10 Faces in Gaming You Wouldn’t Want to See in a Dark Alley [PICS]

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There is always a comfortable barrier in gaming. No matter how seemingly invulnerable or freaky ass an enemy or situation is, you always know escape is only as far as the power button. Even though some of these entries are scary enough in their own right, here are ten faces in gaming that would freak the hell out of you if you met them for real in a dark alley.
Check out our gallery below and get ready to enter your darkest nightmare!

Bowser – Mario Bros.

Bowser – Mario Bros.

Sure, he's all cute in the Mario universe, but this guy would scare the shit out of you in real life. Think about how he towers over Mario in terms of height. Yeah, I know that Mario is meant to be pretty short, but Bowser must still be at least eight foot tall. There's also his reputation to take into account. We all know him for his fairly harmless kidnapping schemes that get foiled in the Mushroom Kingdom, but in real life that would probably equate to attempted serial rape. I don't know about you guys but I'd be pretty creeped out if I bumped into a known serial rapist in a dark alley.

Any other really creepy looking characters you want to add? Fuel the discussion in the comments section below.

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  • Forerunners Grace

    None of those things from Amnesia? I forget what they’re called bu they scared me. http://questional.com/images/uploads/31/Amnesia-The-Dark-Descent-Monster.jpg

  • the guy from manhunt – pigface. Imagine walking in that back alley when you hear the chainsaw and the squealing… also Sweet Tooth.

  • what about the shadow child in silent hill 1….no body remembers the school house….aw well…game is quite old however for the ps1

  • rob_tro

    wall/floor master Zelda OOT, Redead Zelda OOT, and 100% scariest Dead Hand, basically 90% of the Zelda OOT enemies, especially as a kid, scariest shit ever.

  • THE HUNTER96929

    needs Slenderman

  • Madame Mildew

    Raziel in wraith form throughout the Legacy of Kain series, especially when he unveils his face.

  • XxNuby123xX

    What about Herobrine in Minecraft

  • Drybones08


    Mysterious, unknown figure that looks exactly like you but without pupils, always appears at a distance where you can just see him enough to know it’s him, and he is not supposed to be there but somehow he is. Think about a carbon copy of you without any pupls/iris. Those would be perfectly white/bloodshot eyes, but you. CREEPY!!!

    Another mysterious, unknown entity. The slenderman defines fear in a nutshell. You are no match for him, all you have to do it run. If you happen to see him, you’d better go the other way. If you look for too long, he quickly teleports to you and makes a pants-crapping scary sound, and who knows what happens next? As you go on he gets faster and faster, and since it’s best not to look at him, there’s no way to know just how close he is to being able to get you. And again, who knows what happens when he gets you? Faceless, 9 ft. tall man with black menacing tentacles coming out of his back.

    I think that sort of beats at least bowser. 😛


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