Sony Says It’s ‘Very Likely’ More Remasters Are Coming

That comes as a surprise to no one.

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The Last of Us Remastered

With the apparent success of games like The Last of Us Remastered, it should come as no surprise that Sony made some comments recently that it is more than likely that it will be bringing even more remastered games and collections to the PS4. It wasn’t that long ago that remastering a game from a previous generation and bringing it to the current generation was a new idea.

Since it started both Sony and Microsoft have been working fast and furiously to bring games and game series to the Xbox One and the PS4, in part because both companies know that there is a large number of users who didn’t have the previous generation of the console they now own. Jim Ross recently sat down with Playstation Germany and talked about the company’s potential plans when it comes to doing these remasters.

“We know that there are lots of PS4 owners that have either never played games before or used to have an Xbox or a Nintendo who have never had the chance to play something like the Uncharted trilogy,” he said. “But it has to be a great game if we’re going to go to the trouble of remastering. I can’t talk specifically, but I think that it’s very likely that there’ll be more.” The fact of the matter is that when you take into account the games that have already gotten a remaster, there aren’t a ton out there that would still warrant this treatment. Hopefully that means the process will slow down, not speed up.

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  • 1-800-Hisoka

    wait wait. didn’t sony themselves say they weren’t going to remaster games too much a year ago? Jim Ryan. SCEA EU CEO?. whatever. at least remaster PS1,PS2 games. not PS3. we just played those

  • bardock5151

    For the payers, fleecing awaits.

    There is a pattern forming with Sony.

    • Orion Wolf

      “But Sony has the money, because they’ve bought 3rd party exclusives” a Sony fanboy claimed. And yet here we are, Sony trying to milk old games for as much as they can.

      P.S. I highly doubt Sony is investing a lot into the remasters, but considering the price tag they’re reaping quite the profits.

      Remasters like the god of war 3, is 100% milking the consumer for a game that has been ported to a newer system, with as minimal work done as possible, for $40. Shall we compare it to Gears? MCC?! Yeah for the players.

      I wonder how would that look like If MS did it.

    • Orion Wolf

      @Mr Xrat The (current) worst remastered game would be Prototype, imo.

      The number two place goes to either GOW3 or SR – btw you can get SOD for half of the price of GOW3 if you already own the game on the 360, what do you get if you own GOW3 on the ps3?

    • Mr Xrat

      SOD was cheaper therefore it justifies it. LMAO!

      Like I said, Blunder Chief and State of Decay were obvious rush jobs to fill in weak release periods. Classic.

    • Orion Wolf

      Where did I say that a lower price tag justifies a bad port? What I’m saying is that Sony is milking you “guys” for every pon …
      er I mean penny, they can and you gladly give it to them.

      SOD isn’t a lazy port as you Mr fanboy would like to call it. Many issues with the original game have been fixed, not to mention the higher res textures and the addition of expansion packs have been included.

      On the other hand what has Sony done? There have been three GOW PS3 compilations in less than three years! They gave you a single game, when you can get the entire collection on the ps3 for $18 (5 games)!!!

      Btw are you really comparing the God of Milk Jobs (and lazy ports) to MCC? LMAO indeed.

    • Mr Xrat

      Are they? I don’t care about GOW so I’m not being milked for anything. If I ever decided to play through the series, I’d get the PS3 collection because I still have my PS3, except for 360 owners whose consoles all suddenly stopped working when the Xbone released which is why they’re so cock-a-hoop about limited emulation.

      Wow, they brought the expansions along too, like they should have. What they shouldn’t have done is bring the game’s bugs and technical problems with it.

      Nope, GOW3 worked and wasn’t a crutch for an awful lineup. So there’s that. :^)

    • Mr Xrat

      I’m not being forced to pay for anything, barcock.

      Must be another one of those delusions that form the basis for your fanboyism.

  • Starman

    smdh …….

  • bardock5151

    Wrong there again little guy. Prototype, god of war and saints row share that title.

    • Mr Xrat

      In multiplat terms there, sure. For exclusives they ported over all the bugs and technical glitches for State of Decay. I’m not even gonna mention the Blunder Chief Collection either.

      But hey, I guess they needed to thicken out their limp H2 2014 and H1 2015 lineups somehow.

  • Psionicinversion

    thats ridiculous… oh were sure theres plenty of people that not played these games before. i.e. lets milk these idiots i doubt the majority would even care about the remasters or care theyve never played them before because if they were really that bothered about playing the games in the first place they would of bought a ps3

  • Tiberian_Fiend

    The only games the current generation of consoles are capable of running at 1080p 60 FPS are last generation’s games, so maybe all these rehashes are for the best.


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