TERA Rising Contest: Get 3 Free Arkai Mask Codes

Time for another contest.

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Guess what? It’s time for another contest at GamingBolt. This time we are giving special bonus items for TERA Rising. We are giving away 3 Free Arkai Mask Codes.

tera rising

How do you get them? Pretty simple.

a. Just follow us on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

b. Just comment below and let us know why you love TERA Rising. Please don’t forget to mention your twitter handle as we will messaging you the codes.

c. Contest closes March 5th, 2013.

You can download TERA Rising for free at tera.enmasse.com.

Note: This cosmetic item is tradable and can be redeemed by one character on your game account.

About the game:

TERA Rising takes the fight beyond whack-a-mole monotony with enhanced aiming, dodging and tactical timing to create intense and rewarding combat. The recipient of multiple industry accolades, including “Best PC Game” at E3 and “Best Combat” at PAX, TERA Rising gives players the best of both worlds: MMO depth with visceral action combat.

Thanks to Jordan Wiggins and all the lovely folks at Ayzenberg for setting up this contest.

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  • Lightning

    I awoke to the sound of the infernal storm striking the ship. When I regained conscience I saw countless wounded along the beach and dozens dead. The storm had devastated almost the entire fleet and I was one of the survivors. As a Castanic Slayer, I had to help in some way, so they sent me to check the status of the wounded and replenish supplies of the medics who attended. Once I retrieved my gear and my mobility, I looked for my commander Elleon, Valkyon Hero, to help him defeat the demonic beasts lay beyond the wreck. Together we got beat the huge creature, not without dificulties. The joy was short-lived, because of nowhere appeared a winged creature and knocked Elleon.

    Next thing I knew is that I headed to Island of Dawn with other conscripts, a mysterious place that had emerged from the seas, between the continents of Arun and Southern Shara, and throwing everything we know about the world into chaos. Because of the shock I had lost much of my skills but it was not anything I could not retrieve training hard with my Greatsword. So I went to do my duty and walked half island collecting samples of the creatures who were there. I met Elleon’s brother, who was looking for him desperately because he didn’t believe he was dead after the attack of the winged creature. This led us to find Elleon’s sword, but with a demonic magic surrounding it. Research led me to find a disturbing Lok cult and the winged creature, named Karascha. When we defeat him hinted that Elleon was still alive.

    Once I completed my duty on the island, my next step was going to the Arun’s capital, Velika, where I was received by Valkyon Allied Forces Commander Seir and by Garrison Commander, Samael. After recognizing my attainment and giving me my first mount, I was assigned to Arcadia, to a village called Lumbertown, where my feat took me to meet again with the disturbing cult on Bastion of Lok. Before entering the place I prepared annihilating the huge creatures that roamed the outskirts, Basilisk. Once I finished them I started to enter the Bastion of Lok no company except my Greatsword. I got out of there alive after more than two hours of arduous struggle, and having defeated the priestess Tetras Aniask, the golem guarding the door, the great demon Vulcan and the mastermind that summoned him, Murdranak.

    My adventures have taken me to defeat big beasts in Popolion, clean Tenebrous Mines in Val Aureum, defeat Gulas in Azazel’s Labyrinth in Ostgarath, and now I’m in front of the Princess Arin in Pora Elinu, at level 34, and even with my trusty first mount. So one day I hope to “find” the legendary horse of those scandinavian distant lands, Sleipnir, who is ridden by Odin.

    I play Tera: Rising since 2 weeks ago, and now I’m leveling up 6 characters, my main, Slayer Castanic lvl 34; Archer High Elf lvl 15, Priest High Elf lvl 23, Berserk Human lvl 23, Warrior Human lvl 22 and Sorcerer Elin lvl 19. Also I want to start a Lancer and a Mystic in the coming days. Yeah, I love the game and especially the combat system, as you can see. Gives an immersion in the environment that I hadn’t had in any other MMO I’ve played.

    Twitter -> @Bj_A7X
    Facebook -> Dorobou Neko

    Thanks for the contest!!


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