Sweeney Praises Cross Platform Play, Thinks There Is ‘More To The Story’ Regarding Sony’s Issues

There really isn’t, though…

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Cross platform play has become a big deal ever since even Nintendo, traditionally averse to most things online and the internet, joined the party- and games like Wargroove, Rocket League, and Minecraft now all enjoy PC-Xbox One-Nintendo Switch cross platform play, leaving the PS4 as the lone outlier from the group.

Sony has been proven to be the bottleneck involved here- this has been proven by Psyonix, Bandai Namco, CD Projekt RED, and multiple other developers over the last year or so (and Sony themselves have only attempted to disguise their being the problem with clumsy PR). However, Tim Sweeney of Epic Games, while championing cross platform play on Twitter and congratulating Nintendo and Psyonix for implementing it, also said he believes there is ‘more to the story’ than just Sony saying no to the entire proposition.

“I bet there’s more to this story. Sony has been super cool in supporting our successful PC+PS4 Paragon cross-play efforts,” he said.  Sweeney also discussed the possibility of cross platform party chat. “With a bunch of engineering work, I think an engine (or individual game) could implement that functionality on its own,” he said.

Of course, for most developers, that will probably be too much work for most developers, so that is unlikely to happen any time soon- there is also the fact that, before we get to such considerations, cross platform play, to begin with, needs to be a thing. As long as Sony continues to oppose it, we are unlikely to make much headway there.

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  • kee1haul

    Finally Pramath is right.

  • SalvagedXBot

    Isnt paragon a console exclusive to ps4… that’s why they don’t have a problem with cpp because it’s only with pc haha. I think Mr. Sweeney is acting naive.

    • Guest

      Hey dumbass, Tim Sweeney knows way more than you’ll ever know about this stuff so if anybody is being “naïve” here its you. And 2.) by Sony doing crossplay with MS or Nintendo, it allows people to buy Xbox or Switch to play with their Sony friends on that game. And Sony being the biggest of the two by far (heck they are bigger than both combined!), they stand to lose mor. MS and Nintendo just gain by comparison, so why would Sony, a business want to do that sh it? Help its competitors out? Besides, MS is forcing Nintendo players to make a Live account in order to do it. Oh look at that, now MS claim all these new Live accounts, hmmm.

    • SalvagedXBot

      You lack basic comprehesion skills don’t you? Next time ask a parent or guardian to assist with reading and typing your reply.

  • Poseidon team

    Sony doesn’t allow crossplay with Xbox and Switch to protect the PS4 children but has no problem allowing that with PC players… ultimate BS.

    For the players! LOL.

    • Michellewrussell

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    • Guest

      Sony doesn’t allow crossplay cuz it doesn’t want to help it competitors out, you dumb fu ck! You do know that MS forces Nintendo Switch players to make a Live account right, so they can turn around and gloat about all these new Live accounts that they have. Yeah, Sony being bigger than both combined wants to help their competitors out right?

      X bot fantardism, “jump in only for the stupid. LOL!

    • Mr Xrat

      I feel sorry for Nintendo owners having to prop up dead third party games on the Xbone and propping up XBL MAU numbers.

  • Adam Bruback

    sony said no to microsoft for a merger ghuess theyre into loyalty

  • PlayStation genuinely cares about their players. I believe that. But that doesn’t stop them from being a crappy company with bad ethics and takes every opportunity to crap on gamers not in their own ecosystem. Their fanboys are the worst because of this.

    At this point, the company offers nothing to the rest of the industry except for maybe insight on how NOT to do an upgrade console and NOT to handle console VR. If all their first and second party studios were released and the PlayStation brand disappeared, there would be a lot of tears, but the industry would be better because of it.

    • Guest

      The MS and Nintendo fanboys are the worst. MS fanboys are the absolute worst and by FAR the mostobnoxious. Just look at what they say on this site. And Nintendo fanboys are bad because they are the most delusional.

    • I disagree. As far as I am concerned, they are all stupid and delusional. Its about the sheer volume. there’s way more PS fanboys that are vocal. And its how they fanboy too… its not just inane fluff, its the repeated bragging of meaningless bs the way xbox or nintendo fanboys dont. I’m an “omni-gamer” who happily owns anf plays on all platforms, and by and large, the PS fanboys are not only the LOUDEST, but also the most rampant.

      Xbox fanboys are like Trump supporters before the election. Quite and ashamed. and then now witht he Xbox One X being announced, they are more vocal and less worried they will be ganged up on in the comments.

  • atomicjuicer

    Microsoft started this with their parity clauses and refusal to support cross play last gen because THEY were in the lead with more Xbox live subscribers than PSN had.

    If Sony support it this gen then they’re the bigger man.

    Otherwise Microsoft can wait til it’s in the lead to take it’s own medicine.

    It should at least be attempted on a temporary basis by Sony. Make it clear that it is a beta program that may not be supported or continued after the trial period and may be removed at any time in the future due to business requirements.

  • Only a small sector of gamers truly give AF about this.

    • Guest

      Yeah, mainly x bots to use it as ammunition to beat it over their perceived enemies (Sony and their fans). Because they are losers!

  • Guest

    I bet you MS wouldn’t be doing this if they were in the lead just like last gen. MS fan tards are the biggest hypocrites. Just like power and res didn’t matter until the 1X

  • Mr Xrat

    Funny how cross-play existed on PS consoles and PC long before Sh*tbox crawled into it.

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