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Atari: Game Over Documentary Now Available for Xbox Live Gold Members

Watch the downfall of Atari and the creation of the most infamous game in all history: E.T.

Destiny Xur Location and Item Set Revealed for November 21st to 23rd

The Agent of the Nine makes a somewhat underwhelming return.

Destiny Strike Difficulty Issues Being Investigated by Bungie

If you've been playing solo and noticed higher difficulties, then Bungie is working towards a solution.

See The Far Cry 4 Map Editor In Action In This New Trailer

Make your own Far Cry.

Ubisoft Announces Open Beta For The Crew on PS4 and Xbox One

One last chance for you to see what you are buying into.

Destiny: The Dark Below Opening Cinematic Leaked

He really does wait in the Dark Below.

Geometry Wars 3 Pre-order Bonuses and DLC detailed

So many shapes and flashing lights. I like it.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare is 2014’s “Biggest Entertainment Launch”

Activision reveals over $10 billion in revenue obtained worldwide.

Titanfall Boasts “7 Million Unique Users”, “Does Not Mean 7 Million Sold”

Respawn Entertainment talks about the total number of people which have played its first person shooter till d...

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Patch Eliminates Exploits, Adjusts Spawns

Sledgehammer continues to fix many of the multiplayer's several glitches and errors.

Sniper Elite 3 Gets Free New Features on PS4 Tomorrow

And it's a hefty chunk of features, too.

Dragon Age Inquisition PS4 Versus Xbox One: PS4 Has Better IQ And Performance

Our initial tests suggests that the PS4 versions holds itself well in intense scenarios.

GTA Online Character Transfer Issues, Day One Patch Bugs Fixed

Rockstar is reporting that character migration from previous to current gen platforms has been fixed.

Get Your Gloves On, The WWE 2K15 Launch Trailer Is Here

I mean, it looks good...

This Is What Battlefield 4: Last Stand Looks Like

It actually looks good.

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