Tripwire On PS4 GPU – Targeting For Single Spec Makes Things Simpler

Tripwire Interactive’s Alan Wilson on the development of the Killing Floor 2’s PS4 version.

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Killing Floor 2

Tripwire Interactive’s upcoming zombie based first person shooter is due for a launch for the PlayStation 4 sometime later this year. GamingBolt recently spoke with Alan Wilson who is the VP of Tripwire Interactive to check out how the PS4 version is shaping up.

Given that Killing Floor 2 is being developed with only one GPU specification, how did this helped the development team in optimization and performance?  “Well, having only one target does make things much simpler. We only have to test on one machine. On the PC, we build multiple min-spec machines and test on them. And on mid-range machines, with all flavors of CPU and GPU mixes. Makes testing MUCH more complex!,” Wilson said to GamingBolt.

“The base issue was getting Unreal  Engine 3 running on the platform. A lot of the base work had been done before, that we could pick up – but we’ve had to do a lot of engine-level work to get it all functioning. Once we get past all of that, its “just” shifting from CP with mouse and keyboard, to a console with controller – and all the design changes that drives for the new platform.”

Killing Floor 2 is shaping up to be a solid entry. We recently went hands on with the game. You can read our full impressions here.

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  • Graeme Willy

    Yeah, it’s kind of funny because we have always accredited PC’s as being the easiest to develop for…it’s actually not. It’s harder to develop for, but you have more creative and coding freedom, which makes it ideal. I read an interview from CDProjekt, who stated that the rapid change in hardware, from year-to-year, makes PC much harder to develop for. You spend so little time optimizing, per setup because each generation of CPU, GPU etc. changes something else. A console is a “fixed point” they called it…you can really wring performance out of what you got and continually optimize and learn their quarks. Look what they did with the PS4 Witcher 3. It looks like an upper midrange PC and on what is traditionally known to be an “upper low-end” graphics chip. This explains why every time I’ve owned a good graphics card, it didn’t start producing its best performance, until I was getting ready to buy the next new card, two years later. Also, consider the tolerances you have to put into your coding, to allow for multiple PC builds/ configuration. PC’s are too free. You can’t, say, have a game 100% coded for any one component.

    • Jason Mounce

      I know there’ll be many PC Elitists who’ll get upset by your post even if you use logic as you did.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      What logic? It was just more excuses for this abysmal generation of consoles causing downgrades

    • Jason Mounce

      And as they pointed out equally-so:

      1) Consoles cause degradation of visuals but the core remains for all to enjoy. Those who still whine have problems. The only thing I dislike when this usually happens whether lead platform or not – is that many devs annoyingly fail to focus on PC mouse/keyboard controls and I’d rather a game comes out where the UI and controls are honed for M/K too instead of 90% focus Controller. It obviously then gives an aura of ‘Console Port’ when they do that.

      2) The degradation only occurs because developers generally cannot afford to keep their original goal because they know the PC market won’t give them back enough profit, both due to piracy and due to it being a single platform that usually has inferior sales to consoles. Alternatively, I do know that in some circumstances, piracy barely creates any losses like what was shown with FIFA and Lords of the Fallen when they couldn’t get cracked for months at a time, yet profits remained the same for the dev.

      Example of why this move is in the end, the smartest business decision is how if Rockstar had released GTAV on Consoles and PC at the SAME TIME – which do you think would outsell the other in software sales?…. Consoles would sell more, more profit would be gained, less worry of lost profit from piracy on consoles.

      So, if we are to blame anyone, it’s the position PC consumers make themselves out to be, this is coming of course from a PC gamer who owns a good PC and a PS4. If PC Gamers were to just all buy the game as much as Console players do, then I’d easily say the ‘Goal’ and ‘downgrade’ would never happen. The PC consumers are fickle, and hard to predict and aren’t completely reliable unless it relates to Modding support and feedback to testing like bug/beta testing and communication.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      So apparently PC Gamers not taking what publishers shovel out, lashing out against anti-consumer practices and overall having standards is a “problem”.

      You may own a “Good PC” but you still have console peasant ignorance ingrained in your mind, console peasant.

    • Jason Mounce

      You seem to be evading the logic entirely and are trying to simplify it down to something bare-bone that you can comprehend. Sorry if my post went over your head a bit, it can’t be boiled down as easily as you just tried.

      You did give me a laugh though. ‘I’m’ the ignorant one? Lol. Oh aye, keep living the dream that your refusal to accept ‘Publisher Shovel’ is you fighting the good fight and that your hate-mongering and superstitious behaviour is Justifiable because it’s fuelled by righteous consumerism that don’t take no crap from no big company!

      Anti-Consumer practices are not exclusive to one platform over another. They are an industry, macro and micro-sized problem, they are everywhere and you will be manipulated by every conceivable business in every conceivable market in order to support the capitalist market that we’re in.

      ‘All’ Platform owners promote ‘Anti-Consumer’ and DLC-problematic issues by supporting games that have Season Passes (That are not a Console Exclusive issue, where most of them aren’t worth the price due to meh content) minus very few exceptions.

      Trying to make it sound like the PC market knows what’s going on and do everything to evade supporting ‘Anti-Consumer’ anything is laughable, you claim me ignorant, but you yourself are simply ignorant of your own ignorance. One could already claim Steam and Valve are hurting the industry via their monopolization, and yet all I see are Lord Gaben-this and that and turning a blind eye due to the Sales they throw at you. There’s nothing that I’m really ignorant about, I choose my purchases carefully.

    • The Truth

      there you go being all negative and rude again

    • Jason Mounce

      As ironic as a complainer complaining about someones’ complaining.

    • Graeme Willy

      The new development practice is to build for the target audience. The majority. This is, of course, referring to consoles and midrange PC gamers. If you have 1 or 2 Geforce Titans and a 1200 watt power supply, then good for you, but the majority of PC gamers have console comparable specs. Consider how many MMO gamers still use DX9 cards and XP and Vista. The high end PC gamers, however, will be able to take that experience to new heights, utilizing that power for pushing more pixels and filtering and increased tessellation, lighting/ shadowing…provided they know how to tweak those settings in the games. Not all PC games are up front with those settings. In older times, it seemed multiplatform games were catering to high end PC builds.

    • gabenANDeggs

      The only thing that’s disappointing me is now that fixed point is a Chevy Malibu when it used to be a Corvette.

      PCs can just look better with sheer power. Some of that complexity he speaks of is high res textures and extra lighting and particle effects 😉

      There’s just no right or wrong way to play video games. Play games however you enjoy.

    • You Are Flat Out Wrong

      Yet the problem this gen is both consoles sucked from Day 1 and Witcher 3 is medium settings and won’t go further.

      Fixed point is moot if the hardware is sh*t in the first place.

    • Icaraeus

      Nope TW3 is high settings on PS4.

  • William Perdomo


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