The Division Will Have No Microtransactions- Ubisoft

No pay to win nonsense either, it seems.

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the division 4k pc maxed out

It’s understandable if someone is wary of a new, upcoming Ubisoft game- more than any other publisher, Ubisoft have been responsible for misleading players about the final graphical quality about their games, about the stability of the final game, or about monetization policies in the final game. Over the last few years, Ubisoft have released games that don’t look like their trailers, games that were buggy and non-functional at launch, and games that had excessive microtransactions- all of which really has held their products back from achieving greatness.

So if someone is afraid that the upcoming The Division may have microtransactions too, and worse still, that it will have the worst kind of pay to win microtransactions, one can hardly blame them. However, Ubisoft seems to be bent upon assuring players that this will not be the case.

“There will be no microtransactions, and definitely no P2W [in The Division],” said Natchai Stappers, Ubisoft community manager, on Twitter.

That’s a pretty explicit statement- it’s not something that can be twisted into something else later, it leaves Ubisoft with no leeway and wiggle room.

Let’s hope they are right, and there will indeed be no microtransactions.

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  • Joe

    No wiggle room? I see a lot of wiggle room.

    Why? Because no one can define ‘micro-transaction’ fully. It’s literal definition would be ‘a small payment made in exchange for a piece of extra game content’. As such, every DLC, even expansion pack for every game can be defined as a micro-transaction.

    In the same conversation, the same developer says “there will be DLC, which you will obviously pay for” – what does this mean? Does it mean extra missions? Areas? Or does this mean ‘weapon packs’ and ‘cosmetic sets’ like it does in other games?

    The huge ambiguity in the term micro-transaction, as well as DLC, gives a LOT of wiggle room.

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