Supergiant Games Explains Why Pyre Is Not Coming To Xbox One

It has to do with small team sizes for indie game developers.

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Like with a lot indie games released this generation, Pyre is going to be skipping out on the Xbox One for now, and instead be making its way over to the PS4. Earlier, indie games skipping out on Microsoft’s console used to make sense, because Microsoft had some frankly restrictive and hostile policies towards indie game developers- but those reasons largely don’t hold anymore. So why, then, do so many games forego an Xbox One version?

We asked this question to Supergiant Games’ Greg Kasavin in an interview with him, and his answer does make sense when one considers that the context of indie game development involves small development teams, and even smaller resource pools.

“We’re a small team of about a dozen people. It’s always been essential that we stay focused and not spread ourselves too thin. While it’d be nice to have our games available for every popular platform right at launch, this would either require us to scale back the ambitions of our games or staff up, and we don’t think either of those things is worth it right now. For our studio it’s worked out well to focus on just one or maybe two platforms at a time and make the best game possible, then see what opportunities there are after that, and we never rule anything out for the future.”

In a lot of ways, that is similar to what Rocket League developers Psyonix said too- while multiplatform game development is always preferred, sometimes, the reality of game development must be faced, and certain platforms need to be prioritized over others. Hopefully, like with Rocket LeaguePyre will eventually come to the Xbox One as well.

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  • Rickert

    Considering Transistor has no Xbox One release planned, I wouldn’t hold my breath for Pyre…Bastion isn’t available on Xbox One either.
    Good luck to them though.

  • dead fanboy

    Good luck guys with lesser sells and money. It’s more to difficult for indie developers to sell on the PS4 because its flooded with indies. But as we seen indie games on Xbox One have been more successful via Ori and the Blind Forest, Kalimba, Super hot, and others.

    • Orion Pax

      ummmh? what? the indie scene on ps4 rapes the xbox one, the best indie games are on ps4 and they ar doing just fine believe me they don’t need those 10 xbox one copies sold lmao, rocket league exploded because of ps+, 10 million copies only on ps4

    • jent

      You had to use the term”raped”. You know you lose all credibility when you speak that way.

    • nunya

      I don’t see how..god you’re retarded

    • jent

      It took two comments to make your point? My point was that his choice of words (using rape) to describe how different the “indie scene” are on the two consoles was a very poor choice of words. If people want to be taken seriously with their comments, then they should use language that does not show themselves to be nothing but a child. I apologize if my original comment was unclear. People should not make light of rape by using it in this context.

    • Rikarudo

      So IF a person that doesnt know The correct word for an occasion shouldnt be taken seriously?

    • jent

      Yes. They should figure out what to say without resorting to such a loaded word as raped.

    • Rikarudo

      Wait, so is it just the word rape now? cause i asked a whole other thing about the correct word for an occasion and you were really really specific. so maybe you are just stuck on this specific word, or is it a general population you dont take seriously for not using the correct word for an occasion.

    • jent

      I’m sorry. Maybe I wasn’t clear. My original comment referred to Orion’s use of the term raped. I am not stuck on that word specifically but rather on any word which goes to show the immaturity of the commenter. I have seen the use of the term “gay” for example used in place of “bad” by immature individuals. Use of that language (which is purposefully offending) is what goes to show that immaturity.

    • nunya

      Jent, you lose all your credibility for making that dumbass nonsensical comment.

  • Hvd

    oh another crappy indie dev no one go where all the indies are the indiestation…lol

    • HaCkEr_Fc

      It’s crappy version of Rayman Legends lol


    It should come to X1 first and then port to PS4. Xbox fans have been supporting indie games since the dawn of XBLA and XBLIG.

  • crizz1066

    Makes complete financial and common sense. Ps4 has the by far largest in stall base over m$ vcr, a lead which is only widening. Sony’s always been a lot more helpful to developers. Plus the Sony fan base is more mature so prefer plethora of game styles. Not just fps, which is all that most x1 fans want!

    • DLConspiracy//

      Whatever you say.

    • ReyHawk

      “the Sony fan base is more mature”

    • crizz1066

      I’m the idiot, yet you’re the one reading and cometting on a year old article. Yet you have the audacity to call me names, wow what is your problem. Why so salty?????

  • DLConspiracy//

    If this is getting ported to Apple anythin. Then it doesn’t make any sense.

  • this_ismyname

    Yeah, I don’t buy this. Transistor still hasn’t come to Xbox one, but it’s on iOS. Bastion is everywhere. You can even play it in Chrome. If they wanted to put it on Xbox one they could. They just don’t.

  • MestreC4

    Why not ONE?


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