Ten Horrible Things That Have Happened This Console Generation

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Top ten lists normally revolve around edifying that which is competent and successful but, honestly, who wants to read about good stuff? Sometimes it’s a hell of a lot more fun to just get that frustration out by reading about stuff that totally sucks. With this in mind (and at the risk of sounding like a bitter jerk) here’s a run-down of ten acts of atrocity that have been committed this console generation. This gallery is in no particular order.

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Final Fantasy 13

Final Fantasy 13

Is it unfair of me to pick on one game specifically in this list? Maybe, but in the case of Final Fantasy 13, I feel like my rants are justified. Many have felt that the series has been on a downward spiral since number 10, but it was only with 13 that my fears were confirmed. Square managed to turn one of the most successful and pioneering franchises within the genre into a flamboyant and linear excuse for an RPG. Granted, Final Fantasy 14 was an even greater embarrassment, but there was a genuine chance that 13 could've restored the series to its former glory.

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  • not to forget sony nevery encrypted the details of ur transaction. they send them in a normal .txt!!

    • G91

      Bullsh*t. That rumor was already debunked. Sony used SSL encryption and this author is full of sh*t.

  • Good post. I found myself agreeing with most of it. Sadly, mic’s have become a friends only feature for me. I don’t have the time anymore to waste reasoning with the multitude of freak-show potty-mouthed zombies out there (or worse). IMO the first DLC any game should offer is a Vote to Mute Add-On Pack. On a brighter note, the game industry does seem to be producing more original titles as of late.

  • Bas

    2 things,

    A. I believe the RROD is a worse thing than the psn hacks. At least I could still go on my PS3 & play sp games than not play at all. Also, there is no evidemce that any amount of money from credit cards was stolen, personal information and security yes but not any money as known.

    B. I can understand if you’re staying off the PS store, but all you have to do is buy PSN cards. You don’t need a credit card to buy stuff on the Store. Many only bought PSN cards instead of using their credit cards just incase this would have happened.

    • Yeah Bullshit Bas!

      NOTwork was WAY WORSE than RROD. Having your personal information compromised and the company responsible for it LIE TO OUR FACES and shutting down for 2 MONTHS.
      It’ll go down as the biggest EPIC FAIL in the history of gaming.

      You pauperstation fanboys never cease to amaze me. Following the worst company in gaming history blindly like that is just astounding. But no fear, Sony is going down as we speak with their stock price plummeting like nothing else. There will soon be no more Sony to worry about. Everything they touch turns to mediocrity!

  • Your fanboy such as urself giving bullshit abut sony.If there will be no more sony it will be the end of video games and innovation.Only stupid fanboys and haters like u think everything sony touch turn to medicrity.RROD by far the worst than psn iI have more 4 360s.The writer is complete fanboy he wrote

    “but the PSN hacks were an absolute joke. It didn’t bother me much at the time being more of an Xbox Live sort of guy; but then my card got cloned and I nearly lost an ass load of money.”

    another xfanboy spotted on gamingbolt + a f..liar ! nobody has lost money with psn hack, and off course, him, lost an ass of money. pathetic. (don’t read reviews from that guy, if you want unbiased ones)

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  • You call yourself Master Chief and tell lies about XBOX.
    Well done moron, you’re a typical brainwashed Ph0n3y.

    PSNOTwork was in fact the worst thing to happen in the games industry in ages and Sony is going down for their lies. With their latest ToS being the biggest bullshit one can agree on they bing this on themselves. The people at SEGA must be laughing hard at the Sony stock prices. An eye for an eye.

    People are finally voting with their wallets and Sony products in different categories are often inferior to other brands, so they get skipped. Byebye SNE, you won’t be missed you arrogant idiots!

    • Don’t look now, but Sony sold twice as much as Microsoft this week world wide, Microshaft keeps showing you AMERICAN numbers, so you think all is well. Typical American propaganda.

      Your economy is going great by the way, 14 trillion is a small number………………………………………………

  • The network attack blew, but nobody got their info hurt and Sony went to measures to stop any further harm. Hence, shutting down the network for two months. It belongs on this list, but it must also be noticed that this is an event that happened and nobody was hurt from it. This kind of thing will continue to happen to companies big and small as long as the internet and hackers exist. Sony could have most likely have stepped up their security, but every type of coding and every type of security has its weaknesses. Hackers will always fine them.

    I think this list is really quite good and loved the FF-13 point, even though it was a bit of a personal pick!


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