The Next Xbox: 10 Announcements That Microsoft Won’t Make On May 21st

We put a real and much needed downer on the upcoming Xbox announcement.

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Just as Sony unveiled their next generation console at a press event in February, Microsoft are poised to reveal the future of the Xbox brand on May 21st. Though Sony have won serious brownie points for their successful console reveal, they didn’t quite give us all of the information we wanted though.

Obviously, they were saving back some of the juicier bits for E3, and we can expect Microsoft to pull a similar tactic with the Xbox 720. There’s no doubt that the Xbox 720 reveal is something to look forward to but, on the off chance you’ll be getting your hopes up, here are ten elements of the new console that might not be disclosed in May.

Backwards Compatibility


Backwards compatibility is one of those oddly divisive elements of a console that inspires equal devotion and apathy amongst a platform’s fan base. Some demand it, whilst others couldn’t care less. Rumours have surrounded the nature of the 720’s BC for some time now, but it’s unlikely the speculation will be totally silenced until E3. MS may well touch on the issue in May, but don’t expect full details for a while.

Full Hardware Specs


There have been enough rumours out there to put together a comprehensive list of the potential hardware inside the Xbox 720. Not all of the information out there is reliable though, and Microsoft aren’t going to totally put our minds at rest on the hardware front just yet. Considering we don’t even know what the console looks like yet, it’s unlikely we’ll get a full technical specification on the 21st.

Form Factor

xbox 720

Considering it will be at least a few months before the console is ready for release, it’s highly doubtful a final design has been decided yet for the Xbox 720. With that in mind, much like with the PS4 reveal in February, you shouldn’t expect to see what the new console will look like. That said, MS have had more time than Sony before their announcement, so we may be in for a surprise with this one. I wouldn’t hold my breath though.

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  • SONY

    Well…SONY wants to say Hi. YES, being on 3rd place this console generation is brokenhearted, but we’re going to be more aggressive next gen with the PS4.

    For example, we’re planning to push more GAMES down people’s throats and get even more money out of their rear pockets. Sony has changed it’s strategy by bringing a lot more INDIE games not only because it’s much cheaper to make, but also to bring more exclusive games to maximize our profit from our faithful sheeps and new converts.

    Being a Japanese company, we put our proud over anything else, nothing can match our strategy when it comes to grab your money in the name of GAMES. Nowadays, we have western and eastern/arabic personnel working together for one global goal — YOUR MONEY.

    We love to see you waiting over and over again with a great anticipation for our GAMES. Thanks for the hype by our sheepy sheeps!

    Playstation® 4
    Greatness Awaits


    • generic-user-name a.k.a GUN

      Wow, it’s every time with you isn’t it.

      I hope that you’ll one day get a life.

    • bigevilworldwide

      You know the PS3 is 2nd right? It passed the 360 in like Nov 2012….Effectively putting M$ in 3rd place

    • shikamaru317

      I might be mistaken, but I think that the 360 passed the PS3 again due to Holiday sales, where the 360 was said to lead. VGChartz lists the 360 in 2nd place this gen with 75.32 million units sold compared to the PS3’s 74.35 million. Also, the PS3 is 3rd place in software sales, according to VGChartz the Wii has sold 848 million games, the 360 has sold 761 million games, and the PS3 has sold 665 million games. I’m not privy to either companies financial info, but I’d guess that the 360 lead the PS3 in revenue as well, for several reasons, because the PS3 was sold at a pretty big loss early on due to it’s expensive cell chip and blu-ray player, because the 360 leads in software sales as I mentioned above, and because MS has been making $50+ a year per Xbox Live subscriber throughout the entire generation, whereas PlayStation Plus wasn’t introduced until 2010, and likely doesn’t have anywhere near the 46 million subscribers Xbox Live currently has. Bloomberg estimated that Xbox Live made MS over 1 Billion USD in revenue in 2010 alone.

    • shpwang

      Actually, the 360 is in third place at this point.

    • asbo-5

      very true!!

    • Vera

      Nope, and NOPE!

      Sony confirmed 80.4 million PS3 AND PS2s shipped.
      PS2 is still in phase out production. Last year, they shipped around 4.1 million PS2s and this year it was confirmed by Sony that shipments hadn’t dropped. So 80.4-4.1 is 76.3 million, which is still a million behind Xbox 360 (confirmed at 77.4 million by MS).

      The shipments of PS2 and 3 and the PSP and Vita were simply combined these past two years to hide the PlayStation brand’s EPIC failure of losing to the competition.

      Also Xbox 360 has a software lead of over 110 million units over PS3. The games are played on Xbox 360 now and with over 400 games more than PlayStation3, that’s simply a fact no pauper can spin around.

      Oh, and you and your GF look like dumb paupers, so I’m not surprised you hang around N4G, with all their lies and overhype. Heck they twisted Cliff Bleszinski’s recent interview with Engadget to things HE NEVER SAID. Absolutely pathetic! GFY!

    • asbo-5

      Did that stupid little rant make you feel like you have 3 nuts? I’d do the whole “Fan Boi” schtick on you but honestly I doubt you’d even be able to read it thru without having to stop and sip some more M$ Kool-Aid.

  • Look at this dumb sh!t above

    ^^^What a dumb @disqus_FvbdyCLhZO:disqus

    • Doomed Sony

      The actual dumb shits are you and the rest of the dumbass pauperstation fans at N4G.

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    • SeXbox 69

      General symptoms for taking too much Analstation 3rd :

      – Insecurity
      – Phantom anger (using lol or hahaha)
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      – A big fan of Kleenex® (?)

    • you are talking about your mom or yourself???

    • You Ruin Games

      Actually you guys are all dumb. The only respectable “console” is one’s own Personal Computing Machine. You’re just buying into dumbed down over priced media processing Machines when you already had one that could do everything in more if you guys took the time and effort instead of shelling money into these money grubbing giants who are ruining the gaming industry.

  • shikamaru317

    At the unveiling, I think they’ll show the console itself (Major Nelson joked about Sony not showing the PS4 and hinted that MS wouldn’t do the same thing to their fans). They’ll probably show a few games, a mix of exclusives and 3rd party titles with timed DLC exclusivity such as the already confirmed CoD: Ghosts, though I’m sure they’ll save several games for E3, due to the rumors about Sony saving some exclusives for E3. I think they’ll show a live demo of some of the UI features, they’ll want to show off the OS if the rumors about it being based on Windows 8 and therefore allowing Windows 8 ap store games to be played are true. They may talk a little about new Xbox Live features such as in game chat being powered by Skype (MS bought Skype and nearly every Next Xbox leak has mentioned integrated Skype functionality), though they’ll likely save talk about Xbox Live pricing changes until E3, where Sony is expected to confirm whether or not they will start charging for PSN (there have been leaks that said Sony may start charging, and Sony never confirmed or denied them). Console pricing and hardware bundles will likely be saved for E3, where Sony is expected to talk about pricing and a possible PS4/Vita bundle.

  • Woooo

    All I care about is specs and how good it is as a GAMING device. Fuck all the social bullshit that they talk about nowadays

    • Ghost250

      if you care about specs go make a gaming rig.

    • Russell Gorall

      Then you are looking at the wrong gaming device.

  • Russell Gorall

    Console should be reliable by 2018.

    • dorppedthesoap

      GFY, you dumb criminal.

    • Russell Gorall

      Sometimes I wonder if you really love me.

  • hakesterman

    Microsoft is behind in the Game, better get to it in a Hurry. I won’t decide for months after both have been out, but i don’t think holding out news for these next gen consoles is good at all. Just tell us and be done with it till launch.

  • Ben

    So what are they actually going to reveal?

    • The Truth

      The beginning of the end for Sony PlayStation., actually that was the Xbox 360. This time it’s going to be the end of PauperStation PERIOD!

  • bigevilworldwide

    I can actually pretty much guarantee the Xbox wont be BC either….Unless the put 360 parts inside their current setup and X86 architecture are NOT compatible….And anything that would lead to a more expensive console would just make people cry about the price…

    • shikamaru317

      There was a leak about a month ago that said that the premium model would have the 360 SoC. Before that, another leak said that both models would have the 360 SoC, and that developers would be able to use both chipsets together for more power if they wanted to. A week or two before that, a leak said that MS would be selling a $100 360 mini model that could be hooked to the Next Xbox, allowing 360 games to be played through the 720’s UI. So there is some hope of backwards compatibility. I doubt they’ll try emulation again, that proved too difficult and costly for MS, each game needed an emulation profile and even after 2 years, only about half of the original Xbox’s library was playable on the 360.


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