Substance Engine Increases PS4 & Xbox One Texture Generation Speed To 14 MB/s & 12 MB/s Respectively

With next gen consoles comes better tools.

Posted By | On 19th, Dec. 2013 Under News

Substance Engine_Texture Generation

In this era of next gen consoles, we’re seeing the emergence of engine developers at a much faster rate than before, compared to the days where Unreal Engine and CryEngine would hog the headlines. Allegorithmic’s Substance Engine which is used to drastically reduce the file size and provides unique visual effects by using dynamic effects in real time, is another example, and supports just about every platform available including the PS4 and Xbox One.

Interestingly while demonstrating texture generation speed, DXT compressed, using Substance Engine, for one CPU, it was found that the PlayStation 4 is able to generate 14MB/s of textures compared to 12MB/s for the Xbox One. Obviously, the Intel Core i7 trounces both of them rather easily at 26 MB/s. Check out the table above.

[Note: DXT is DirectX Texture Compression which can be useful for images without drastic color changes but is somewhat harder and lossy than Zlib compression]

As mentioned above, some of the benefits of Substance include reducing file size which makes the engine useful for the likes of PlayGo which is one of the pivotal features of the PlayStation 4. Substance can easily integrate with several industry standard engines like UDK, Unity Maya and others. It will be interesting to see whether developers will be using this tool to make better games.

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  • Nintendo Fan 4 Lif3

    would be very helpful if they did.

  • Guest

    Graph is complete BS as the CPU on the Xbox One is clocked higher than the PoS4’s and is otherwise the exact same dual quad core setup.
    DirectX texture compression when the PS4 can’t use DirectX (making it another algorythm to produce the same result) is also pretty funny.
    Poor paupers, so desperate.

    • Illusions are shattered

      How do you know XOne CPU should be better?

      Are you a developer for those consoles?

      Or maybe Microsoft told you XOne CPU was better? Well if that’s the case…

    • matt671

      go home fanboy no one wants to hear you cry

    • You are flat out wrong

      I do. Xdrone tears are so wonderful.

    • Michael Norris

      Yum Yum

    • AdachiTohru

      Clocked lower, not higher.

    • Krakn3dfx

      Thy name is Bitters.

    • Tim Dog

      You havent had much to be happy about since ps4 launch I guess you can grasp on this and the kinect not working for you because you cant calibrate correctly and sit 14 feet away from it. Oh yeah sorry no yield issues so grasp hard onto this. Sonygaf 4 lyfe

    • vicky

      Stay Salty TIM DOG, stay salty

      Major nelson might give you another freebie, for your role in the XBOX Circlejerking Vanguard.

    • Tim Dog

      Vicky sorry the salts with you as I’m sure yourself and the rest of sonygaf is crumbled by the fact xbox one is a success. Also xbox fitness would do you some good, invest

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbone is cancer, Tim’s Dogging Mania

    • marorun1982

      Sales say otherwise..
      Load of Xbone still on the stores shelve where Sony number are real sales to clients..

    • is4u2p

      You’re such a liar, 8 Million units sold and growing out paces ever other console in history besides the PS4. That is not a failure and, the numbers you’re seeing don’t include the Walmart or Microsoft numbers because neither releases detailed information on the sales breakdown.

      Basically, 8 Million is what they know for sure has been sold through other channel partners but, they cannot say for sure how many sold through the partners that won’t report their sales numbers like that. Walmart is a huge retailer (Largest in the world) and they don’t even bother to contribute to that report.

      As for sitting on store shelves, I can go into any store I want and see both sitting there. However, I cannot buy a PS4 bundle with AC Black Flag and Unity for $349 like I can the XO this holiday season.

    • Tim Tsai

      It’s so cute that you think that you can convince other people with your lies.

    • Dakan45

      says the idiot that constantly gets filled by sony lies and defends them like sony is their friends.

      You got short memory kid. Sony will screw you up when they can.

    • Tim Tsai

      Uh huh…. that’s cute Dakan.

    • Dakan45

      Stup sucking of sony so much you fantard

    • Michael Norris

      Seems like you and Tim Dog spoon together with Major Nelson.

    • Dakan45

      i litteraly have no idea wht you are talking about.

    • marorun1982

      Al corporation wll screw you up.
      Thats how corporation work.
      Still dont change the fact the PS4 is by far superior.

    • is4u2p

      That’s not proving to be true… What we are now seeing is that the PS4 cannot maintain 1080P 60FPS consistently either and games like AC Unity are bringing it to its knees at 900P.

      Truth is, these systems aren’t going to last the 8 or 9 years their predecessors did.

    • albatrosMyster

      Sony never confirmed the clockspeed of the ps4 CPU, the only source we have is a leak on vgleaks (the leak is pretty close to the actual specs on many fronts, but changing clock speed can be pretty easy as this is a software only upgrade.

      now, maybe they used the directX name of the implementation, but there could very well be something identical implemented on the PS4’s API… under a different name, I just hope the dev made sure they were doing the exact same thing.

      Anyway, what we can get from this:
      1 – PS4’s CPU is clocked higher than 1.6ghz
      2 – The test is memory bandwidth constrained
      3 – The xb1 reserves more core to the OS, which in the end impact performance…

      Take your pick…

      Anyway, it’s interesting because I would have though that the xb1 would have had the slight advantage on CPU performance!.. it only makes the choice easier…

    • Kangaeru

      DXT is not DirectX texture. It is another name for S3 Texture Compression.

    • SiliconNooB

      Xbone almost certainly dedicates an entire core to Kinect, which is probably why you are seeing a CPU deficit in relation to gaming despite the upclock.

    • marorun1982

      The test is using only 1 core..
      So this excuses is invalid.

    • is4u2p

      Doesn’t matter because that limitation was removed anyway.

    • Adrian Alberto Rojas Fortique

      Have you taken the time to investigate the performance hit on systems with a dedicated Hypervisor OS by MS?
      It is actually on the 10-15% spectrum easily, so the upclock advantage stops being such and then you are faced with a possible higher allotment of cores for the other 2 OS’s+Snap, making this 6:7 performance quite real.

  • Krakn3dfx

    It’s okay. Xbox One has 66% more operating systems than the PS4 and 100% more HDMI In ports.

    • Tim Dog

      Better games, better online, and kinect which you pretend doesnt work lol

    • Kamille

      Kinect lol
      this guy is desperate.

    • Tim Dog

      Yes we know you still have to change inputs when you want to play that flop killzone. Soooo 2006 ps4 is

    • Michael Norris

      You must had come to terms with your Xbone.Last thing i saw from you was you on twitter having a meltdown about 720p Xbox 720 blah blah blah…get a life bro,if you like your Xbone that’s fine but don’t start flame wars.I own a Ps4 i love it i like Killzone SF it is different from all the other games.which i like.Is it a great game?no but i have tons of fun with it and the MP is damn good.Also is Kinect worth $100? i don’t think so not from what i have seen.MS made a less capable console this time around.As this gen moves on Ps4 will handle games better and the first party games will be awesome.

    • sixerjones

      My god you xheads amaze me. While your at it Wall World has that sweet 720p Samsung plasma 51″ ready for ya for under 500 bucks. While you disc drive slammin retards are arguing how close the CPU is lets talk about the junky xbox GPU and how the PS4’s hammers it. You PC jackbox trolls, get the f**k off this page. The industry is built on other things and would not survive if it had to base itself off of your mediocre selling crap games! When Uncharted 4 comes out, let alone Second Son Titanfall will be just another multiplayer gimmick led by good ole’ trusted EA!!!!

    • is4u2p

      Show us the benchmarks?

    • albatrosMyster

      Benchamrks are nice, but have you seen the games on both machines?

    • is4u2p

      Yes I have, I owned both… Some games looked great on the PS4 and others looked great on the XO.

      DR3 and RYSE were very good looking launch exclusives and BF4 looked better on th XO… Since then we have had Forza Horizon 2, project spark, sunset overdrive, and PVZ Garden Warfare… All these looked great on the system and some of them ran at 1080P 60FPS.

      On top of this, we are now hearing developers say the cloud is actually closing the gap between the two systems because the AI is being handled there and at times it is better than the PS4 can deliver for AI without hurting the graphics of their games.

    • albatrosMyster

      Good someone else who thinks crushed black is a benefit…

      As for running better, the is one game who does run marginally better on XB1 so far, this is Assassins Creed Unity… Everything else you named had a mix of lower resolution, missing effects and sharper frame rate drops (I honestly doubt you buy and play games on both systems, unless you run a specialized site that make that kind of analysis).

      And your “exclusives” are mostly multi platform titles, FH2 is on the 360, titalfall is on both PC and the 360, Project Spark is on PC too, Gardenwarfare is now available (and better) on the PS4… DR3 and Ryse are both on PC (by the way their XB! incarnations run so bad they should be considered as broken as Unity frame rate wise)…

      900p (or 1080pr) with sub 30fps is the norm on the XB1, there is no extra bells and wistles to make up for the lower resolution, to the contrary.

      If you want games that look AND PERFORM above what we had next gen, the PS4 is the place to be, there is 1 game (on almost 200 now) that is below par, this is AC:Unity… and the exclusives Sony offers are really exclusives, no ” * ” or messing around with the definition.

    • is4u2p

      I don’t anymore but, I did play games on both systems. At the time, I had the PS4 and my son in law (Who lived right next door) had the Xbox One (We all moved in together and had game overlap).

      Anyway, the PS4 is long gone now as it simply isn’t the better system and lower resolution with better quality AA makes for a better experience and this is why BF4 and AC Black Flag also looked better on the Xbox One.

      And your crushed blacks comment is naive… What it is, is an increase in contrast and that ads a perception of a sharper image. This technique is used in most basic sharpening algorithms.


      You are factually incorrect. BF4/Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag do not look or run better on Xbox One. Black crush on Xbox One is a fact and has nothing to do with sharpening, you sure are doing a lot of damage control here.

    • is4u2p

      Black Crush is color compression but, it isn’t always seen on the game itself, sometimes it is the capture method creating the anomaly.

      As for sharpening… It is nothing of the sort, many of the Sony games are using Brute Force FXAA which is compromising the sharpness.

      As for being factually incorrect, I suggest you check out Digital Foundries videos and analysis… Many games do in fact look as good or better and do have more stable frame rates. Assassin’s Creed Unity and Shadow of Mordor were two such games.

      Crud, even though Tomb Raider had a slight graphical edge, many preferred the Xbox One version thanks to the fact that it has a more consistent frame rate.


      I suggest you check them yourself, you’re wrong. Tomb Raider looks and runs better on the PS4, fact.

      “Overall, PlayStation 4 takes the lead where the next-gen consoles are
      concerned, with the higher quality effects work and higher frame-rates
      providing a preferable experience overall, particularly during heated
      combat, where the drops in performance are both felt and seen more
      heavily on the Xbox One.”

      Assassin’s Creed Unity? AHAHAHAHAHA! They both look the same, and the game is terrible. You said Black Flag, not Unity, and BF4, so yes you are factually incorrect.

      Shadows of Mordor:
      “However, the PS4 remains the best bang-for-buck version out right now.
      While broadly a match for Xbox One, its full 1080p resolution, higher
      shadow quality and increased foliage density barely put a dent in its
      v-synced 30fps performance.”

      Keep trying, you’ll find a game on Xbox One that’s better eventually. Black crush is about incorrect gamma by the way.

    • is4u2p

      Looks better yes, runs smoother no, it does not the frame rate jumps more. XO Tomb Raider has frame rate drops but, not as extreme as the PS4 version.

      As for BF4 sorry but, it looks better on the Xbox one and I own it for the PS4 and PC I am not going solely on a review like you, you twit.

      Black Flag was the same way was is Unity and Shadow of Mordor.

      don’t even get me started on the whole Exclusive mess on the PS4 as you would clearly be exposed there.


      I can’t take you seriously.
      Stop making things up.


      Share those drugs, don’t be selfish.

    • Guest


    • marorun1982

      Better games : thats a question of taste and point of view
      Better Online : Destiny experience is identical on both platform. Sure in the past Xbox was better ( thats why i was a pc gamers as PC games where the king of multiplayers ) but now i also have the PS4 and had no trouble at all.

      Kinect i dont need it so for me its nothing important ( and not all Xbone has it because now its sold also whitout it wich increase the console performance lol )

    • is4u2p

      Nope, both versions are the same because the game either codes for it or it doesn’t.

    • Adrian Alberto Rojas Fortique

      It is actually 200% more OS`s.

      And infinity more HDMI ins, as any number is infinitely bigger than 0.

    • Tim Dog

      Yes and the fact titanfall is displayed in 0p on ps4

    • Adrian Alberto Rojas Fortique

      Anyone who really cares about Titanfall will get the definitive version.
      The PC one of course!

    • Guest

      Tim Dog, you has been, just like the X1 and MS. And i laugh at 20-60fps Tearyfall.

    • Atomic Cortex

      Screaming xenophobic 13 year olds and Man babies playing Titanfall:

      Xbox: 3 million
      Playstation: 0

      Xbox shills are crying in their sleep.

    • marorun1982

      You are pathetic!

    • Fraught

      What do you need a HDMI in port for?

    • Adrian Alberto Rojas Fortique

      For TV of course! 😉

    • Fraught

      No, I’m seriously asking. If you mean to use a TV to play games, then that’s what an HDMI out port is for. If you meant something else then…elaborate. I still don’t quite understand what the purpose of an HDMI in port on the console itself is.

    • Adrian Alberto Rojas Fortique

      MS wants you to connect your TV Cable box in the hdmi in and thus use the slow and not always properly working kinnect word commands to control it instead of the trusty remote control you have used all your life… weird as it sounds, it is true, since they say that they will “enhance” the experience that way.

    • Fraught

      Ohhh, TV in that way. If anything, it just turned from something I could admit is a useful feature the Xbone has over the PS4, but now it seems like a point against it. I don’t know how I feel about this whole ‘one box as the multimedia center’ thing yet.

    • Adrian Alberto Rojas Fortique

      Personally, it would have made more sense last gen, this gen, streaming is slowly becoming the standard, so this feature seems kinda not needed//wanted as much. Biggest issue is that the HDMI in isn’t really a passthrough as it doesn’t work unless the console is properly turned on, so you end up using more electricity by a non insignificant ammount when using the hdmi in vs just using a switch (and this is still only needed if you require more inputs than your tv has naturally).

    • albatrosMyster

      Yay for the 500$ IR blaster! (it’s a good deal when compared to the high end Logitech remotes)

    • rupz007

      hmm they forgot to cater for 50hz TV in europe.. so play your COD and watch you tv jerking. What a load of trout the XBone is. Love my PS4 .. true gaming machine!!!! 1080p 60fps vs last gen 720p 30fps

    • is4u2p

      Assassin’s creed unity? COD advanced warfare? Are those games able to maintain 1080P 60FPS on the PS4?

      Most sites agree the XO version of COD AW runs better with little perceivable difference in the visual quality of the two consoles.

    • marorun1982

      I dont need microshit knowing what i check on my TV.
      My flat screen has enuf hdmi to take it directly no need for xbone..

  • Turo Orvel

    Man those console cpus are slow…

    • Surging

      The PS4 has a specialized CPU that is made for gaming and lots of special functions volitile cache marking and other special things, the whole machine works as a whole unit, not like a computer, in theory the ps4 is faster than a i7 pc since there is no bottlenecks like windows… but 2014 is also a big year because DDR4 and PCI-X 3.0 that will change PC forever especially if CPU makers start making core likes the next-gen systems in PC’s

    • Michael Norris

      Eh not at the start,DDR3 can be clocked really high atm.When DDR4 hits the market it won’t be running at a high clock speed.GDDR5 will still be the standard for GPU’s and DDR3 will be used in new Pc’s for a few more years.

    • PC CPUs are have than enough power to eclipse that overhead and the i7(it’s also an old CPU depending on which revisions you have) only has 4 cores with Hyperthreading. You forget that PC cpus are will wasted console CPUs in media as well. The PS4 uses just GDDR5 which has much more latency than DDR3, media need low latency and that’s why a PC would destroy a console in such tasks.

      Windows isn’t a bottleneck, drivers and the API are an overhead, Mantle, DX12 will negate that overhead. Also, the PC has a bigger pool of memory to draw from.

    • marorun1982

      dont change the fact thats my ps4 beat my pc easily.

      and my PC has a i7 3.06 ghz quad core , 12 gb ddr3 tripple channel and a nvidia 780 GTX.

      So sure my pc is better for multimedia ( thats all it is used for now.. checking movie and series lol )

      But for gaming 400$ ps4 rock for the cost.

    • is4u2p

      Again, speculative and argumentative at best. I can show video evidence that my PC (Similar spec to yours) thoroughly trashes a PS4 running BF4 in both quality and speed.

    • albatrosMyster

      The latency “issue” is pretty funny and comes from people who do not really understand what the CAS numers are, basically CAS is the number of cycle it takes to make a request to a random memory bank in the ram, that results in a few millisecond of wait each time you request non sequential information.. usually the more you raise the clock speed the higher you have to raise the CAS number to give your RAM time to actually respond to requests… so let’s say you have CAS 10 memory that run a 900mhz and CAS 2 memory that runs at 100Mhz.. so placing a request on the CAS 10 memory would still take less time, even tho you waited 5 times more cycles for it, because each cycles are 9 times shorter…

      So in short, what has leaked of both the PS4 and XB1 memory leads us to believe that the actual memory latency in millisecond is actually about the same (it’s still a bit longer, but honestly we have seen in games so far Sony made the right choices in therms of system architecture, unified fast memory pools are the future).

      Also, any core i7, even the very fist ones, is much faster than the Jaguar variant in the consoles, this is only relevant in titles that have to cap their frame rate at 30 or below due to the amount of CPU driven events like Dear Rising 3, Watch_Dogs or apparently the new Assasins Creed (very likely Far Cry 4) …. on the XB1 the extra OSes probably take too much from it as well, after all snap is not free.

      The reason why PC is better at multimedia than anything is the versatility of the applications, not the type of ram or CPU, phones/tablets are better at multimedia than the new consoles 🙁 this is a sad thing…

    • marorun1982

      Battlefield 4 run better on my ps4 compared to my desktop ( Core i7 , 12 gb ddr3 tripple channel , nvidia 780 gtx. )

      Still the game look better on the ps4 ( but i do like more mouse and keyboard for this type of game.. )

    • is4u2p

      Bahahahaha that’s an outright lie! Or you have serious issues with your PC!

      I run BF4 at 4K Ultra, with no AA, and SSAO ambient occlusion at 45 FPS constant and at 1080P I run it at Ultra, full AA, and HBAO with frame rates consistently peaking at about 93 FPS.

      I have 16 Gigs of DDR3 2133, an i5 3570K, and a Sapphire Tri-X R9-290 OC 4 GB.

      How is it that your PC cannot keep up with a console that has been shown to have trouble keeping the game at 60 FPS and yet that console is using only crappy FXAA with medium quality settings?

      Even if your claim was accurate, it still wouldn’t look as good as the PC.

    • marorun1982

      First gen i7 are slower than the i5 you have.
      Less memory and mine is 1800 mgz only.
      I have the 780 gtx not the 780 ti so I lose about 20% Performance and my card is not oc factory or any others oc.
      The card you have is more or less equivalent to the 780 ti.

      So instead of trolling I would recommend to shut up.

      Lastly your pc cost way more than 400$
      And it’s much less optimized to run games.
      If you would have the same kind of optimisation they put on those consoles you could run any game with that’s configuration of your at 4k max Aa and everything set to max.

      I know what those console compare to hardware wise and we tryed me and a few friends to build a pc with those components.. First it’s costed nearly 600$ and second it’s could not run any games at the same level of graphic as the new console.

      So my point stand Mr troll the new console are a better price/graphic quality ratio than any pc.

    • is4u2p

      I run an R9-290 Ag Ultra and exceed 80FPS at 1080P.

      Sorry but, medium quality graphics at 900P 60 FPS does not come close to 1080P at 87 FPS with Ultra Quality.

  • Lance Buxley

    Tim Dog, XDF assemble! Come on, you can list off some more ‘bone advantages than that!

  • Anonymous

    Both consoles suck, the end.

    • kyle

      u suck the end

    • Flap Drol

      but the ps4 sucks less, and that’s what’s important 🙂

  • Guest

    Poor $0N¥ N4Gay NeoFAG paupers. Such lies you propagate and follow to your paupercompany’s doom.

    • hurdur

      yes, because sony is both broke and able to pay off every gaming website, multiplatform developer and hardware reviewer to say that ps4 hardware is better and to make multiplatform games look better on ps4
      go back to misterx’s blog, he’s probably finishing up another ‘insider’ article asking you to “wait just a bit longer” and with vague news that will never happen

    • is4u2p

      Sony is on welfare, they get handouts from the Japanese government or at least some sizable breaks in other areas.

      Basically, it would be like Microsoft having the Fed on speed dial.

    • You are flat out wrong

      Xbox Mafia scum in ruins.

    • Surging

      pay no attention to this xbot..

  • Gigas Raid

    PS4 secret sauce : HUMA

    • Illusive Man

      Xbox has HUMA.

    • albatrosMyster

      Almost, it has some other kind of unified architecture, but it cannot be HUMA because of the ESRAM thingy… now this is better than if it was only DDR3 without ESRAM, but it’s not the same as HUMA as it still needs to move memory from RAM to ESRAM for the GPU to work on it, moving memory around in and out of ddr 3 takes time…

    • is4u2p

      No it doesn’t the ESRAM expands the data path by running in parallel with the DDR3. This is why theoretical throughput of the memory architecture is considered to be identical to the PS4. All of this was covered a year ago at launch.

  • Anthony Modesto Dalessandro

    Not bad and ps4 actually comes out same as an i7 when you take the extra cores into acount.. Im happy 🙂

    • Dylan

      lol… that’s just 1 of the i7’s cores…

    • marorun1982

      Thats what he said..

      1 ps4 core = a bit more than half 1 i7 core.
      So 8 ps4 core =a bit more than 4 i7 core..

    • is4u2p

      You need to see help for your chemical addiction.

  • Miguel antonio Sanchez castill

    should be the PS4 not XBOX ONE


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