Top 17 PS4 Exclusive Games To Look Forward To In 2016

Here are some of the biggest video games coming to the PS4 in 2016.

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Sony had a strong start in the 8th console generation. While their first party lineup for PS4 in 2015 is a bit sparse, 2016 is a different beast altogether. This list is comprised of some of the biggest video games of 2016, and it’s safe to say that gaming will have an eventful year on the PS4. Here are the big PS4 exclusives to look forward to in 2016.

Note: This list also includes console exclusives and the list is not ranked.

Kill Strain

Sony revealed Kill Strain at its PlayStation Experience event in Las Vegas last year, a free-to-play, “fast and addictive” top-down multiplayer action game from its San Diego studio. In 5v2v5 gameplay, two opposing human teams compete over resources with the ultimate goal of destroying either of their two enemy bases while fighting off a 3rd team of mutants who are fighting to infect and turn their enemies into mutated allies.

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  • Starman

    out of all that 3 triple aaa if you wanna call it that ….14 indies , 3 timed 3 exclusive 8 multiplat …..
    gtfo … lol a joke 2016 will be 10 times worse than 2015 …

    • legacy

      Don’t worry you got halo,forza,fable….damn that’s it and that’s 2015

  • Mark

    Strong PS4 line-up no doubt, but, FF7 is just “console debut” there, and Shenmue is dated for 2017; “We believe our target of 2017 holiday season is within reach”. Personally I’m feeling SF V and Horizon the most. Both lookin like must haves.

    • Orion Wolf

      Ratchet & Clank, albeit a remake (or retelling as Insomniac is calling it), besides Horizon (and UC4) is what I consider the “must own” games for the ps4 in 2016. Not really into fighting games, but SF5 does look interesting.

      Btw I have no idea where the author got the idea that Shenmue is releasing next year, especially if you consider the coverage of the game on gamingbolt i.e. you would think this sort of mistakes wouldn’t be made, not by a site that has released 14 articles talking about the game since the announcement at e3.

    • ruthrgriffins

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    • Mark

      Haha yeah I think alot of people are assuming 2016 because it’s logical to think so, being that it was shown this E3..

  • Duke

    Some great looking games there. Though no way FFVII or Shenmue III hit 2016. FFXV will hit the shelves next year and after that there is Kingdom Hearts 3 to get out too. If they even hit 2017 I would be surprised. Shenmue III hadn’t even started development and is being pegged for 2017 not 2016.

    • Alistein

      At E3 Shenmue and FF7 remake were announced for 2017 I don’t know why they were included here. I think Yu Suzuki even said he’s aiming for a late 2017 into early 2018 for shenmue.

  • evan

    Absolutely can’t wait for my genuine dream game.

    No Mans Sky!!!!! ; D : D

  • eurorootz

    PS4 owners must be happy playing indies.

  • FlareKnight

    As usual with these lists…some of these things shouldn’t be on here. Some will be lucky to be seen in 2017.

    Plus…did I blink and miss Persona 5? That should be at the top of this kind of thing.

  • Peter Hodgey Hodge

    Uncharted 4

  • James Hayward

    I came to this article as a PC and Xbox One owner with money to spend and hopefulness that finally adding a PS4 to my living room would be worth it for the exclusives alone.

    Aside from the potential of No Man’s Sky and the likely fun romp that will be Uncharted, there’s nothing here that resonates with me (unfortunately) and so my money is going to stay in my wallet for now. I hear on a very regular basis that Sony’s console is the most powerful option but with a decent PC being ahead of both platforms, the only factor that matters in the long run is going to be exclusives.

  • DaVe40959

    Where is Persona 5?

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