Top 10 Amazing Representations of Post-Apocalyptic Worlds

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The post-apocalyptic setting is something that has been done and redone time and again in the gaming industry, and so many times has it been done with unimaginable splendour that it’s hard to pick just ten of them. However, we have compiled a list of the ten greatest post-apocalyptic worlds as seen in video games. At least, the ten greatest according to us. Tell us what you think of our list, and what your favourite post-apocalyptic settings are in your comments below!

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Resistance: Fall of Man

Resistance: Fall of Man

Screenshots and videos do not even begin to do justice to Resistance: FoM's setting and how dreary, battered and utterly ruined it felt. It was like in one of the post-apocalypse movies like I Am Legend or the like- it was perfect. The environments were destroyed, empty, deserted and often haunted by the Chimera. The world, somehow, always felt dark and dreary, and never did you see anything that would lighten your mood or lift your spirits. It was a great setting, one that looks good even in the future Resistance games.

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  • I think Stalker does it quite well, and considering it is a sandbox game as opposed to linear it definitely gives you that “Alone” feeling.

  • I don’t think Rapture counts as post-apocalyptic. The world is still going on above the sea, it’s just that Rapture just got done with a civil war.

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      The article talks strictly about where the game is set. And since the world of BioShock, i.e. Rapture, is all but destroyed, it DOES classify as “post-apocalyptic”.

  • Sam

    Using unreleased games in a list? You haven’t played them yet.

  • Is Bioshock actually post-apoc? Doesn’t it actually take place in the 50s? (As in, it can’t be after the apocalypse because you know, we’re past the 50s and it still hasn’t happened yet.)

    • Shubhankar Parijat

      The city of Rapture is destroyed, and we’re talking about the setting IN THE GAME. So yeah, since the place that the game takes place in is destroyed, it does qualify.

  • not really

  • I actually wanna play this game just to see Rapture!!! it looks amazing!

  • Good Lord, this list is terrible. If you admit yourself that a setting “isn’t exactly post-apocalyptic,” don’t include that game in a post-apocalyptic list. Also, how in the hell can you justify including games that haven’t been released yet? Of all of the post-apocalypse games out there, you couldn’t find enough to fill ten slots, and needed to resort to placeholders. How is this website still active . . .

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  • Ash Tales

    I’m always torn between Fallout 3 and Bioshock! Bioshock’s level design is weirdly beautiful, and it absolutely nails the Ayn Rand/retro-futuristic vibe – but the DC ruins of Fallout 3 are absolutely haunting! I’ll never forget leaving Vault 101 for the first time 🙂

    Thanks for creating this list! You’ve inspired me to round-up my own favourite post apocalyptic games – it’d be great to hear what you think of my choices!

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