Sony XDev Teases Secret Projects

What could it be?

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Sony XDev is sort of like the technical arm of Sony’s European studios- a studio highly accomplished in technical work, helping out other studios where they need help, sort of like Sony Santa Monica in America, or Sony Japan in Japan. And it looks like they currently have their fingers in a lot of pies, because on their Twitter account, they teased numerous secret projects (as well as some not so secret projects) that they apparently are working on right now.

It is unclear if their work in this case is just technical assistance for other studios on their games, or if they are working on an original game of their own- hopefully it is the latter, and they get the chance to show off their own game design chops! Regardless of what it is, however, it is exciting to note that there is still some stuff upcoming for the PS4 that we don’t know about.

Hopefully, some of it is announced at E3 later this year.

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  • Jose Arcadio Morales

    maybe they finally come up with a good controller , not small crappy dualschock without asymetrical sticks…..

    • Holeybartender

      Fanboy RAGE!!! -Screw your crappy Xbox controller design,this is PlayStation,bitch! DUALSHOCK is the best design for the past 20+ years. Symmetrical analog sticks relieves thumbs from hyperextension while giving ultimate control and fluidity of movement for best results from extended hours of gameplay. DUALSHOCK FOREVER!!!! *Pant pant pant… Lol

    • ו aм mɑĸiռg abסut бк‐੪ϰ dolΙαrƽ /а monτh fгoᴍ fᴦe℮Ɩɑncɩᴨᶃ ൦nIιոe. For tհ०se of you ԝh੦ are lоokiոg to dᴑ baƽɩc at h٥мe jංᖯs ſor 2h-5հ ᜵α ᑯαy aᴛ yסцᴦ homе ɑոd make g൦໐Ꮷ iռcome ſor ԁ٥iᴨƍ іт.۔܁ Τհiƽ is ρerf℮ct f໐r γoυ܁.۰Leагϖ mοᴦe ɑbоut iτ һ℮re>

    • Troy Marcel

      Um, no it’s by a vast consensus that the Xbox controller is the best and most comfortable to use.

    • quantum

      lol, I think he was being sarcastic. To be fair the ds4 is an improvement over the ds3 but the battery life is beyond a joke, even with the light turned low.

    • LifeOnMars

      Is the Xbox controller chargable, or do you have to buy a kit like the one that came with the Xbox 360 ?

    • Troy Marcel

      No. You can buy the play and charge kit or any charger battery pack which I normally go with ie energizer(not the one that burns).
      I would rather have replaceable batteries than inbuilt, that way if the battery starts to lose it’s charge over time you just pop in a new one.

    • Holeybartender

      It was only the FPS shooter nutz that liked the Xbox design because that was all Xbox ever had game wise. Any other game besides FPS shooters and no one liked the controls.

    • Jacquelynrharrison

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