Top Ten Longest Boss Battles In Recent History

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The boss battle has been a staple of gaming since its inception. Whether it be as far back as the dragons in Adventure, or the huge set-piece battles in a modern FPS, boss battles are often the spectacle that can make or break a game. We’re going to be looking a quantity rather than quality though, in an attempt to bring you a list of the ten longest boss battles in recent memory. This list may contain mild spoilers.

Lost Odyssey was one of the best RPGs of this generation, but it was overlooked by many due to some very challenging opening sections. Players who persevered were presented with some really rewarding end game super bosses, but The Immortal One was the biggest of the bunch. Unless you’d really maxed out your characters, this guy took some real patience and, unlike some of the other tricky bosses in the game, there were no real tricks to it.

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  • Mewthelegend

    SPOILERS:Magolor from kirby’s return to dreamland

  • MindFever

    Dark Souls …nuff said

  • Mombeater

    “I wanted to avoid using MMORPGs for this list.” No you didn’t, not with 3 FF bosses before the article’s even done.

  • Chocobitties

    Pandemonium Warden* AV was never defeated pre-level cap increase without using an exploit. PW was the reason scathing articles hit SE in the face, criticizing their “Do not forget your friends, family or work” disclaimer that players had to agree to every time they logged in. After the SE-bashing commenced, bosses were re-written.

    PW was now able to be defeated. AV, still not so much, but you had a 30% chance of locking one of his 2 hour abilities by using a third party tool to use yours simultaneously, which locked his insta-wipe abilities (Meteor, Chainspell + Comet, Drake + Mijin/Astral), but still didn’t address his crazy MAB in bracelet mode. So, to my knowledge he was only ever defeated through an exploit or KC zerg pre level cap increase, or a SMN zerg post level cap increase, at least while his drops were still relevant.

  • makeupyes

    How about Nemesis from FFX (non HD version)?

  • Kyle Perkins

    Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits’ final boss took forever! Surprised it’s not on this list.

  • Jacob Damocles (Glitch)

    A newer one: Sans from Undertale. The actual fight only takes about ten minutes, which is an eyeblink compared to some, but unless you have memorized the patterns, and even then somethimes, he can drop you in a couple sets of bullets. He also dodges, and has an attack which involves him stopping the fight indefinantly

  • Kyle Nitro Gowling

    The final boss for The Legend of Dragoon was a VERY long one. It took me over 2 hours to beat all three of the forms of that boss.


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