Star Wars: Battlefront For PS4 Is More Popular Than Xbox One, PC Versions Combined

Sony’s ad campaign paid off.

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star wars battlefront

The launch of Star Wars: Batttlefront has already been named the most successful launch of a Star Wars game in the history of the franchise. What might raise a few eyebrows inside those numbers is just how one sided the popularity of the title the launch really was. While there are not official sales numbers available to break down sales from one platform to another just yet, we do know that more people are playing the game on the PS4 than on the Xbox One and PC combined.

VG247 reports they were able to come up with these numbers based on the statistics of games logged on the various platforms. According to the site, over a 24 hour period there was a peak of 183,329 players on PS4. Over the same period there were 104,993 on Xbox One and only 48,292 on PC. It should be pointed out that Sony paid a pretty penny in order to get these kinds of numbers. The company struck an exclusivity deal with the game’s developers in order to make sure that all official advertising would point only to the PS4 version.

One has to wonder if that did in fact steer people away from getting the game on PC and Xbox One or even realizing it was available on the other platforms. In the age of console exclusives becoming more popular, that kind of advertising can have a real effect, even on games that aren’t actually console exclusive. Whatever the reason, Star Wars: Battlefront is being played more on the PS4 than any other platform.

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  • Sindin78

    So sad the game stinks. I’m bored of it already. Shallow, repetitive and a bore to play. And the reviewers agree. Well done Sony…you wasted $ to steer your fanbase to another multiplayer dud. Maybe invest that $ in an exclusive worth a damn.

    • EmmanuelKShannon

      Hey don’t blame Sony too much if you played the beta and still bought the game you deserve what ya got.

    • kevin

      Lol you act like Sony forced people to buy the game get that fanboy crap out of here

    • Mr Xrat

      Looks like it’s doing very well while the rest of the world forgets about that turd Halo 5, along with the rest of the “killer holiday lineup” bust. 🙂

  • Calvin James

    Does this actually suprise anyone? The PS4 has a much bigger install base and as such a higher number of potential buyers. Secondly, X1 owners with EA access get a few hours to play the full game before release; and i’m sure many of them would have not purchased the full game after playing it. Lastly, Halo 5 and Rise of the Tomb Raider released only on X1 recently, whereas the PS4 exclusive content is a little thinner on the ground….

    • Michael Norris

      Most didn’t even bother picking up TR…

  • Terminator

    You would think that the numbers would be by the millions and not just a few thousand.

    • Mark

      Good point actually

    • Michael Norris

      It’s Xbone and Pc read ffs.Ps4 version out sold both versions i would agree if it was Ps4 vs just Xbone this would actually be sad but add in Pc there and that install base is quite huge.

  • dametreas foster

    UHHHHH This is reaching. BOPS 3, halo 5, tomb raider, chief collection, fallout 4 too many games for xbx owners

    • kevin

      Lol every game you named but 3 with one being a year old can be played on ps4 but why stop there ps4 owners can also play until dawn, uc collection, dragon quest heroes, tales of zestiria, bloodborne etc. See how easy that was lol it can go both ways

    • kma99

      Apparently the xbox guys have more selection this holiday than multi plats. Do you want sales numbers on those jrpg that the sony guys arent buying yet flock to buy blops3 and bf? And who throws in paid dlc as a full game other than desperate Playstation fanboys.

    • Mark

      Lol, these guys love talkin sales, but u make a great point. All this so called “variety” and whatnot….do they really care about them?

    • kma99

      I do and i am positive that im not in a small percentage. There are 5 games on the xbox i could play or purchase. I wish sony had something new for the holidays because i play all multi plats on the xbox. Most of the guys at my job do.

    • kevin

      Really a ps4 owner could play the uc collection, until dawn, tearaway unfolded, bloodborne, MLB the show, dragon quest heroes or tales of zestiria so right there’s 7 technically 9 since the uc collection is three games. You know what I got to play on my x1 this holiday gow remastered, halo 5 which is good but not great and rotr which is amazing and one of my fave this year and that’s it. See i love owning all consoles but what I don’t love is when fanboys try to act like x1 is flushed with choices this holiday when it’s been four games to choose from and I’m not into racing so that leaves just the three I mentioned but according to fanboys there’s like ten games and it’s hard to play them all lol.

    • kma99

      They could play that but they are not. You can play half of that on ps3 or one is playing until dawn they are watching it. Bloodborne came out in march dont see too many checking for that for Christmas. Unfortunately no one is really buying those jrpg games.

    • kevin

      No one is buying until dawn but it’s sold 1.5 million t last count and has a sequel in the planning stages and bloodborne came out in march matters how especially since the old hunters expansion just came out to rave reviews which have people talking about it again. Oh if ylu want to truly talk about people not playing games forza sold horribly and so did horizon 2, sunset overdrive and rotr and while halo 5 didn’t sell horribly it’s the lowest selling mainline halo ever so yeah.

    • kma99

      1.5 million sales over 30 million ps4 owners is not good numbers. The game launched in august and for the holidays sony has nothing exclusive as far as first party. Its a shame too, im used to sony pumping out exclusive. I didnt say anything about software sales numbers but Microsoft has made sure it had content for the holidays after leaving everyone high and dry for the first half of the year.

    • kevin

      It wasn’t at 30 million though when it sold that 1.5 million it was at like 25 million at the time and for a game like until dawn that’s very good. Not every game is going to sell cod or gta numbers their just not and most of the time a game that sells a million or more is considered enough of a success to warrant a sequel which is why there is one coming for until dawn. Also who cares if all Sony has for the holidays first party wise is uc collection they still have other exclusives like tales of zestiria and dragon quest heroes not to mention a goty contender in bloodborne that just received a huge expansion that’s been raved about and we already know the ridiculously packed 2016 Sony has for ps owners in regards to first party exclusives. See microsofts marketing likes people to think they have a packed holiday after delivering nothing for the first 9 months of the year but truthfully all they delivered were three games halo 5, rotr and forza 6 not exactly a smorgasbord and i only bought two of them because racing isn’t my thing.

    • kma99

      No one is buying dragons quest. I think it only sold around 40,000 and i dont think tales will fare any better. Far as uncharted. I bought all 3 for the ps3 for less than 20 dollars so why spend 60 just for higher resolution? That’s wasting cash.

    • kevin

      Because if you read the reviews and digital foundrys report it’s not just a resolution bump for the uc collection it’s alot more and considered one of the best remasters ever. No dragons quest might not have sold gangbusters in America but worldwide it’s sold over a million so yes it’s a success there’s already a sequel in the works.

    • kma99

      I didnt read any reviews. I didnt buy it but a coworker did. He never played it but i did. I didnt see any significant change other than resolution and frames

    • kevin

      Well if you’re interested go to digital foundry because it was a heck of alot more then resolution and frames

    • kevin

      What part of my comment was paid dlc as a full game lol I think you’re confused. Oh and jrpgs sell well hence why they keep coming you know that’s how businesses work right they don’t just keep releasing games that don’t sell that would be stupid.

    • Mr Xrat

      You waited ten months for mediocrity and multiplats. Sad.

    • Michael Norris

      Halo 5 looks like a 360 title why even bring up MCC? TR is a timed exclusive that will be better on the other platforms and the other games are also on Ps4/Pc.

  • Charles – The Great and Powerf

    Sony should rename itself PlayStation since that’s the only product it can sell. Poor Sony. Going bankrupt and selling every piece off. Wonder how long they can keep up support for a device they have to sell at a loss to maintain customers… Who knows. But everyone should realize Xbox One is superior in every way shape and form. GDDR5 was a number gimmick. Its only “enhanced” DDR3.

    • kevin

      Hey fanboy how about you try to be current instead of regurgitating something that hasn’t been true for almost three years now.

  • Starman

    4g247=sony fangirl-site….2nd their are waaaaay more trekies and star wars fans on pc .. who came with this bogus lie …

  • Mateus F. Zanatta

    Actually the numbers are pretty near what was expected. PS4 has double the install base of Xbox One, so it’s just expected that should have almost twice as many players for any given game. It should be proportional, in theory, at least.

    It would mean that the PS4 is more popular for a game only if this game had more than twice the players on PS4 than on Xbox One. If not, the numbers are just what is proportionally expected.

  • Mr Xrat

    Xgimps flustered as usual. What a shame.

    • Betty Linn

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  • Rikarudo

    Makes perfect sense.
    But the comments just make it seem like Sony and Xbox are doing a “most” players logged in at any given time flame war.

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