The Dreamcast 2 Fan Project Has Sega’s Attention… And They Don’t Seem To Mind It Yet

I don’t want to be excited, but I am.

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In this era of crazy Kickstarters, here’s one that probably seemed to be the craziest one of them all- a project by some fans who drew up a proposal for a Dreamcast 2, a modern console by SEGA to succeed their short lived but legendary final stab at the hardware market. But you know what is even crazier? The fact that SEGA knows about it- and they haven’t attempted to put a stop to it yet.

Bertie Wiseman and Joanne Freeman, two of the leaders of Project DREAM, spoke to Twinfinite about what their experience has been like so far.

“It went from me ringing up to pester them for not replying to our mail and the receptionist asking for a full lowdown on what we wanted to talk to people about,” said Joanne. After multiple pitches, contacts and phone calls, the team says they have made contact with multiple SEGA names, including a senior member of SEGA Sammy.

“It all kind of happened quite quickly, and by the end of it, he finished chatting with me on the phone and sent one of our team members a message to say ‘send what you got through when you’re ready, and I’ll make sure it gets to the right people.’”

“We’ve been messaging a few other people. Some have gotten back to us and some haven’t,” Joanne continued, “but we haven’t had a negative response from SEGA, I can 100% say that. It’s been a mildly inviting response.”

These guys are actually making up a proposal right now which SEGA could use to have a real, actual, modern and marketable Dreamcast 2- though of course, for all we know, SEGA might just be humoring them, and doesn’t actually intend to go anywhere with it.

Or we could see SEGA in the hardware market again- which would be all sorts of awesome!

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  • Alistein

    It takes billions to start a video game console business. The question is who will fund Dreamcast 2. Also most of the talents behind the original Dreamcast have left. I think gamers are more interested in a resurgence of classic Sega ips like streets of rage, nights and phantasy star to name a few.

    • Christopher Flores

      As a moderator for the Project Dream FB page, I can assure you the project is fully in development. When there’s more to tell, we’ll let everyone know. Until then, please sign the petition and pass the word around. The more people who know about this, the better our odds of inking a deal.

    • Agent_Blade

      I will most def sign up. God I love my Dreamcast! Can you put up a link to that page? Or site?

    • Alistein

      Well thanks and good luck.

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