Street Fighter 5 Introduces New, ‘Console Exclusive’ Branding for the PS4

Mixed feelings.

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Street Fighter V Cover

True exclusivity is a thing of the past. As games get more and more expensive to make, and game hardware more and more standardized and commoditized, getting actual true exclusives, of the kind that really used to set consoles apart back in the day, had become progressively difficult now. First party games are all always exclusive, of course, but they are often not enough- which has led tot he rise of ‘timed exclusives,’ ‘exclusive debuts,’ and ‘console exclusives.’

That last one seems to be getting official status from Sony, with Street Fighter V. The fifth game in Capcom’s storied fighting game franchise is coming to the PS4, but also the PC- meaning that while it’s ammunition for the PS4 in the console war against the Xbox One, it’s still not an actual exclusive.

To ensure that customers know the game’s true status, Sony has introduced new branding for Street Fighter V on its cover- basically, the game is very clearly marked as a ‘Console Exclusive.’

On the one hand, mad respect to Sony for not just calling it an exclusive, and misleading customers. On the other? Man, I really do rue the death of true exclusives as they used to be.

Ah well.

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  • Xbox one 2econd gpu unlocking

    We are not worried about this.
    Sony fans have been salty that we have not been salty over this.
    It’s on GAF asking why xbox users are not salty
    +12 and we have agreed to game on

  • Gamez Rule

    I’m so glad I own more than one gaming device as that way i don’t miss out on great well known games like the one shown in my post.

    I’m also hoping for a new Tekken for PS4 as that would be awesome to.

  • Truth™

    The tears of sony shills crying that Sony has to let people know they are buying an inferior version and the superior version is on PC has been hilarious.

    And there will be plenty more tears this year to come 🙂

    • TPoppaPuff

      It appears the only people around here that are crying are the haters that are screaming that Sony fanboys are crying even though they aren’t.

      Own all the consoles, quit being a hater.

    • Gamez Rule

      By the looks of it the PC he has must be older then him LMAO!

    • Tech junkie

      Still here 🙂

  • Wouldn’t be surprised
    if Xbox One is launching later this year or early next year as an
    “Ultimate Edition” with a few DLC. Just guessing here…Anyway, for
    those who haven’t preordered SFV yet, make sure to check the nice comparison of
    all available preorder editions for the US here:

  • William Fenton

    I don’t care as a PC gamer. They could call it an exclusive for all I care; the PC market doesn’t really need advertising, it never has. It’s just the nature of the beast, dominantly enthusiast markets are populated by people who know exactly what they want.

    Look at how games can quite often be launched with NO adverts at all on PC. They didn’t exactly push the boat out for Rise of TR, and it still sold 500k copies in a week or so.


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