The Rift dev kits were 1080p, $300 and $350 respectively and worked on lesser hardware. If that could have been the launch unit, it would have gained a much, MUCH bigger chance at consumer saturation, but they blew it to introduce a high-end product.

      Flipping back to PS VR, it has a much better chance at mass market due to its smaller cost *although still high*, and the fact that just about everyone and their dog has a PS4.

      The challenge, and where Yoshida is spot-on is we do not know how much it will sell once the launch units sell out (which pre-orders are sold out already). Mass market is based on a couple of factors – cost, availability and need. The biggest unknown is will people feel they NEED it. I tried it at FanExpo with RIGS for the first time and it was really impressive and wildly cool.. but would I spend that much money to get it?? Nope. I felt a little woozy after playing it for 7-8 mins, so a whole game I feel would put me into barf-bucket territory. No way would I throw away that money unless I had it for a week and knew if it was something I could stomach. And for those who do not get a chance to try it out first.. there is no point of reference to pick one up to really understand the product and why you should justify spending that much on an accessory. The mass market does not yet know IF it NEEDS it until you have an intimate experience with it.. and if that experience leaves you with motion sickness.. well, no matter how cool it is, those people will not buy it.

      I am really interested in seeing what happens, and I would love to have one, and at 1/2 the cost I would no longer worry about the financial risk. But at its current price, it makes me think a lot more about if I need to own the product or not. With the RIft or Vive. No way would I even consider blowing that much dough on something I may not be able to use and have not tried. At least I was able to try the PSVR and that gives me a point of reference to know that it was cool and I liked its technology (even with the nausea -lol).

    • crazy_black_man-

      That was a GREAT reply. Loved every word. They can have my money though. I’m going all on. Can’t wait for October 13th.

    • Michael

      That’s because you are a typical pony. You probably still have faith in the sony walkman…lol

    • crazy_black_man-

      I had a lot more faith in that than I have faith in Xbox.

    • Michael

      Xbox doesn’t need your faith. They are backed by a company worth 400 billion dollars. Keep that faith for sony because they really need it. It shows.

      A slim offering nothing of value over original ps4(no 4k, no HDR no BC, it’s hideous/ cheap looking, same old cheap controller)
      VR which is already starting 0-1
      An underpowered neo which only exists because the slim cant push proper VR

    • crazy_black_man-

      Both versions of the PS4 beat the Xbox in sales.

    • Psionicinversion

      apparently it went from off the shelf components to custom made components in the proper release thats why its so expensive. Plus they build it in silicon valley where people earn a proper wage for building something and not 5 pence and pack of noodles in china!

  • Seth Rogaine

    “Sony don”t know how much…” Do you guys have editors that, oh I dunno, check grammar? I am surprised you got the “Will” in there. You could have gone full pirate.

  • Michael

    They’ll know once its still sitting on the store shelves. Only sony would bet on old tech like VR.

  • Mr Xrat

    All this Xgimp anxiety.


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