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You all like killing people in video games, don’t you (or maybe, just killing people in general)? Liquid Snake once said to Solid Snake: “You enjoy all the killing, that’s why.” Games have become a medium to satisfy oneself via virtual killing. And what better way to slice somebody’s head or pull of an arm with a sword. But, we need cool, powerful swords for that, don’t we?

We present to you the 15 most slicey and dicey swords in Video Games- small as a dagger or huge as a monster, they’re all super-awesome. Take a look!

15. Raiden’s Sword (Metal Gear Solid: Rising)

Come on, a sword that can cut through pillars, cars, people and watermelons? Spectacular! What more would you want from a sword? Not only does it look cool, it also feels super-powerful and dynamic. Maybe that is why all the bad guys have always been afraid of Raiden- because he is now a bad ass ninja and for that he needs to have a superlative sword to keep enemies at bay. It is a treat for all us sword lovers that a game based solely on the usage of this specific, utterly awesome blade, Metal Gear Solid: Rising, will be released within a very short period of time. I am confident the game will be a blast to play through, and the art of Zan Datsu will be all its cracked up to be.

14. Excalibur II (Final Fantasy IX)

While it must have been insanely tough for a person to get hold of Excalibur II, it is widely acknowledged that this sword is the strongest weapon in Final Fantasy IX, and some of the most insane swords ever. Dealing a damage of 9999 points to a boss, or a dragon at level 1 is no small thing, but Excalibur II gave the user that kind of power. Topping even the Ultima Weapon in terms of power, Excalibur II still is the sword that everyone wants to replicate. I hope we see it again in the future, in Final Fantasy XV, if not in a highly improbably but possible remake of Final Fantasy IX.

13. Beam Katana (No More Heroes)

Light sab- I meant, Beam Katana! The iconic weapon that Travis Touchdown uses to tear through his enemies is brutal, shiny (too shiny) and it buzzes like a light saber. How cool is that? And the immense satisfaction one gets out of killing hordes of enemies with the help of the Beam Katana is unmatchable. I just hope they make a No More Heroes 3, so that we get to experience more Katana goodness.

12. Heavenly Sword (Heavenly Sword)

The Heavenly Sword, featured in the game Heavenly Sword (duh) is pretty powerful, to say the least. I mean, we cannot attribute the fact that Nariko kills hordes and hordes of enemies just to her strength, can we? There has to be something else at work- something far more powerful. The Heavenly Sword is that one weapon. Having the ability to change its stance, suiting the the player’s need, and all three of the forms being extremely useful, the sword proves to be a life-saver in more situations than can be imagined. Pity we don’t have a Heavenly Sword 2, because if we did, it would kick ass- just because of the sword.

11. Lightning’s Gunblades (Final Fantasy XIII)

Gunblades are awesome. A sword which can fire shells as well? What’s not to like? Not only do gunblades look awesome, they’re also very well controlled, and deal immense damage to our foes. Even though we have seen gunblades in several Final Fantasy games, Lightning’s Gunblade from Final Fantasy XIII is the most useful, the most efficient, being one of the only gunblades that can fire projectiles as well as attack like an ordinary sword.

10. Light Saber (Star Wars: The Force Unleashed)

Not only are Light Sabers the most iconic weapons ever in film history, they are also awesome weapons that make the Star Wars video games, especially the Force Unleashed series, simply irresistible, and impossible to miss. I always saw the Star Wars movies, and only one thought came to my mind- those are cool weapons and I wish I could use them. In Force Unleashed, Light Sabers are as awesome to use as they are to watch in the Star Wars movies. It’s good we’re getting a Force Unleashed II, because more Light Saber action will simply kick ass.

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  • Wow… all add susported video’s…. Fail!

    • Ben

      Is that why I see 0 videos and pictures of these swords? My AdBlockPlus is preventing it from showing up? How sad, gamingbolt. Resorting to fully ad supported videos, with 0 pictures as well. Obviously can’t judge which ones are more bad ass now.

    • Blades of Chaos are the best weapons ever

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  • Good list.
    #6 though, scathing typo.

    Soul Calibur, not Calinur 🙂

  • pictures would have been fine, but you chose to do all videos with adds at the start….


  • Wow. I’m done, man. I’m not watching the Saw preview that many times.


    Dragon Warrior 4 had all the best swords and weapons. http://www.realmofdarkness…. . My personal favorite, the Venomous Dagger, so I could paralyze those pesky metal slimes and babbles so they couldn’t run from me. Man I miss the good ol days of rpgs’

  • Hey, were’s my Soul Reaver ?

  • foo

    ummmmmmmm how do u forget the most badass sword ever.?????? remember sephiroths sword the masamune the sword is 3 times his height an sharp as hell……..

  • I know it doesn’t sound as attractive, but this article should really be called the top 15 blades in video games. Some of these aren’t even close to sword, including the number 1 best “sword”.

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  • Where is FrostMourne?

  • Where the hell is Frostmourne? Or the Blades of Azzinoth?

  • wher the hell is frostmourne???

    • giga

      Yeah I’ve been expecting frostmourne….

  • vendetta

    oops were’s the rebellion… agni & rudra or the yamato. that’s just bad…

  • That is NOT Mega Man, that is ZERO, and that is NOT Mega Man X, that is “Mega Man Zero” an abortion of a game that never should have happened. I am going to go outside and fart on homeless people untill you fix that.

  • giga

    And when did the blades of exile became a sword?

  • You forgot the fact that the master sword can shoot lazer beams.

  • Yuray

    you forgget frostmourne and soulreaver

  • NegativeCreep

    There’s a lot of good swords out there but only 2 epic swords that I or most of you would agree on…

    1. Red Queen (Nero DMC4)
    2. Cypher (Strider Hiryu)

    Yeah a lot of swords out there that have better looks and tons of powers on it but a tonfa like plasma sword and a sword with a motorbike throttle? just epic.


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