Spencer On Streaming Xbox One Games To Mobile, Lack of Keypad, Praises 360’s Dashboard

Xbox boss Phil Spencer answers to fan queries on Twitter.

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There is no denying the fact that ever since Phil Spencer became the big boss of Xbox, things have stabilized for Microsoft. Although they are still lagging in sales compared to the PlayStation 4, Spencer’s initiatives with new features and SKUs helped Microsoft to win the all important holiday season in 2014.

As usual, he took to Twitter to answer a couple of questions from Xbox fans. First of all he revealed that they are planning to stream Xbox One games to Windows based mobile but they are currently facing issues with control and battery life.

He also clarified why the Xbox One does not have keypad yet. He thinks that a lot of users use their phone for keyboard. It must be noted that he does not deny or reveals that the Xbox One might have one  in the future. Having said that, it’s one of the most wanted accessories for the Xbox One.

And lastly, he believes that the quick navigation feature of the Xbox 360’s dashboard was great. Let us hope they release one for the Xbox One, because in all honestly its current UI is annoyingly slow.

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  • JoeDaniel

    Can’t say I disagree, I loved the 360 chatpad but if I can just do it through a phone app, no need to spend money on a chat pad.. and if you’re playing an MMO, you need a full keyboard instead of something that small.

  • John Doe

    Microsoft is doing nothing but copying Sony. Microsoft is all out of ideas. Each time they try to copy Sony they admit that the PS4 is simply better. Xbox fanboys look extremely stupid now.

    This is a useless feature compared to remote play which works outside of your house and on Vita.

    • corvusmd

      This is so backwards I cannot take you seriously. You’re clearly just a fanboy seeing what you want to see.

    • John Doe

      Not my fault you can’t accept reality and the truth. Microsoft fanboys simply want a PS4 which is why they’ve been begging for PS4 features. Xbox One has allways been behind with no innovation. Larry Hyrbb said remote play was stupid a year ago, and now Microsoft is trying to copy it and failling at it. Funny, would you not agree?

    • corvusmd

      The only person here not accepting reality is you. Xbox fans have not been begging for PS4 features, it’s more common the other way around. Most gamers, like myself, that have both consoles prefer the X1 because it does SOOOOOO much more than the PS4…PS4 is a fine machine, but it really only plays exclusives for me….everything else is on X1 (or Wii U).

      You’re gonna have to provide a source where Larry Hyrb said streaming is stupid (which by the way, he’s not the head of Xbox….and MS has been working on streaming tech for years, and creating new tech to reduce lag when doing so, so it seems more like the delay was just to make it work better). Streaming to a device is BY NO MEANS something that Sony has a lockdown on. They didn’t do it first, they didn’t invent it, they don’t even do it the best…..so saying that ANYONE is copying them is just stupid and what you WANT to see.

      Edit: Now let’s say we all live in your fantasy world and you’re right that MS is trying to copy Sony with game streaming…..this is ONE thing…in EVERY OTHER ASPECT OF GAMING MS is not only innovating, but they are doing things better. Don’t let your delusions and bias make you miss out on quality gaming….it’ll only be your loss.

    • TheWayItsMeantToBePlayed

      Yawn. John Doe adovocating buying more Sony hardware. “Oh but it’s great when Sony does it if you pay another $100”. Please. They just reach into the wallet and demand you pay up for their locked DRM boxes or their ad supported app.

      Guess where in home remote play is free and doesn’t require Sony’s 720P streaming box? That’s right. Steam. Oh look. Valve made a completely free client for everyone that costs nothing to use and certainly not a $100 box that Google already made worthless.

    • corvusmd

      Only a retarded fanboy could come to an article about streaming a game to a phone, praising 360 blades, and a controller keypad…(that MS allows phones to replace)….and come up with a stupid conclusion that MS is copying Sony…even though Sony does none of those things.

    • ALightningBoldt

      How many people have a vita to take advantage of that? Very few

    • Lacerz

      You don’t need a Vita. Technically, a Vita, PS TV or Xpreia Z3 can all do it. Unofficially, any android device can do it.

    • Jessika S.

      I have a Vita and I’ve setup a Playstation TV in my Bedroom, I have to say it works amazing for me but I do have great internet at home and at work. I do use my Xbox One a lot more then I do my PS4 but that’s only because I have my cable box running through it and I think that it’s the best media box I’ve ever used.

      I use the apps on the Xbox One more then I use the ones on my TV just because going from live TV to Starz Play, HBO or Netflix is pretty great.

    • ALightningBoldt

      I was responding to John doe who was talking about remote play outside of your home. I’m pretty sure only vita can do that

  • Lacerz

    “Although they are still lagging in sales compared to the PlayStation 4, Spencer’s initiatives with new features and SKUs helped Microsoft to win the all important holiday season in 2014.”

    In the U.S. and UK maybe, but the overall numbers were 6.4 million PS4s shipped opposed to 6.6 million Xbox Ones AND 360s shipped. Big difference.

  • xbox1rules23

    i honestly HATED the blades. it was slow and clunky. i actually played my 360 very little while that dashboard was around

  • Truthhurts24

    Spencer is the man that has revived the Xbox 1 very talented leader Microsoft has now and Sony better watch out


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