Top 10 Unannounced Exclusives for the Xbox 360

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If you take a long and a deep look in to Xbox 360’s line up for 2011, the only well known franchise is Gears of War 3. The rest are either Kinect games or new IP’s which we are not sure how they will turn out.

Through this feature we take a look ten such games which we believe will be announced soon and will be exclusive to the Xbox 360.

Halo 4

Ok, we already know that a Halo 4 is lying under the wraps somewhere and my bet is that it is going to be announced at this year’s E3. It is a well known fact that 343 Industries and not Bungie are actually working on the same. Half a year ago one of our editors spotted the CV of   Paul Ehreth, one of the employees of 343 Industries which states that he is working on the next Halo project. I am not sure how Halo will be without Bungie, but one thing is for sure the impact will be large.

Halo: Combat Evolved Remake

It’s been rumoured for some time now that Microsoft will be releasing a remake of the game that started the era of modern shooters. The HD remixes or classics or whatever you call them seems to be working wonders for the PlayStation 3 and a Combat Evolved HD could just be the push that the Xbox 360 might need in 2011.

Project Gotham Racing 5

Often playing second fiddle to Turn 10’s Forza franchise, Project Gotham Racing has gone in to hiding for some time now. The last release in PGR4 took place more than 3 years ago in 2007. PGR4 was a great game but to be honest it was more of the same thing and it’s time that Bizzare Creations should work on something better. It’s been over 5 years since the Xbox 360 was released and every developer is pretty well versed in maxing out the hardware, so I hope PGR5 will be able to stand among the likes of Forza 3 and Gran Turismo 5.

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  • Metro 2033 actually does have an announced sequal. Its called Metro 2034.

    It may have already come out. Search it up

  • Always funny to read the comments of the sony fangirls on articles about the 360… I say real gamers own multiple consoles because they love gaming. Real gamers don’t berate the owners of consoles they don’t own because they cannot afford to buy more than one console. Real gamers don’t trash games which they cannot play on their console simply because they have no ability to play them. Real gamers don’t call a game crap when they have never played said game. And real gamers do not look at a list of exclusives and lamely state, well, it’s available on pc so it’s not a true exclusive. We’re talking consoles here. Wake up.

    • d

      funnier that someone would make such a huff about real gamers then backtrack when it comes to pc. pathetic

    • Real gamers also do not support the systems, that are absolute disgrace to gaming and harmful for the industry ,.. Now go play with your Skittles,..

    • funny when people call themselves real gamers… lol try not to think too much of yourself lol

  • Perfect Dark was a “critical and commercial success?” Surely you’re talking about the N64 release because the Xbox release was anything but…

  • Metro 2034 is not going to be a 360 exclusive, THQ has already confirmed that last year. PS3/360/PC development is underway for 2012.

  • I second datdude’s opinion.

  • No surprise you didn’t post my comment, nor will you post this one. Amazing journalistic integrity you have. Speculative article that is poorly written is in your mind good enough to post to N4G – yet a comment that isn’t favorable (not rude or over the line either) doesn’t make the site.

    I was hoping to read your response to what I wrote when I revisited your site, not see it get buried because you didn’t like it. Too bad.

    Keep making up sensational headlines, not doing research behind them, and not letting someone else proofread your words. That will continue to grow your business.

    • lol its an article about 360… when isnt a 360 article sensational haha

  • Thanks for posting the second comment. I will commend you for that. Moving on.

    Since this is more of a wish list of sorts, I will add mine:

    1) PGR – would obviously need a new studio, but the format is there for someone to pick up and run with it.

    2) Alan Wake – first was awesome, likely sequel coming.

    3) Crackdown – loved the first one, second one did nothing to advance the franchise, third could potentially cleanup IF the essence of the first game is kept but taken down a different path.

    4) Gears of War origin story – looks like there is something brewing, it’d be awesome to see it land on the 360.

    5) any kinect mainstream game – technology works, it is fun, it is innovative – now use it to make a game like Gears, Halo, etc better. (look around corners, bob and weave in melees, etc.)

    6) more Splinter Cell

    7) new IP’s

    • yeah cause halo and gears isnt like beating a dead horse or anything…

  • I have just seen this article and all I can think of is WOW. I write articles all the time and I was quite surprised by how this raw, speculative piece of writing can generate so many hits through a cleverly worded title. A true journalist will back up their words with research and proof, this article is made of dreams, even the fact that PGR5 made it onto the list is a joke, Bizarre Studios was closed down making that assumption an impossibility.

    Please don’t take this comment as an insult, I actually quite like this site but the publication of this article was for one thing only, a few cheap hits. I suggest the author takes time in researching his next ‘dream’ piece instead of pulling a few good games and adding the next sequenced number to the title.

    Outside of this article I will congratulate Gaming Bolt on creating a good source of information and I wish you guys the best of luck in the future.


  • rak33n

    i totally forgot about project 5 they need to release that this year along with forza 4

  • aquaman22

    Oh oh, i knew this would be a touchy subject for some folks lol. Okay fellas listen up, “REAL GAMERS” will play “whatever-the-hell” they want to play. If they pledge their allegiance to any console guess what? that’s okay. Because at the end of the day you know whose vote counts?? YOUR WALLET’S VOTE! Now as far as MS sorry a$$ line of exclusive goes, it’s not looking to pretty for them. top 10 and two of them are halo games lol that’s really sad. I really think that MS will announce a new console at E3 this year, i mean they have to JUST to try and have xbox owners stick around another year. There’s absolutely NOTHING intriguing on the 360, NOTHING. You can argue GOW3 but let’s face it the story for part 2 was just so lame. and i dont know about Too Human 2 fellas, that game did not do too well. lol I remember my brother one of the biggest PS3 haters talking about this game “Oh did you see Too Human, this game will blow anything Sony’s got up their sleeves” lol Out comes out Too Human, Crappy reviews, Hello kZ2, and Uncharted 2 lol.

  • Wow, what a long list of games I couldn’t care less about.

  • I honestly couldn’t care less about console games anymore. Never thought I’d find myself being a PC gamer but this current generation has left me no choice. Developers refuse to make anything other than clones of previous titles that add nothing to the core mechanics because I guess all anyone in the industry cares about now is the money. Halo Combat Evolved was fairly original. Halo 2 was a slight step forward, and Halo 3 nothing really changed except the graphics. And that’s pretty much how it is with all these other franchises. I mean if we’re just going to hop on the sequel train every time someone has a new idea then count me out. Bring on something new and innovative please without relying on gimmicky motion controls.

    One game that I have played from this list I will say that I do like is Metro2033 on the PC. It must look horrible on these current generation consoles though cause it demands a lot from my graphics card just to play it in DX11.

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  • Did no-one tell you Bizarre Creations has been shut down by Activision? Good research there…

  • berrytastic

    Indeed it looks as though the Xbox 360 really isnt pushing the exclusive titles as much as some 360 owners would like but then again its Xbox LIVE that attarcts them to 360 in the first place and that the console is alot more affordable

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