The Most Amazing Kill Ever: Tomahawk [HD]

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Call of Duty Black Ops is out and along with are the awesome kills. This latest one is a close up cam view of a Tomahawk thrown kilometers away but still hits the target. Check it out, its easily the best video you will see all week.

Skip to 0:12 seconds in the video to see the amazing kill

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  • d0x

    What are the odds? Not only is it across the map, but it bounces off a wall, rolls on the ground and kills him with a strike to the ankle..awesome.

  • Sweet kill, but this game is still overrated.

  • “. This latest one is a close up cam view of a Tomahawk thrown kilometers away but still hits the target.”

    this is more like METERS away. not even close to a fuckin kilometer (SINGLE).
    learn metric system shit dick.
    and plus fuck that kill, it bounced off a building and hit his leg. THIS is why these games blow. bullshit chucks and hopes to kill with NO SKILL behind it.
    stupid shit

    • no dude that tomahawk took skill. if he would have aimed a little left or a little right it would have completely missed.

    • @lolano: he did completely miss, it was by sheer luck that the tomahawk went anywhere near him he wasn’t even aiming it. Don’t get me wrong I thought it was pretty cool but it was a complete fluke. He did not mean to kill that dude it was just complete luck.

  • Cnx

    That was plain fucking stupid. Completely random. And has been done tons of times in previous Call of Duty titles. Random, Random, Random.

  • Pretty weak that the game would have a tomahawk that bounces twice be able to kill someone let alone letting a tomahawk to the ankle be a kill. Its BS like this that keeps me from wanting to buy this game.

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  • agreed, absolute luck, he launched it in hope, no skill involved what so ever, how can u call it skill if u cant even see the target?

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  • wow, anyone saying this is random is so fucking stupid. NO SHIT ITS RANDOM, and its reasons like this why the game gets interesting. If shit like this can happen, imagine the other things that can happen. I’ve killed people with grenade launchers from across the map on start, its not skill its pure luck. No one really cares if you don’t play the game, that just means less whiney bitches that I have to deal with so suckadickfaggots.

  • i killed someone over balck ops and my life is rooned.. but i shit all over my xbox controllor

  • Actually, I think it bounces 3 times. Once when it hits the wall initially, then is redirected after it passes through the black electric wire (it also seems to speed up at this point as well) then finally bounces off the ground.


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