The Division Technical Director: DirectX 12 Will Improve Performance & Visuals Of Xbox One/PC Games

DirectX 12 will make games development easier and faster according to Anders Holmquist.

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Tom Clancy's The Division

GamingBolt recently got a chance to interview several developers from Ubisoft Massive. The team is currently working on this generation’s most anticipated title, Tom Clancy’s The Division.  Given that Ubisoft Massive have their roots in PC gaming, we asked their thoughts about DirectX 12 and whether they it will bring a massive change for PC and Xbox One games development.

“DirectX 12 brings PC and Xbox development closer, which makes development easier and faster, allowing us to focus more on features,” Anders Holmquist, who is the Technical Director of The Division said to GamingBolt. He also revealed that it will improve the performance and visual quality even further. “It also lets us work closer to “the metal”, the actual hardware, which means we can push performance and visual quality even more.”

Tom Clancy’s The Division is due for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime in 2015. Given that DirectX 12 releases in late 2015, it will be interesting to see if the developers will use the API in the Xbox One and PC version of The Division. If the game launches before the API is available, they can possibly release a DX12 patch for the same however this is an assumption on our part. For more on the game, check out our hub page here or read our in-depth wiki here.

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  • Guest

    NO SH*T, tell that to the clueless wannabe developer Sony community.

  • Durka Durka

    Just so you know division was a pc exlusive mmo by a pc developer. they changed it to a action rpg shooter to appeal to consoles, they didnt think pc gamers would want it. Pc is lead version for this.

    • Ded Pul

      Not true. Yes, Massive Entertainment had only produced PC exclusives. But this game was announced for new gen consoles then later added to PC through petition

    • Durka Durka

      They had the version ready, its propably ubisoft who said no because they didnt think it would sell on pc and massive asked for pc gamers to show interest to shw it to ubisoft and greenlight the pc vesrsion.

    • Guest

      MMOs suck….so you’re saying the game was saved by consoles, if this is even true.

    • Durka Durka

      It is true and mmo do not suck they are the most money making game ever infact destiny is based on the mmo design they just make it control without clicking which is not a new thing in mmos, its just that pc mmos have a mouse and alot of menus so why not use a mouse? Its not mandatory.

  • GK15

    Minimizing the development time alone will help

    • Mark

      Ur statement is underrated. From what I’ve learned, studios spend alot of time programming on things they wish could be better supported by the API. DX12 and Mantle, are bringing this to developers. So, spending less time on workarounds to program for, they’re now spending more time on features and visuals, given the time alotted to release their game. That isn’t even counting the performance upgrade, whatever it may be.

    • GK15


  • Brian

    good job, looking forward to it on xb1

  • Mark

    Coming from the Technical Director of perhaps, my most wanted next gen game for Xbox 1, nuff said Anders, nuff said. Contrary to what most people believe, Mantle and DX12, or any new API (Apple’s “Metal”), will LARGELY impact games on…….time of developement. Instead of using a hammer to push nails into the wood, programmers can now use power drills to build their games. So they can do more for a game using Mantle or DX12 over 11. Not even counting performance. I just hope The Division drops next year. Can’t imagine playing Tomb Raider, Halo 5, and The Division all next year…….I need the proper time to consume each one, bit by bit man.

    • Guest

      Correct, Sony losers just can’t deal with the facts.

  • Toni D

    The API reduces the workload with ~50%, which also means 50% less heat.
    This can make overclocking possible without cooling issues.
    There are only good things to come with DX12.

    • Mark

      Dam, I didn’t think about that dude. Do u think alot of PC players will be overclocking once DX12 hits? They’re not having issues with Mantle doing this?

    • Toni D

      There will be room for a slight overclock on both console and PC from what devs have stated this far.
      Im not qualified to make a guess about how much.
      Many ppl wont need to upgrade their PC’s thanks to DX12.
      Both nVidia and AMD are prepared to sell less high end gfx cards for a while according to nVidia’s blog.

    • Michael Ray

      Highly doubt you would have to overclock a CPU with a DirectX 12 games because even an i3 and its 4-Threads will probably be over-kill. Games do not need that much CPU resources if the API can address it correctly.

    • Anon

      It’s worth remembering that the potential savings in terms of processor cycles relate to just a certain part of the rendering code, and not the entire code-base on the whole (e.g. 50% of 20% = 10%). Also, better parallelisation of this code may actually see improved efficiency and utilization across cores, and thus more heat generated, than before, where the cores may have been under-worked or stalling due to the control-flow through the code.

      The main question is what would be done with those savings, because unless the entire engine runs in a lock-step fashion, and unless it’s performing well under any of the various frame-rate targets for different systems, those saved processor cycles are likely to be used for processing ‘something’ useful rather than for idling… or at least in well-designed, performant engines that is.

    • batmobil

      That doesn’t make sense. If the API is more efficient, surely the additional power is put to good use to increase the graphics quality or framerate.

    • Toni D

      Yes. That was the whole point of my post.

      But you also get to increase the CPU clock-frequency to get higher resolution without overheating issues.
      (This is at least how I understand it works.)

  • d0x360

    Releasing a dx12 patch would be highly unlikely unless they had most of the code base already written. The difference between dx11 & 12 are large enough that any part of the game engine that uses the CPU in any meaningful way will need to be totally rewritten. It’s not just a few lines of code or like updating to more efficient graphics drivers. You have yo write code differently because the apk no longer has generic calls to handle processes for you. You have to write those yourself which is why its more efficient.

  • bardock5151
  • Kidd

    Well at least we know now some 3rd party developers will be using updating to Dx12 there was speculation that Dx12 would only use on 1st party for parity also porting issue’s But for parity I hope we do see some new Ip’s not that I don’t like our 1st party games now but more would be really good also hoping there good enough for sequel’s!!

  • Graeme Willy

    I love these articles. They go like this:

    Interviewer: So, Mr. developer guy, what are your thoughts on DX12?
    Developer: It’s great! We’re going to be able to do this, and this and that!
    Interviewer: Oh! That sounds swell…so, will your game be supporting it?
    Developer: Oh…uh…not sure. Maybe…later on…

    Credit dismissed


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