Sony Is Beta Testing PS4 Firmware 3.00

List of new features inside.

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Sony is definitely not as on the top with their firmware upgrades for their console or handheld as Microsoft or even Nintendo are. Microsoft especially release updates every month, and even first have them beta tested via their Preview program.

At least some of that, Sony seems to have appropriated for how they handle their own new firmware launches. After just how much of a massive disaster the rollout of PS4 Firmware 2.00 was, it seems like Sony is now conducting beta tests of their firmware updates before they roll them out to the general public. The flipside, for them? We can now get leaks of planned features ahead of their official reveal.

For instance, thanks to NeoGAF user crinale, we have a list of some of the planned updates PS4 Firmware 3.00 brings with it:

  • “Event” menu is added that allows you to find events related to Playstation, join them and watch them.
  • “Community” is added to “friend” menu that allows you to make new community or join existing ones.
  • “Now Playing” is added to “friend”, “community”, “message” and profile screen that allows you to display games members are currently playing. You can request to join their games or
    request to broadcast the game.
  • “Message” function has been improved that it displays “now playing” and allows you to start party easily. You can add groups to your favorite list
  • You can broadcast via Youtube
  • You can upload short (10 sec) game clips to twitter.

So, it actually seems like Sony have taken quite a few cues from Nintendo’s Miiverse here. Which is great, Miiverse has some nice ideas up its sleeve.

We’ll keep you posted on the official launch date for PS4 Firmware 3.00.

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  • Devon Day

    Great to see more implemented social features. While most people may have wanted other features, such as filtering for games, but the social interaction is key to a successful game console. Take a look at the Nintendo 64 for example. Yes, it did not have such features back then, but the 4 controller ports did pave the way for social interaction; further evident by big name titles on the console such as Super Mario Kart, Super Smash Bros., and the most well known game in GoldenEye.

    Some of the features we may be asking for will come in due time, but keep in mind that interaction is the current backbone for the PlayStation 4. SharePlay, live streaming games, and numerous other features have pointed in this direction. Sony even stated themselves back during the PlayStation 4 reveal that the console would be socially engaging. Again, things like queue system for downloads and filtering options for games will arrive, but having something like community or the 10 sec. clip can be useful down the road.

    As stated before, excited for these changes.

  • *Also On PC

    Firmware updates

    No games


    Business as usual for Sony

  • Fox

    More than a year after launch?

    Still no folders?

    PS4 has the worst UI of any gaming platform in nearly a decade, and if that’s all they’re adding this late to the game, I doubt it’ll ever change.


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