Top Fighting Video Games of All Time

Crack your knuckles and strap in to kick some ass.

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There is something about fighting games that makes us feel all powerful. And why shouldn’t it? The entire point of fighting games is to beat the ever living crap out of your opponents in as spectacular a way as possible. Fighting games are old as a genre, and there is more to them than just Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat. There are other fighting games that are featured here that have made an amazing impact in the gaming community. Whether you subscribe to fatalities or combos, or final smashes, you cannot deny that these fighting games are really quite awesome. Let’s have a look at some of them, then.

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Virtua Fighter 4

This game bought Virtua Fighter back to its roots, and made it awesome again in the process. Virtua Fighter 4 was so balanced and challenging that many gamers hailed this game as one of the best fighting games of 2003. You can rest assured that Virtua Fighter 4 is a game that will give you countless hours of pure fun and intense fighting game tension. There are also plenty of characters to choose from. And if that were not enough, the game was some pretty great graphics, intense fighting, and a lot of combo moves that can be executed. Virtua Fighter remains a respected mainstay of the fighting game circuits, and 4 is among the best that the series has to offer.

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  • shane

    No fighter mega mix, from the Sega Saturn as one of the best fighter games?

  • Gamer101

    No Mortal Kombat? That was a real shock to me.

    • Ammy

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    • Benjie

      As much as i enjoy playing MK, it never really contributed anything NEW to the fighting genre… Its greatest legacies: The gore, fatalities and brutalities are only shock value and does not really ‘Affect’ the actual ‘Realtime Gameplay’. The MK 3d era was years behind tekken, Virtua fighter and Street Fighter EX series…and the revival of MK9 and MKX also adds nothing new as it copy pasted the tried and true formulas japan fighting game companies [read: Street Fighter, KOF etc] have been doing for decades. In a nutshell, The West LOVES MK… but that’s about it.

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