The Most Amazing Kill Ever: LoopZook

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I have seen a lot of ridiculous kills, but in just 20 seconds, this Battlefield 1942 clip has made me question why I even bother playing FPS games anymore.

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  • dude! thats sick! ejecting with a rocket launcher and having the plane loop right back under ya to land right back into it was awesome! that took some precise timing! sure its unrealistic to land back in but thats what made it so cool.

    • We all saw it.
      You don’t have to explain it.

    • But the explanation was great

  • It’d of been better if the guy who’s plane got shot with the rocket ejected at last minute with a sniper and took the first guy’s head off, then done a triple back somersault and stole his plane too

  • battycrease

    It would of been better if the guy who’s plane got split in half by the rocket launcher managed to eject at the last minute, change to his sniper rifle, get a headshot on the first guy, do a triple back somersault and then land in the first guys plane and fly off into the sunset. I’d say that would be somewhere close to the best ever. This aint.

  • Yeah this isn’t much to care about.

    First off, it’s a stupid game.

    Secondly, it’s not real life.

    nah man. i don’t buy it, and neither does anyone else. stop sharing this stupid site, stumbleupon idiots.

    -B gates

  • You guys are retards, it doesn`t matter if you like the game or not what this guy did was awesome and i believe it was hard. I don`t play it but it looks awesome

  • I don’t play the game also but I’m impressed. The thing with games is that you can do awesome things without risking your life. In any case, this way of blowing up an enemy plane is crazy creative and I give props to it. Nice find.

  • if you don’t think this is amazing, you are an idiot

  • It’s not as hard as you might think though. As long as the plane is near vertical when you eject, you go in a straight line as the plane continue to loop. As long as you are aware of how much time you have, you’ll hit the plane every time.

    It was made even easier when the Desert Combat mod came out though.

  • Aasim

    That was pretty sweet, I see that happening in the latest battlefield too. I got that game with a ps3 I bought from my website: check it out if you have some spare time!

  • Is just skill

  • interesting…

  • oh 🙁

  • mmm nice video


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