Sony: We Want To Reclaim Japan

Sony aims to revive and conquer the Japanese gaming market.

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Less than a decade ago, Japan was a tour de force in gaming- two of the three major consoles came from Japan, all the best developers were Japanese, and as a result, all the best games were also Japanese. Today, the situation is very different- Japanese developers are in disarray, leaving console and handheld gaming for greener pastures in mobile gaming, or leaving gaming altogether, and while two of the three console makers are still Japanese, the one that has found success has found it by emulating the Xbox 360’s decidedly western aesthetic, while the Japanese, quirky one has been left struggling for relevance.

Apparently, however, Sony is not happy with the state of the Japanese market as it stands- it hopes to revive it, and then to conquer the revived market. Speaking to Eurogamer, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida said, “PS4 has amazing sales, it’s selling very well outside Japan because there are amazing games made from outside Japan. It’s only this year that, with Dragon Quest Heroes and Bloodborne and Final Fantasy Type 0 and Yakuza, Japanese publishers finally started to make games on PS4 and PS4 is showing some upward swing in Japan. So definitely, Final Fantasy 7 and 15 and Dragon Quest Heroes 2, these games will help.” He also confirmed that the Final Fantasy 7 remake was a ploy to get Japan on board with console gaming again.

Will it help? The industry certainly needs a strong Japan, and between Sony with PS4, and Nintendo with whatever ploy they have in mind with the NX, I suspect we may yet see a Japanese resurgence.

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  • The truth-ier

    money wise this is one of the smallest market, its just for the reason this is where alot of companies are based out of…but in the big picture america is still number 1 when it comes to revenue for game companies…. japan is more about pride.

  • Fweds

    Seems like they should of thought of that when they decided that the western market was more important and didn’t release their console in Japan until around 3 months later.

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      They don’t seem to care, rather play mobile games on flip-phones made by Sharp.

  • 2econd gpu unlocking

    As Xbox users, we have shown respect and left that market for Sony.
    We don’t want it.And why would we.
    Full of Chinese card-game dating boy band simulators for mobile phones mainly.

    • Jecht_Sin

      At least they are not a bunch of obese dude/bro kids eating junk food while playing crappy FPS.

    • Daniel evans

      a lot of good stuff comes out of japan and sony will do well to keep it their own. personally i dont think they need to worry as people in their country are not daft and they dont like the xbox brand ( so it seems). im with the japanese people on this tbh

    • *Also On PC

      You mean like the POS4 owners with their exclusive COD deal and Doritos And Dew marketing deal?

    • Jecht_Sin

      Huh huh.. Do you wanna bet which console will have the most FPS games sold this year and on which Country?

      BTW POS4.. How creative. At least it can run Arkham Knight at 1080p without any issue! lol

    • Michael

      Yea, 1080p with a crappy framerate like most of the games. Guess you can’t have both on ps4. Its either. 1080p and bad framerate or they have to lie about it like they did with killzone…lol

    • Ricoh123

      But the ps4 frame rates suck.

    • Jecht_Sin

      Funny, because Digital Foundry gave the win on both resolution and performances to the PS4.

    • *Also On PC

      The POS4, duh. All the dudebros migrated over there you moron.

      And like everything Sony announced at E3. The “Best” version of Arkham Knight is only a timed exclusive to POS4. Soon the PC will be the best version with 60FPS (Whatever happened to Sony’s promises of 60FPS? UC4 isn’t 60FPS anymore is it?) :^)

    • sunny

      PC Beggar Race
      PC Waiting Race

      Keep the waiting for ports lmao

    • Devon Day

      Do me a favor; ignore those that are;

      1.) Lobotomized


      2.) Neutered

      Your brain and your sanity will thank you.

    • Jecht_Sin

      That’s indeed the reason why I usually ignore this site. πŸ™‚

    • 2econd gpu unlocking

      Rather be obese and get laid monthly than never , and have use a dating simulator like those Chinese dudes

  • *Also On PC

    Mobile gaming owns Japan. Hardcore gamers are on PC or Wii U in Japan. They should just give up.

    • Tha Truth

      Nobody with any sense of self – respect uses a dead, peasant platform like the PC. How’s Arkham Knight doing on your worthless, peasant platform? Is it still crashing? ROFL, that’s what happens when you game on weak, outdated, peasant hardware.

      Enjoy your low – quality games which are riddled with game – breaking bugs. PEASANT!

    • sunny

      Leave it these PC Port Beggars keep begging for our games

    • *Also On PC

      You mean PS4 games, peasant?

      Like everything on your trash, peasant platform. The PS4 version working will only be a timed exclusive and the PC version will soon be the only version worth bothering with.

      Where’s the 60FPS? Sony said there would be 60FPS

    • Tha Truth

      The fact that you’re trying to defend a broken version of a game just proves what a pathetic little peasant you are and proves you have no respect for yourself OR the gaming indsutry.

      I get it, you’re embarassed. You should be, you can’t afford a PS4 like a normal person so you lower yourself to sticking with your trashy, weak, outdated peasant PC which gets zero exclusive developer support and inferior ports of console games which don’t work properly. But trying to defend your trashy, broken games just makes you look like even more of a pathetic, uneducated little peasant.

      You chose to game on a weak, inferior platform and now you’re paying the price by getting weak, inferior versions of games which are riddled with game – breaking bugs and FPS issues, that’s exactly what you deserve when you lower yourself to sticking with a cheap, peasant platform like the Pc. Your crybaby peasant tears aren’t going to fix your peasant version of the game. Arkham Knight is a mess on the PC because the PC is peasant trash, just accept it and move on.

    • *Also On PC

      Poor baby peasant has a meltdown because his trash console will eventually be eclipsed by the true version of Arkham Knight.

      Keep on defending your garbage. It amuses me :^)

    • sunny

      “Japan hardcore gamers are on PC”
      What those hentai visual novels they mainly use their PC for makes them hardcore? LOLOLOL
      PC is only used as a shi tty por n machine..

  • Michael

    You can’t reclaim anything when you’re going broke.

    • Anthony

      Is that why Microsoft is getting destroyed?

    • Kevin-Y

      I would say they’re destroying sony but they’ve already done that to themselves…lol
      Every pony fanboys can buy 100 ps4s and it’s still won’t change the inevitable.Not even Japan will buy it’s products. Pretty pitiful.

    • sunny

      Bitc h please Sony owns all kinds of divisions from movies to mobiles to gaming to music divisions everything while MS only OS, mobile and gaming lmao
      MS copying Sony left and right 24/7

  • jent

    Demographic shifts in Japan will not likely support a strong resurgence of gaming from any company including Sony.

    • Devon Day

      Should not stop them from trying. Capcom is jumping ship to the PS4 for more games. If games like Onimusha, Monster Hunter, Dino Crisis, Okami, Final Fight, Devil May Cry and Viewful Joe can comeback, then expect devs. like Armor Project (Dragon Quest) to follow suit.

    • jent

      No doubt they will try. Companies based in Japan should be able to make lots of money selling outside of Japan, but I think the future especially long term are not looking good for gaming in Japan itself.

    • Devon Day

      Perhaps not, but for the time they do have, I am sure Japanese devs will make the most of. Heck, if Keji, Yu, Fumito, and Koji are all attempting comebacks, I see no reason why the Japanese devs can make one last push.

  • Devon Day

    Sony just needs to have their heavy hitting titles that appease the Japanese market and it will be fine. Street Fighter, Dragon Quest, and Final Fantasy all will help, but having series such as Disgaea, Guilty Gear, Persona, and the Dynasty Warriors main/spinoffs will also yield positive results.

  • John

    Fantastic news.

  • Clamp

    Its good, that japanesse publishers has started to making games, but it should be more than 4 games. Im sure, that smaller publisher will have a lot to tell.

  • Japan lost ages ago…all they can do now is keep making cliche RPG’s -__-

    *incoming weabos*

    • sunny

      Kingdom Hearts, FF7 clichΓ©? Sure

    • weabo!

    • sunny

      Go look up the definition of Weaboo, you can’t even spell it right.
      So any game at all made by a Japanese dev automatically labels you as a weaboo? LOL.

  • Edi

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