Top 10 PC Franchises That Need To Be Raised From Their Graves

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Gaming franchises on consoles always seem to have a natural rise and decline. The clearly defined hardware generations that accompany console development allow various franchises to come in and out of existence gracefully. With the ever continuing and undivided evolution of the PC however, franchises fall out in a more noticeable manner. So many great series have dropped of the radar conspicuously, leaving us sad, bewildered and constantly asking why. Here are ten of our favourite PC franchises that are no longer around and need a revival.

10. Microprose’s Magic: The Gathering

It might not be for everyone, but damn is it addictive

It’s an unconventional call to make but, considering the success of the recent Duels of the Planeswalkers series, I’d say there is still a demand for digital alternatives to collectible card games like Magic. The recent games have been an enjoyable single player alternative to the card game, but the 1997 Microprose adaptation and its expansions are the premier examples of a digital Magic: The Gathering. With fully customisable decks and a campaign that saw you improve your cards as you battled against the the forces of evil, Microprose’s deep and involving take on the elegant Magic the Gathering game needs to be reborn for the modern generation.

9. Discworld

Those games could talk the talk and walk the walk

An often unsung hero of the point and click canon, the Discworld games were true examples of how books could be effectively turned into games. Merging the wit and creativity of Pratchett’s Discworld with some fiendish puzzles, the Discworld games were a highly memorable and inventive addition to the genre. The series ended on a fantastic note with the highly stylised Discworld Noir, but little has been heard from it since. The good humour of the series needs to make a return to the gaming world in some shape or form.

8. Warcraft (the RTS version)

When will next see Warcraft the way it was originally meant to be played?

World of Warcraft is one of the biggest and most profitable games ever made. Whilst it’s good for some, us fans of the original real time strategy incarnations of Warcraft are left with little hope of satisfying our constant desire for humorous and strategic fantasy. It’s a shame as well, as the most recent third instalment to the Warcraft series introduced some pleasant RPG elements for the hero characters that added a whole new dimension to the experience. It was a great mechanic that doesn’t get a look in from many other RTS titles. With Warcraft 3’s hugely popular Defence of the Ancients mod set to get a full blown sequel later this year, we can only hope that Blizzard will take notice and revive the RTS incarnations of Warcraft.


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  • Yes on the Theme IPs, X-wing and WC RTS, yet blizzard has messed up the story line so much it would only really work for SP if they treated WoW and WC RTS like capcom treated Mega man and Mega Man x.

    BG…yeah but like Brent Knowles said when he left BW “They aren’t the same company they were 10 years ago” you’d end up with something like DA2 then the now cleched BW response of “we listened to the feedback from our fans and will retrun the rpg elements in the sequel plus 500 crappy dlcs…like horse armor (or in BW’s case…sun glasses)”. Seriously go look at the PR from the backlash of the changes between ME1 and ME2 AND DAO and DA2, it’s almost like they have a script they’re reading from.

    Other’s I’d like to see:

    Beyond Good and Evil
    Chrono Trigger (A proper sequel not the crappy chrono cross or square needs to stop shutting down fan remakes and do it themselves already)
    Power stone
    Tobal (2 was the best fighting game no one played cause square was on the beginning of the road of well..what they are now)
    Secret of Mana

  • OH I forgot, fun fact: There was a Fan made remake of BG2 mod for DAO not sure if it got anywhere though.

  • Did you guys know an update project for Theme Hospital is in existence? I’ve used it and it works wonders. It brings the game to modern windows PCs with options for up to date resolutions and such and it’s still as fun to play as it was in the past. You need the original files from the game to use the update, but other than that, go to:

  • The Crusader series would be fun to see.

  • the website for the BG2 DAO mod

  • where is descent, marathon & the classic: gateway?

  • No X-com? Fail

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  • No Carmageddon or Hugo’s House Of Horrors? Weak.

  • gw

    X-com, Bard’s Tale, and Mechwarrior!

  • Kuddos to you on the Magic remake; i LOVED those games and still have the discs! They were very addicting and the difficulty was steep.

    I had totally forgotten about Theme Hospital… i need to go replay that, like, today. I never understood WHY i enjoyed even playing it, but i kept going back for more.

    You forgot a dungeon keeper remake; that truely was a rare gem of a game.

  • Thought I’d add a few of my own:

    No One Lives Forever

  • no x-com? You surely jest

  • Legacy of Kain

  • Sorry to be picky, but the photo for star wars x-wing is actually tie fighter

  • MWH

    good list. i would add:

    – Ecstatica
    – Little Big Adventure
    – Carmageddon
    – Legacy of Kain
    – MDK
    – Redneck Rampage / Kingpin
    – Blood
    – Alone in the Dark (classic)
    – Shadow Warrior
    – Time Commando
    – Vampire Masquerade


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