Treyarch drops a bombshell on Black Ops

Posted By | On 13th, Sep. 2010 Under Industry News

Treyarch have made a decision regarding campaign co-op in the upcoming Call of Duty: Black Ops, and it’s not one that’s going to please fans.

There will be no campaign co-op in Black Ops.

“There’s no campaign co-op this year,” confirmed executive producer Dan Suarez to Gamertag Radio.

However, there will be local co-op in the form of multiplayer and single player combat training.

However, Treyarch community boss Josh Olin says that not all has been revelaed yet on the co-operative front.

Call of Duty: Black Ops releases on November 10 on PS3, 360, Wii, PC and DS.

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  • I really would’ve wanted to see a co-op mode in this one too… strange Treyarch removed it. But I care about the online only, and single player solo will do for me.

  • Rob

    File this one under “who cares”.

    Single player campaign, and online multiplayer matches. Nothing else required.

  • Coop zombies will be confirmed i reckon , only coop i like tbh so good

  • No coop campaing, …therefore meaning that again there will be no game purchase by tens of thousands of people.

    only the 3 cats above will buy it

  • Can we just finally get multi-player online back? It stinks that we have to keep taking runs and want to play together in the same room on split screen and can’t. I think COD3 was the last to let us do this.

  • Great news…no co-op. No effort wasted on that.
    I want a good first person shooter experience………just single player….
    This almost seems to be asking too much lately.
    FEAR 3 will have co-op and I am living in fear if there will be single player with A1 control of the other one. I cannot find anything that explains this so far in the reviews….all talks about co-op…….I could do without all the suit gimicks in the Crysis 2 coming too. Invisibility just ruined the previous game as soon as I learned you can just slip past enemies…hide….and then slip past again….very boring. Am I a killjoy?…ha..ha….Why cannot I have another Halo….like the first Halo? i do play it over and over….very much fum and simple….

  • My issue with this is you have 5 other COD’s that you can play multi player online and single player action. This Co-Op campain would have been new and fresh. I already pre-ordered if i hadn’t i wouldnt buy this game.

  • “… there will be local co-op in the form of multiplayer and single player combat training.”

    How the hell is ‘single-player combat training’ co-op? And if the local multiplayer is head-to-head, then it sure as hell ain’t co-op either.

  • Bring back Infinity Ward……. Treyarch have made a mess and body animations are a joke!

  • I was expecting coop campaign, but since there isn’t I wont be buying it, fuck you Treyarch

  • How is that even possible? I was expecting them to fix Infinity Ward’s awful mistake of no campaign Co-Op.

  • Wow they really screwed up here why the hell would they not put in coop for campaign?! Freakin idiots what a mistake

  • Dont Care. Not a problem. I buy Call of Duty only for the Online multiplayer anyways.


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