Ten Franchises That Need To Die Or Take A Break

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Just because a franchise is dishing out one good game after another doesn’t mean that it’s a successful franchise. There are plenty of franchises out there right now, that while are giving out some good games for the past few years, have gotten a little stale. Such franchises, according to us, need to die, or at least need to go on a hiatus. It’s not that we don’t like their games, or those brand names in general. It’s just that we’ve started growing tired of them, however fun they might be.

Given below is a list of 10 such franchises, franchises we think need to take a break.

Leave behind your feedback in the comments section below.

The Legend of Zelda

We’ve waited for a long time for a Zelda game as good as this one.

Whoa, whoa, hold your horses there! We love Zelda. There’s not been a single Zelda game that we’ve ever disliked… other than the CDi ones of course. We even gave Skyward Sword a 9.5, and almost gave it our Game of the Year award. But here’s the problem- while Skyward Sword changed things up a lot, it still felt like Zelda. A lot like Zelda. That’s not a bad thing, not at all. But it definitely is growing tiresome. We’ve been playing Zelda games for over 25 years now, and in the last two and a half decades, they haven’t changed much. Sure, the formula, as it is, is pretty awesome, but we want change. We want growth. But we have had our fair share of Zelda this gen, what with four games having been released. I think it’s time the franchise took a break, and came back, say, 5 or 6 years later with a bang.

Call of Duty

I don’t think anyone will disagree here. Again, we love the Call of Duty franchise, and we loved Modern Warfare 3 too. Heck, we gave it a 10/10. Why, then, do we want to see it die? Because it’s virtually the same game we played back in 2007, or 2008, or 2009, or 2010. In the last 5 years, Call of Duty has not changed a bit. There have been a few refinements and tweaks to the formula, but for other franchises, that’s like DLC’s worth of content. I think Activision should take a break, take about a couple of years to develop an entirely new engine to rival the likes of FrostBite 2.0, think of some new ideas to shake up the current formula, and then release a game. Because frankly, if I play the same game for the next few years, I’ll lose it, and I’m sure you will too (if you haven’t already).

Need for Speed

With the release of Criterion’s Hot Pursuit in 2010, I got hopeful. It looked like the Need for Speed franchise was back from the dead, back with a bang. With Shift 2: Unleashed at the beginning of 2011, that believe strengthened. But it looks like Black Box, the handlers of the Need for Speed franchise, still haven’t learned from their mistakes. The Run sucked. Big time. And EA is milking the franchise way too much. Hell, we saw two NFS games in 2011. That’s a bit too much, I’d say. Take a few years off, EA, you’re making plenty of money as it is. Or if you don’t at least develop a proper NFS.

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  • me

    what!?!?!? no halo on this list??

  • No Halo or Mario? Uh huh…

  • more like need a refresh

  • How the fuck is God of War being milked?! There’s only been one new game on the PS3. Both the PSP and PS2 got 2 games. In the past 7 years there’s only been 3 GOW games on consoles and 2 on the PSP, hardly fucking milking is it now moron.

    And if you count HD collections then this site loses even more credibility then it already has after giving MW3 a perfect 10/10 after saying it’s the same shit since 2007 and that for other games they’d be considered DLC content.

    What’s the point of this list anyway? You’ve just taken 10 of the most successful and beloved franchises and assumed you know best for what gamers want by suggesting that some should take a break and some should die, who the fuck do you think you are and why would your opinion matter for shit.

    You’re clearly out of touch for what gamers like and want more of, God of War’s biggest Facebook fan page has 2 million fans who have been begging for God of War IV for almost 2 years now, there’s many fake God of War IV trailers ranging from 1 to 3.5 million viewers with the comments full of people hyping up for God of War IV, yet this unheard of shit-hole of a site thinks it would be best if the most critically acclaimed, financially successful and most beloved franchise of all time in the genre should just disappear for 3+ years… How exactly would that be a good business decision and please millions of fans? It wouldn’t and it won’t.

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  • Uncharted is understandable, 3 games this gen is a good enough number. God of War has had 1 game this gen, nothing wrong with another, if done right.

  • So basically any game where the sequel/trequel sold well..

  • Why isn’t Lara Croft on this list? Already had been announced as a last game years ago and spawning several crappy movies.

  • I guess Halo and Gears of War should be on the next list, called “Games that are not good at all, but have tons of merchandising and therefore can use media to brainwash people, especially Americans.”

    • Lol are you serious buddy? Halo and Gears will never touch this list, as they are forever going to define this generation, and the next to come….

  • I agree with all of these. Fanboys need to get their heads outta their asses, yes Anon

  • You put a picture of Kratos as the N4G thumbnail as fans eagerly are awaiting a supposed announcement of GOW4. I hate you. I also disagree with you on several of these…2 years is a respectable break between games. The annual games like FIFA, AC, and CoD DO need to stop coming out to be relevant. Unfortunately they’re milked beyond belief.

    God of War is the pinnacle of action-adventure gaming…a genre which is slowly dying out in terms of numbers of releases and number of releases that actually matter. If Sony decided to put one out tomorrow Im pretty sure the number of fans who wouldn’t buy it are few and far between. This is a franchise that desperately needs to come back in my opinion so we can finally see what direction they are gonna shoot Kratos in. Personally based on that one alleged screen grab from the Tester promo I am hoping they’ll throw him against some Norse enemies.
    Fenrir the giant wolf,,the sea serpent of Midgard while fighting in a Maelstrom, maybe a few trolls in varying sizes,some of the famous dragons, a few dark elves,Hildisvíni the boar. Loki, Odin,Nidhog a gigantic worm. …THOR!!!
    Get over the fact it’s not in Greece any more. THey ran those ideas ragged and a change of pace would be fantastic

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