Top 7 Super Flop Games Of 2011 So Far

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In my personal opinion, 2011 till this point has been great for the industry with some major exclusives and AAA experiences releasing for almost every platform out there. However there are some games out there that simply should not have existed or disappointed gamers in some way or the other.

Today we take a look at seven of those games which we consider the super flops of 2011.

7. Socom 4 US Navy Seals


Socom 4 is game that may be a flop or a hit for some. It depends on which side you stand on. SOCOM 4 ticks most of the necessary boxes. The problem comes in that there is no reason to recommend it to you over any of the other hundreds of more accomplished and unique titles that adorn the store shelves. You want fast-paced gunplay? Go get CoD or Crysis 2. You want tactical shooting action? Grab GRAW2 or Rainbow Six Vegas on the cheap.

6. Star Raiders

Remakes of classics are not a bad thing, but remake of almost a two decade old game with seriously outdated gameplay mechanics is.Granted, this new version looks better than its predecessor – or at least, it looks a little better than it did in the 8-bit days – but it’s still missing a vital element, fun. Space just doesn’t seem that big, or interesting. A few asteroids or enemies appear from time to time but there’s nothing really to retain your interest. Sure, space isn’t known for its scenery but the hugely repetitive environments are unimaginative and dull.

5. Kung Fu Panda 2

The first was not impressive and the sequel is just the same thing. I would consider the very fact that this game has been released a crime. If someone commits a crime I would report them to every government body in the hope of shutting them down. This is what I want to do with Kung Fu Panda 2. A short and uninspired romp that lasts no more than three hours is not worth the asking price in the slightest.

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  • Bas

    I wouldnt consider games like Kung Fu Panda and Harry Potter to be flops because we all knew they were gonna be garbage. But youre right about Socom 4, some like it, some hate it. Most Socom vets hate it but some still play.

  • Brink.

  • Surely Duke isn’t a flop as it did sell even through it problems.

  • I’m going to second BRINK

  • JP

    where the fuck was BRINK in all this? That was the biggest piece of shit disappointment I ever wasted $60 on. Come on.

  • I would take out Kung Fu Panda 2 as i would have never expected it to be good. Kids movie licenses never are. I would put Brink in its place, as everyone I know who bought it, returned it very quickly.

  • This list is garbage. Who puts 3DS games and movie games on list of flops. To flop a game has to make less than it cost to make it.

  • The fact that Killzone 3 wasn’t on this list makes it a joke.

    • Well Wally, you might want to learn something about video games.

      Killzone 3 was an excellent game.

      Now every Fable on the other hand……..

  • The only downside to KZ3 I can see is that it is ps3-exclusive 😛

    No, really – where is Brink? That game promised so much, hyped itself allover the place and yet it didn’t deliver. It was really…disappointing. I’m glad I pirated it first and deleted it afterwards… This is why the gaming-industry REALLY needs to bring back Demos to PC-Players.

    Duke was not that much of a flop because it sold good. Also – it was a Duke Nukem, you cannot deny this. Did you even play the previous dukes? They weren’t good in graphics, story, etc. – that is what the series is all about.

  • Gran Turismo 5 is a no1 flop for me

  • BRINK on console. Where was that on your list?

  • Flop usually is a termed used for something that didn’t perform up to it’s expectations sales wise. Just last week you had a small article where it said that even though DNF got bad reviews it still sold well. Pulling an IGN are we?

    Also “scenes that seem to have been included only for the shock value” funny how no one says the same about witcher 2’s “every other word is fuck and we show titties for no reason other then to be “dark””

    It’s more out of place in that game then in DNF. DNF was a Duke Nukem game, the only people who don’t see it are people who a) never played DN3d, b) have a homosexual crush on Master Chief and got personally offended when Duke called him a pussy, c) were expecting “crysis warfare battle halo:Why are people sick of this shit already ultra hyper edition yes we’re still milking the same fucking game but hey at least it’s not another WWII FPS” or d) all of the above.

  • ghostkill221

    Yeah Definitely BRINK, Especially considering how much potential the concept had, and the SMART system was actually well done, But otherwise i felt wholly disappointed. O the other hand I thought Duke Nukem: Forever was a better game than its given credit for, and actually kind of funny, but my expectations were that it would suck. (also not paying for it probably helped my opinion. But how did they not include ADS?)


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