Street Fighter 5 Review: Famitsu Awards It 35/40, Notes Lack of Single Player Content

The score is still the highest among the most recently reviewed by the Japanese magazine.

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Street Fighter V
As we get closer to the date when Street Fighter V  hits the market, the first reviews for the game are starting to surface online. Famitsu has published a whole swatch of reviews of games (including Street Fighter 5) that are among the most anticipated in Japan. While there are some things that have apparently dragged the score down a bit, it’s still one of the most highly scored reviews of the batch Famitsu just released.

It appears that the lack of really good single player content has brought the game’s score down a little bit, but it should be pointed out that 35 out of 40 is a pretty good score. That would seemingly equal out to 8.5 to 9 out of 10 when talking about reviews from other respected publications.

Among the biggest positives from the review is that the controls seem to be quite a bit better than what we’ve seen from other recent fighting games. The triggers are also up to snuff more than in the past and character’s weak points can be easily decided. All of this is good news for the upcoming fighter which is bound for the PS4 and PC.

GamingBolt’s review will be published next week.

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  • Adgx

    Might as well sell my PS4, no point in keeping it. Can just play it on PC.

    • Jim Peterson

      Oh noes its multiplat so other people get to play! Idiot.

    • the truth4u

      You do that sell it, its pointless to have a ps4 this year…

  • JimmyValmer

    I cant agree with the review. lack of single player content dont care about future dlc but no arcade mode which i so basic to add in a game should be tolerated. they pretty much removed 1 or 2 points just for that. deserves more. way to applaud this practice by game devs expect more from future companies. honestly a neautral review is about a 5 or 6/10 with comments like if you want online its a 9/10 point removed because no punishment for rage quitting, offline play may as well be a 1/10 saying it doesnt exist look elsewhere

    • Constance Hulett

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  • Ive just got my copy through the post today, I hope that it plays as good as it looks! Time to fire up the PS4.


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