Top Questions You Should Ask Yourself Before Buying the Next Hyped Up Game

Consider asking these to yourself before jumping into your next game purchase.

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When they hype train is running on full steam, it can be hard to keep perspective. Games you might never have bought suddenly seem like must buys. Perhaps the promises made by the devs are glorious; maybe the trailer is set to a dubstep remix of your favorite song, maybe the game promises to be all things to all gamers. Whatever the cause of the hype, chances are, the game won’t deliver. It may not even be the devs or the marketers’ faults; maybe our own imaginations are to blame for concocting a fantasy that nothing could ever live up to. Regardless, when you’re deciding whether or not a hyped up game is right for you, it’s good to step back and ask your self a few questions.

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Do I need it day one?

Failing to ask this question has been the downfall of many a gamer. They’ve seen the trailers, they’ve read the interviews, they know that in a year when someone sees them wearing pre-order bonus armor they’ll feel like a true badass. Trouble is, if you buy the game before anyone has played it, nobody can warn you that the hype isn’t real. So ask yourself if you really need the game day one. For some of us there are games like that, the sequels to our favorites that we’re going to play regardless of what reviewers say. But for many new games coming to the market, there’s no reason to buy it before the reviews come out. If you don’t have to have it day one, maybe wave off for a bit and find out if it’s worth the money.

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  • PorHawj2016

    i made a mistake for bought Mass Effect Andromeda on day one because i didn’t like it very much

    • WorstNetworkEver

      At least you didn’t jump on the No Man’s Sky bandwagon, did you? 😛

    • PorHawj2016

      i didn’t like No Man Sky very much when i rented it first

    • WorstNetworkEver

      I didn’t get my PS4 until the New Year otherwise I might have gotten caught in that trap since No Man’s Sky looked like the kind of game I would eaten up. I was reading last night the UK tried suing them too. Even when not buying titles one must remain quite vigilant!

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  • WorstNetworkEver

    The importance and availability of renting a game first is really understated here. I didn’t know what to expect from Horizon so I rented it from Redbox partially because my order was delayed. As such it turned out to be one of the times I was very, very glad to first play a game like this as I was so blown away it made me even more excited for my copy to arrive. I’ve considered re-starting my GameFly membership and it looks like you can now “pre-order rentals” or reserve to rent a game before it’s released. Also keep in mind that most retailers accept returns at least within 30 days or so of purchase if your game is unopened. Before uncertainly tearing into that plastic wrapping get a copy from Redbox or GameFly or maybe find a way to stream a rental online or a timed trial for it. If you love it you probably won’t be upset spending a few extra dollars on a great title and you get to keep your pre-order bonuses. If not you’ll be so glad to still be able to return it instead of lamenting over your $60 or whatever down the drain. As for digital pre-orders one has to be all the more careful. Happy gaming, all!


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