Titanfall 2 PS4 Pro vs PS4: Prioritizing Frame Rate Over Pixels Yet Again

How does Titanfall 2 performs on the PS4 Pro? Let us find out.

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If there is anything that needs to be praised about Titanfall 2 besides its fantastic gameplay, it has to be its rock solid 60 frames per second performance. In fact 60 frames per second was such a high priority for Respawn Entertainment that they had to use a dynamic resolution buffer on both the PS4 and Xbox One to achieve their goal for fluid gameplay. In short, the base PlayStation 4 version of Titanfall 2 never runs at a consistent full 1080p resolution. This puts the PS4 Pro version of Titanfall 2 in an interesting position because it has to prioritize frame rate over resolution, especially for its multiplayer offerings.

As a result the game neither renders the game in native 4K or checkerboard 4K while playing in Pro mode on a 4K TV. Instead it sticks to 1440p resolution whilst maintaining a rock solid 60 frames per second on the Pro. This is a compromise we are ready to accept due to the higher performance on offer here. As we have noted before, Pro enhancements will vary from developer to developer and not every game is going to run at checkerboard 4K resolution; and for a fast paced shooter like Titanfall 2, running the game at a lower resolution than 4K seems to be the right approach.

So where does that leave 1080p TV owners? Here is the thing. The base PS4 version was consistently switching its resolution based on performance; however Titanfall 2 on the Pro seems to be running closer to 1080p resolution most of the times. This is an appreciable gain for 1080p TV owners as it obviously results into better image quality overall.

Regardless of whichever platform you decide to play Titanfall 2 on you can be rest assured of rock solid performance across the board. We prefer the playing the game on the Pro version in 1440p as it gives us a nice mix of superior image quality along with an assured superior performance.

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  • Hvd

    hey moron its always frame rate over resolution and the ps4 pro wont hold a candle to xbox scorpio in either area…lol

    • LifeOnMars

      Enjoy your years wait,

    • Aenea

      It’s what he does, waiting and waiting and waiting…. Waiting for DX12, The Cloud, exclusive games, Scorpio… He’s used to it by now, almost a sort of Stockholm Syndrome it seems!

    • kma99

      oh the irony lol.

    • Aenea

      Haha, no. PlayStation fans don’t have to wait, we have the most powerful console, we’ve had it for 3 years and now we have an even more powerful one for at least a year. We don’t need pies in the sky, ehh, cloud, to hope for stuff that will make it all better. We already have it. And am sure you’re referring the delays of games, well, newsflash, it’s happening to all the publishers this gen, even your precious MS…

      So no, there is no irony here…

    • kma99

      Its apparent you dont know what irony is. All i see it excuses.

    • Aenea

      Haha, if you believe this is irony you might wanna go back to school buddy…

      But you’re just another bitter Xbox nutjob whose bored even tho you’re claiming to have more and better games to play, I mean, why else would you be all over PS articles…

    • kma99

      You’re sitting here depending sonys weak first party line up and putting a band aid over it with third party deal and indies.
      We can all see you are apart of the nutball brigade by all of the upvotes you have. There is nothing to be bitter about but you drones are easily triggered when no one praises your sony god lol.

    • Aenea

      You can’t read huh? Go check out the lists on those webpages, count the ones that are published by Sony and MS, I didn’t even count the 3rd party ones, otherwise it would be worse for you…

      You’re a sad individual that you feel the need to defend your preferred piece of plastic by posting false crap in Sony related articles and have the gall to try and insult people who don’t share your insane thoughts. Sad, so sad.

      *hands you a tissue*

    • kma99

      Am i defending ms or just calling you out for your stupidity. I dont need to defend anyone or anything. You feel so threatened that you will cry, complain and damage control for precious sony.q

    • Aenea

      YOU feel so threatened that you go into articles about a console that you have zero interest in, now that’s what I call irony!

    • kma99
    • Clint Hoffman

      Its called hope…lol. Sad but true.
      Xbox360 was a fantastic system. Xbox One/S is a completely under powered POS (thats not point of sale…haha).
      PS4 is a great system. PS4Pro makes it even better; more so when the devs get the hang of updating their game engines to really leverage the extra power (4K is not needed but ok to push in SOME games.)

    • LDS

      And it’s going to be beaten by PS5 a year later

    • Luke Skywalker

      so you’re saying the ps5 is going to be out 2 years after the ps4pro??
      you don’t think that’s a little too soon?

    • Aenea

      As respectful to others as usual, hmm?

      Who says TF2 will get support for the Scorpio? They might not want to add it…

    • Jazminegryder

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    • TPoppaPuff

      Have fun playing the game at 900-720p because the game won’t have Scorpio support.

    • kma99
    • Aenea

      Awesome comeback!

    • TPoppaPuff

      Hardly. How many titles are going to go back and patch in Scorpio support for games released a year or more ago? Because the list for the PS4 Pro is Shadow of Mordor and Black Ops 3.

      I have both consoles and primarily played on 360 last gen, champ. If a game doesn’t have Scorpio support, it can’t take advantage of the Scorpio’s vastly superior hardware. That’s just a fact your little ego is going to have to come to terms with.

      Nice try for you though. Seriously.

    • kma99

      Who cares if they go back and patch anything? You want to go back and play 2013 games in upscaled 4k because sony says its cool then knock yourself out.

    • TPoppaPuff

      The entire point is that what Hvd is proposing exactly won’t happen. You can’t play the game from 2013 in 4K because no one is patching the game to make it work. Not on PS4 Pro, not on Scorpio.

      Titanfall 2 is best on Pro because it’s extremely unlikely that Titanfall 2 for Xbox gets a Scorpio patch, despite Hvd’s and your bellyaching otherwise.

      I will continue to buy the version of a game that is the best available whether it’s on Scorpio or PS4 Pro. But hey, if you want to keep living a fanboy lifestyle, knock yourself out. Just keep me out of your Xbox jihad.

    • Clint Hoffman

      Normally I would totally agree with on this…why play old crap.
      Then again, If its the Last of Us, Uncharted (3 or 4) or maybe the Mass Effect series…when they might be up for replaying.
      For the record, I didn’t get to play LoU or any Uncharted until they were remastered. I absolutely LOVED those games.

    • Clint Hoffman

      Your comment is completely irrelevant…. Why compare the PS4 Pro to something that doesn’t exist. No one is going to be playing TF2 when the Scoprio comes out next Christmas. After all..why would they? Just like there was no one left playing TF1 by the time TF2 came out. Die hards…maybe..the rest…no so much. lol.

      I will be buying a Scoprio and throwing my One S in the garbage (because its a POS and I just bought it a month ago).

    • Hvd

      you said ” i will be buying a Scoprio and throwing my One S in the garbage” that right there shows how dumb you are and why no one will listen to you at all because you are an idiot….lmao

      a smart person would trade it in and this shows you arnt smart..lmao

    • Clint Hoffman

      I would trade it in…if I thought I could get anything for it. ROFL

      How much do you think you will get for your Xbox One S or the even worse original XOne?

      Hate burst your bubble but the return value will be based on the market value and demand. Who in their right might would even want to buy a used original Xbox ONE or One S unless they were so absolutely desperate they had zero money. :/
      Scoprio will be so fast that only an idiot would buy the One/S….so you think companies don’t know that….mahahahah.

      Now if you REALLY want cash from it…sell it so some stupid people buying a couple of months before Scorpio hits the market. That’s where the money is.

  • randy

    Ps4pro is a waste of money. Barely any improvement over the original ps4. I wont upgrade my ps4 for a system that barely had anytime put into it. If they actually spent time on this system then it would have better specs. Ill jus wait for the ps5 if there even is one

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