Ten Games With Beautiful Motion Blur

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Whilst games are often able to produce static vistas that are stunning in their own right, it is often the animations and sense of movement that really make the medium feel alive. One of the key ways developers convey a sense of speed or urgency through animation is via motion blur effects, which some developers use almost religiously to up their games’ production values. Here’s a gallery of ten games that use motion blur, so you can see the difference it can make.

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Considering the game is called Blur, it would be a huge dissapointment if the motion blur effects were off. Many racing games have captured a sense of speed via motion blur, but Blur just managed to do it in a stylish and focused enough manner to lift it above the competition.

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  • Nice work, but there’s only one ‘s’ in disappointment.

  • how is motion blur ever a positive other than racing games. and most of those games (GOW, mirrors edge, halo, killzone3, crysis, they are using depth of field for the positive aspects and motion blur for the negatives like making fast motion look smooth while having a low framerate and to mask the lack of AA on the console titles.

    i hate how people like this crap as its something that has to be hacked out by changing the config file most of the time to play a game now.

  • this is supposed to be a tech site and they have the most archaic image slideshows. this isn’t 1999. no need to force us to reload the abundant ads on your site every time.

  • good list but some are failing list.

    Sonic the hedgehog? GEARS OF WAR? wtf!? O_o
    and you mentioned Blur & Mirrors Edge twice

    you missed out Soul Calibur 4


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